Xuan Bin Sun Yizhen reunited!The ending of Force of Love sets a new record for Ghosts

Xuan Bin Sun Yizhen reunited!The ending of “Force of Love” sets a new record for “Ghosts”
On the evening of February 16th, the South Korean tvN TV series “The Forced Landing of Love” ended. Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen reunited in Switzerland, ending the love story that lasted for more than two months.According to Korean media reports, the average viewing bid for the finale of “The Forced Landing of Love” was 21 that night.7%, refreshed another tvN drama “ghost” 20.The 5% rating record has become the rating champion in the history of tvN.At the end of “The Fall of Love”, the male and female protagonists meet again in Switzerland.The picture comes from the Internet “The Forced Landing of Love” directed by Li Zhengxiao, screenwriter Park Zhien, co-starring Xuan Bin, Sun Yizhen and others.The script tells the story of Yin Shili (Sun Yizhen), the heiress of 1% of chaebols in South Korea’s upper circle, who hurriedly landed on Korean territory because of a hurricane and paragliding accident.Special officer Li Zhenghe (Xuan Bin) found her and hid her to protect her.On average, people in two different worlds expanded a romantic love story.Earlier it was reported that the crew of “Force of Love” began looking for twins around four years old. Many fans guessed that it was to satisfy the audience’s longing for a happy ending, and arrange the hero and heroine to live happily in the end.Together, and gave birth to twins.However, the finale of “The Forced Fall of Love” aired on the evening of the 16th did not appear to have twins, but it is still called Li Zhenghe played by the perfection-the protagonist-Xuan Bin, echoing the beginning of the meeting between the two.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Tong Na proofreading He Yan