17-year-old Ke Jie, the youngest player to win the World Go Open, ranked third _1

17-year-old Ke Jie, the youngest player to win the World Open Championship, ranked third
Minnan News on January 15th I gave myself a hundred points!Ke Jie is so confident.I like the good voice singer Li Wenqi!He has the advantage.In the fifth round of the final of the Braun Cup World Go Open yesterday, Ke Jie, a 17-year-old from Lishui, Zhejiang, defeated Qiu Jun in the middle and won the championship.Based on this, Ke Jie did not win the 1.8 million championship bonus, and will jump directly from four to nine.At the age of 17 years and 4 months, the youngest player to win the championship ranked Li Changhao and Fan Tingyu, and ranked third.Shin Ke’s world champion Ke Jie lost the game as a child and refused to let go. Ke Jie’s father, Ke Guofan, was a famous Go player, probably with 4 amateur stages.At that time, he opened a small chess room at the Workers’ Cultural Palace in Lishui. Zhou Liuping, who has a big belly, is pouring tea and water for everyone in Zhang Luo.In such an environment, the couple ushered in a little life of playing chess since childhood.  Don’t look now, Ke Jie is now 1.83 meters in size, but many of his long-time fathers have been watching chess fans, but the memory has always stayed with the boy with the tiger head and brain.When he was 6 years old, his parents sent him to the Go training class, and Xiao Kejie immediately fell in love with playing chess.Li Shousheng of the Lishui City Go Association recalled that one night Lao Ke brought Ke Jie to play chess with him. After losing the game, Ke Jie wouldn’t go home, but Li Shousheng’s thighs would have another game.Ke Jie was taken to the Nie Weiping Go Stadium in Beijing when he was 8 years old.Ke Jie got up at 6 o’clock in the morning every morning. He didn’t disturb the rest of the family and worked alone in a small room.At the age of 11, Ke Jie successfully stepped into the door of professional chess players.Net Chess has developed a good skill Ke Jie’s net is called lurking, the head picture is Sun Honglei’s stills, Ke Jie played thousands of chess online.He is extremely popular on the Internet, and was given the nickname Little Secret Agent by chess fans, as if he were the first person to play online chess.At the same time, due to the extremely high win rate in the national junior team, the little friends also nicknamed Ke Zhenxie.  Ke Jie has both high chess skills and a very sunny personality.His explanation on the Internet is very personal, he boldly interacts with chess fans, and can also laugh at his mistakes in the atmosphere, and occasionally reveals the gossip of some Chinese player who is most concerned about by chess fans.In 2014, he played 20 games in the National League One and lost only two innings, winning a terrible 12-game winning streak, with his rating soaring from 50 to 60 to second place.Also last year, he won the first domestic competition in his life at the Ahan Tongshan Cup Chess Tournament.When asked about the subsequent confrontation with Yuta Iiyama of Japan, he changed his former chess player’s politeness and replied arrogantly: let his opponents splash blood for five steps!