Biography of Zhang Lu Group Chairman Dai Mingqing’s death Zhangjiajie Announcement: Dai Mingqing has resigned

Biography of Zhang Lu Group Chairman Dai Mingqing’s death Zhangjiajie Announcement: Dai Mingqing has resigned
On May 2, Dai Mingqing, chairman of Zhang Lu Group, passed away.Zhangjiajie announced that the board of directors of Zhangjiajie Tourism Group Co., Ltd. received a written resignation report from Chairman Dai Mingqing on April 29, 2020.Mr. Dai Mingqing applied for the resignation of the chairman of the tenth board of directors of the company, director and director of the strategy committee of the board of directors, and appointment of committee members due to job changes.According to the relevant provisions of the “Company Law” and the “Articles of Association”, the resignation of Mr. Dai Mingqing will not cause the number of the company’s board of directors to fall below the legal minimum, and will not affect the normal operation of the company’s board of directors and the company’s daily production and operation.The resignation report of Mr. Dai Mingqing shall be effective from the date of delivery to the board of directors of the company.Mr. Dai Mingqing does not hold any shares in the company and will not hold any positions in the company after resigning.The company will complete the by-election of directors and the election of chairman as soon as possible in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Company Law” and the “Articles of Association”.Editor Li Weijia

Xuan Bin Sun Yizhen reunited!The ending of Force of Love sets a new record for Ghosts

Xuan Bin Sun Yizhen reunited!The ending of “Force of Love” sets a new record for “Ghosts”
On the evening of February 16th, the South Korean tvN TV series “The Forced Landing of Love” ended. Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen reunited in Switzerland, ending the love story that lasted for more than two months.According to Korean media reports, the average viewing bid for the finale of “The Forced Landing of Love” was 21 that night.7%, refreshed another tvN drama “ghost” 20.The 5% rating record has become the rating champion in the history of tvN.At the end of “The Fall of Love”, the male and female protagonists meet again in Switzerland.The picture comes from the Internet “The Forced Landing of Love” directed by Li Zhengxiao, screenwriter Park Zhien, co-starring Xuan Bin, Sun Yizhen and others.The script tells the story of Yin Shili (Sun Yizhen), the heiress of 1% of chaebols in South Korea’s upper circle, who hurriedly landed on Korean territory because of a hurricane and paragliding accident.Special officer Li Zhenghe (Xuan Bin) found her and hid her to protect her.On average, people in two different worlds expanded a romantic love story.Earlier it was reported that the crew of “Force of Love” began looking for twins around four years old. Many fans guessed that it was to satisfy the audience’s longing for a happy ending, and arrange the hero and heroine to live happily in the end.Together, and gave birth to twins.However, the finale of “The Forced Fall of Love” aired on the evening of the 16th did not appear to have twins, but it is still called Li Zhenghe played by the perfection-the protagonist-Xuan Bin, echoing the beginning of the meeting between the two.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Tong Na proofreading He Yan

17-year-old Ke Jie, the youngest player to win the World Go Open, ranked third _1

17-year-old Ke Jie, the youngest player to win the World Open Championship, ranked third
Minnan News on January 15th I gave myself a hundred points!Ke Jie is so confident.I like the good voice singer Li Wenqi!He has the advantage.In the fifth round of the final of the Braun Cup World Go Open yesterday, Ke Jie, a 17-year-old from Lishui, Zhejiang, defeated Qiu Jun in the middle and won the championship.Based on this, Ke Jie did not win the 1.8 million championship bonus, and will jump directly from four to nine.At the age of 17 years and 4 months, the youngest player to win the championship ranked Li Changhao and Fan Tingyu, and ranked third.Shin Ke’s world champion Ke Jie lost the game as a child and refused to let go. Ke Jie’s father, Ke Guofan, was a famous Go player, probably with 4 amateur stages.At that time, he opened a small chess room at the Workers’ Cultural Palace in Lishui. Zhou Liuping, who has a big belly, is pouring tea and water for everyone in Zhang Luo.In such an environment, the couple ushered in a little life of playing chess since childhood.  Don’t look now, Ke Jie is now 1.83 meters in size, but many of his long-time fathers have been watching chess fans, but the memory has always stayed with the boy with the tiger head and brain.When he was 6 years old, his parents sent him to the Go training class, and Xiao Kejie immediately fell in love with playing chess.Li Shousheng of the Lishui City Go Association recalled that one night Lao Ke brought Ke Jie to play chess with him. After losing the game, Ke Jie wouldn’t go home, but Li Shousheng’s thighs would have another game.Ke Jie was taken to the Nie Weiping Go Stadium in Beijing when he was 8 years old.Ke Jie got up at 6 o’clock in the morning every morning. He didn’t disturb the rest of the family and worked alone in a small room.At the age of 11, Ke Jie successfully stepped into the door of professional chess players.Net Chess has developed a good skill Ke Jie’s net is called lurking, the head picture is Sun Honglei’s stills, Ke Jie played thousands of chess online.He is extremely popular on the Internet, and was given the nickname Little Secret Agent by chess fans, as if he were the first person to play online chess.At the same time, due to the extremely high win rate in the national junior team, the little friends also nicknamed Ke Zhenxie.  Ke Jie has both high chess skills and a very sunny personality.His explanation on the Internet is very personal, he boldly interacts with chess fans, and can also laugh at his mistakes in the atmosphere, and occasionally reveals the gossip of some Chinese player who is most concerned about by chess fans.In 2014, he played 20 games in the National League One and lost only two innings, winning a terrible 12-game winning streak, with his rating soaring from 50 to 60 to second place.Also last year, he won the first domestic competition in his life at the Ahan Tongshan Cup Chess Tournament.When asked about the subsequent confrontation with Yuta Iiyama of Japan, he changed his former chess player’s politeness and replied arrogantly: let his opponents splash blood for five steps!

ESPN decision maker rankings: Spurs lead again, Rockets 3rd Heat 4th Cavaliers 11

ESPN decision maker rankings: Spurs lead again, Rockets 3rd Heat 4th Cavaliers 11
Beijing time on March 26, the regular season is about to end, ESPN once again launched a series of selection lists.Following yesterday’s management rankings, today they released the team’s decision-makers ranking for this season.Spurs Greg Popovich and R.C-布福德的搭档再次雄踞榜首,勇士的决策团队紧随其后,火箭的总经理达雷尔-莫雷名列第三,骑士由总经理和老板组成的决策者名列第 11, Lakers general manager Mickey Kupchak ranked 26th.波波和布福德这对老搭档再次排名榜首  在ESPN这个的评分中,他们将球队的管理层分为了老板、篮球事务决策者(总裁&总经理)和教练三个大项,请求专家团The three parts of each team are scored separately, with a score range of 0-10 points, and the importance of these three roles in the team is considered at the same time.The team’s current overall impact and future long-term success expectations.  The ranking of decision makers released today refers to the people in the management of each team who actually make decisions about basketball affairs. These decision makers may be the general manager of the team, they may be the president, and they may be the deputy of the team’s basketball affairs operation.The president and even some team owners will participate.EPSN regards the decision makers of each team as a whole and scores them separately.  In this year’s list, the Spurs’ decision-makers once again became the leader, and they scored this year (9.87) Higher than in the past year (9.60).The current league chief warrior is ranked second, Rocket’s general manager Morey rose from the fifth last year to third, and the Heat and Thunder, which ranked second and third last year, fell to fourth and tied seventh respectively.The Cavaliers’ decision-maker jumped to the 11th from 27 last year, and the Lakers’ President Cu dropped from the 16th last year to the 26th this year.  The following is a detailed ranking of ESPN decision makers this year:    1. Spurs: Greg Popovich (President), R.C-Buford (General Manager) 9.87 points    2. Warriors: Bob Myers (General Manager), Jerry West (Consultant) and Joe Lakob (Boss) 8.48 points    3. Rockets: Darrell Morey (General Manager) 8.26 points    4. Heat: Pat Riley (President), Andy Ellisberger (General Manager) 8.04 points    5. Pioneers: Neil Orsi (General Manager) 7.65 points    6. Eagles: Danny Ferry (General Manager, but suspended), Mike Budenholzer (Head Coach), Wes Wilcox (Assistant General Manager) 7.61 points 7. Dallas Mavericks: Downey Nielsen (General Manager), Mark Cuban (Boss) 7.48 points    7. Thunder: Sam Presti (General Manager) 7.48 points    9. Celtics: Danny Angie (General Manager) 7.39 points    10, Raptors: Marseille Ugeri (General Manager), Jeff Weltman (Vice President of Basketball Affairs) 7.26 points    11. Cavaliers: David Griffin (General Manager), Dan Gilbert (Boss) 7.09 points    12. Grizzlies: Chris Wallace (General Manager), John Hollinger (Vice President of Basketball Affairs), Robert Pella (Boss) 7.00 points  13, Pacers: Larry Bird (President), Kevin Pritchard (General Manager) 6.91 points    14. Bulls: John Parkson (Vice President of Basketball Affairs), Gar Forman (General Manager) 6.78 points   15, Jazz: Dennis Lindsay (General Manager), Kevin Okner (Vice President of Basketball Affairs) 6.43 points    16. Bucks: John Hammond (General Manager), David Morvey (Assistant General Manager) 6.26 points    17, 76 people: Sam Sinki (General Manager) 5.35 points    18, Sun: Ryan McDonald (General Manager), Lang Barbie (President) 5.26 points   19. Pistons: Stan Van Gundy (President), Jeff Bauer (General Manager) 5.22  20. Wizards: Ernie Glenfield (President) 5.17 points    21, Magic: Rob Hennigan (General Manager) 5.09 points     22, Pelicans: Dale Temples (General Manager) 4.96 points    23. Clippers: Dock Rivers (President) 4.87 points    24, Timberwolves: Philip Sanders (President), Milt Newton (General Manager) 4.57 points    25, Hornets: Rich Joe (General Manager), Michael Jordan (Boss) 4.39 points 26, Lakers: Mickey Kupchak (General Manager) 4.35 points, 27, Nuggets: Tim Connelly (General Manager) 4.04 points 28, Kings: Pete de Alessandro (General Manager), Chris Mullin (Consultant), Vivic Rana Dave (Boss) 3.91 points 29, Knicks: Phil Jackson (President), Steve Mills (Vice President of Basketball) 2.70 points 30, Nets: Billy King (General Manager) 2.48 points (single tone)

2016 World Snooker China Championship match video live room 2016 Snooker China Championship live _1

2016 World Snooker China Championship match video live room 2016 Snooker China Championship live
2016 World Snooker China Championship complete schedule schedule + 2016 Snooker China Championship competition player list/signing form-the game time will be held in Guangzhou from November 1st to 5th, the opening game will be the world’s firstSelby against McGill, Ding Junhui and Fu Jiajun’s derby will be played at 19:30 on the 1st.Liang Wenbo, who has just won the England championship, will face Bingham in the first round.Evergrande 2016 World Snooker China Championship (Guangzhou)    Evergrande 2016 World Snooker China Championship will take 11 games and 6 wins in the first round and 1/4 finals, 17 games and 9 wins in the semifinals, and the final system is 19 games and 10Victory, the semifinals and the final are all carried out in two stages, the first half and the second half.  The total prize money of Evergrande 2016 World Snooker China Championship is up to 650,000 pounds, and the champion will receive 200,000 pounds. It is the highest snooker game in China at present, and it is second only to the World Championship in the global professional snooker competition.2016 World Snooker China Championship full game live video address-click on the[Live]link below to watch the match date, match time, match round, match number, match match, 2016-11-01 Tuesday 14:30, round 1 0102 Mark Selby6vs2 Anthony McGillmark Allen 6vs4 Ridge Wharton 19:30 Round 1 0406 Judd Trump 4vs6 Arist Carter Ding Junhui 3vs6 Fu Jiajun 2016-11-02 Wednesday 14:30 Round 1 0508Sean Murphy 6vs4 Joe Peristuart Bingham 6vs2 Liang Wenbo 19:30 Round 1 0307 John Higgins 6vs4 Mark Williams Neil Robertson 5vs6 Michael Holt 2016-11-03 Thursday 14:301/4 final 0910 Mark Selby 5vs6 Mark Allen John Higgins 6vs2 Arist Carter 19:301/4 final 1112 Sean Murphy 6vs2 Fu Jiajun Michael Hall5vs6 Stuart Bingham 2016-11-04 Friday 14:30 Semifinals 1314 Mark Allen 3vs9 John Higgins Sean Murphy 8vs9 Stuart Bingham 19:30 halfFinal 1314 Mark Allen 3vs9 John Higgins Sean Murphy 8vs9 Stuart Bingham 2016-11-05 Saturday 14:30 Final 15[Live]John Higgins vs Stuart-Bingham 19:30 Final 15[Live]John Higgins vs Stuart Bingham

2019 China Olympic Committee latest personnel changes preliminary Lang Pingwu Dajing list is famous_1

2019 China Olympic Committee’s latest personnel changes preliminary Lang Pingwu Dajing list is famous
January 7, 2019-The Chinese Olympic Committee plenary session was held in Beijing a few days ago. The plenary session passed the transition of the personnel changes of the Chinese Olympic Committee.The list of Lang Ping as a member of the Chinese Olympic Committee shows that Lang Ping, Li Ning, Wu Dajing, Li Yan, Xian Dongmei, Zhou Jihong, etc. have become new members of the Chinese Olympic Committee.The following is a specific list: the latest list of members of the Chinese Olympic Committee.Image source: Screenshot from the official website of the Chinese Olympic Committee.Further reading: When is Lang Ping’s birthday?In the past few years, how Lang Ping’s birthday passed the Chinese women’s volleyball team Lang Ping or a new weapon Yang Yi’s future may share the attack with Zhu Ting Lang Ping Yao Ming was shortlisted for the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. Outstanding contribution Personal China’s first Olympic champion Xu Haifeng was shortlisted in early 2018The list of members of the Chinese Olympic Committee.Image source: Screenshot from the official website of the Chinese Olympic Committee.Wu Dajing was awarded an extended reading by the Chinese Olympic Committee: Zhu Ting Wu Dajing shortlisted for the Lawrence Sports Award The official replacement is only to refer to the 2018 Lawrence Sports Award Zhu Tingwu Dajing was shortlisted for the list of the best male and female athletes in the 2018 short track speed skating World Cup Wuhan UniversityWhat are the three consecutive championship scores of Wu Dajing?  In addition, at the meeting, Li Lingwei, member of the International Olympic Committee and vice chairman of the Chinese Olympic Committee, presented the medal to Zhang Wenxiu, a hammer player who was awarded the bronze medal for the London Olympic Games. Original title: Chinese Olympic Committee member list update: Lang Ping, Li Ningwu, Da Jing and others

Wu Yue: I waited ten years for Ye Wen, and once changed my ambition

Wu Yue: I waited ten years for “Ye Wen”, and once changed my ambition
The movie “Ye Wen 4” finally fulfilled Wu Yue’s wish, leaving his own figure in the classic Kung Fu IP “Ye Wen” series and cooperating with Donnie Yen.In the film, he plays Wan Zonghua, the successor of Tai Chi, dedicating two wonderful action scenes.Many viewers knew Wu Yue from his action movie, Chen Zhen in “Jing Wu Hero Chen Zhen”, Di Yun in “Lian Cheng Jue”, Yan Qing in “Lang Zi Yan Qing”, Zhang Jizhong’s TV series “Journey to the West”Sun Wukong in “Ji” . What impressed the audience in recent years is that he played a Thai Chinese detective in the movie “Breaking Wolf and Greedy Wolf” directed by Ye Weixin.Acting in the movie “Ye Wen 4” fulfilled Wu Yue’s wish.In fact, Wu Yue is not a “Wuying class” athlete (the highest level of Chinese martial arts athletes, also known as “general athlete class”), or an actor from the performance class. At that time, he was admitted to the Central Academy of Drama as the first performance professional.The film is not his only magic weapon as an actor. He is also a drama actor in the National Theatre. In the drama “The Story of the West Chamber”, one of them takes the triangle alone. It is the actor Bai Jingqi in the drama “Ozhaimen”.”I have been running towards the highest artist level”, this is Wu Yue’s ideal for performance, he does not want to limit his performance to the field of action movies, and even germinates a wide range of hobbies, like music, calligraphy, Peking opera, intenseThe curiosity of knowledge, “The more you want to go forward, the more you feel that you are too far apart, so a lot of it is fur, but the actor ‘s fur should be a little more. You can penetrate the heart of the character through various artistic methods.Shaping characters is particularly important.”As for the action movie results created by Donnie Yen and Wu Jing, Wu Yue said that this is the result of their persistent adherence to their dreams, but everyone should pay attention to the right time and the right people. For him,” happiness is the first,What other people say, I believe that people are doing it, and God is watching, everyone will not bury people who have been insisting, right?The youngest “Wuying-class” athletes played “Ye Wen” for ten years. Wu Yue was in poor health when he was a child. After watching film and television works such as “Shaolin Temple” and “Huo Yuanjia”, he became hooked on martial arts.His father took him to worship a folk teacher. After two years of training, the teacher felt that Wu Yue’s bones were clear and he was a martial arts wizard.At the 2009 Shanghai International Film Festival, Wu Yue first met Director Ye Weixin who had just finished filming “Ye Wen”, and then he recommended himself. He was a fan of “Ye Wen” and wanted to star in “Ye Wen 2”.The director replied lightly: see fate.The fate of Wu Yue was ten years.Halfway through, the two collaborated on the action film “Killing the Wolf and Greedy Wolf”. When killing the youth, the director said that there were two scenes in the back.Wu Yue’s original words were like this: “You want me to act as a passerby, I’m willing, not talking about remuneration.”Wu Yue, the film “Breaking Wolf · Greedy Wolf”, was in poor health when he was a child and had pneumonia, but he became hooked on martial arts after watching film and television works such as “Shaolin Temple” and “Huo Yuanjia”.His father took him to worship a folk teacher. After two years of training, the teacher felt that Wu Yue’s bones were clear, and he was a martial arts wizard. He pushed him to the distance sports school-Zhangjiakou Amateur Wushu Team and began professional training.In 1992, the State Sports Commission placed outstanding athletes on the side and Wu Yue transferred to the Ningxia Wushu Team. In the first year, he won a national martial arts championship.In 1993, Wu Yue participated in the 7th National Games and was awarded the title of “Wuying Class” by the state, becoming the youngest national sportsman.Wu Yue’s best martial art is eight pole punches. In 1996, he participated in the “National Individual Classic” and won the eight pole champion.Bajiquan and Taijiquan both belong to Neijiaquan. There has been a saying from ancient times that “the text has Taiji to make peace in the world, and the martial arts has Baji to determine the world”.In order to appear in Wan Zonghua, the successor of Taijiquan in “Ye Wen 4”, Wu Yue specially found a Taijiquan teacher and talked for two days.Because Jet Li and Wu Jing have played Tai Chi in film and television works before, it is very beautiful. “How can it be distinguished from the original Tai Chi display” is what Wu Yue wants to achieve most.In the end, he discussed with his teacher and used some less common tricks, not to mention Taijiquan’s moves, or Taijiquan’s internal strength and skills.In the film, he and Ye Zidan played by Ye Wen had a duel between Tai Chi and Wing Chun, which was not a good shoot.Because Wing Chun’s movements are fast, and many of Taijiquan’s movements are decomposed. With one push and one lean, Wing Chun’s Qibaquan has already come.The action guide Yuan Heping didn’t want to have fancy things, basically there was no Wia. The shooting had been groping for the first two days, and finally Lian Wen took Wu to shoot for a total of 10 days.Parents were laid off, and the Chinese opera tuition fees depended on their own. The family teacher started at the age of 16 and said Wu Yue was the first major in Chinese opera performance in the current art test. As long as the cultural class has passed, Chinese opera will definitely be admitted.The athletes of the martial arts team did not study the cultural class. Wu Yue “head-hanged beams and cones” in the 28 days before the college entrance examination. “As a result, the cultural class took the third place in the class.”Wu Yue, like Li Lianjie and Wu Jing, are all martial arts athletes. However, the difference between him and the latter two is that he did not immediately intervene in the action film shooting when he came out of the sports team, but chose to learn acting.At that time, the Ningxia Wushu team assigned him a house and a double room Santana, but Wu Yue didn’t want it, “throwing his family to go to school in Beijing.”People Photography / Sauna, Ye Wang Guo Yanbing In 1996, Wu Yue accompanied her then-love girlfriend to the Beijing Film Academy Performance Department, and was admitted to the same session as Huang Xiaoming, Chen Kun, and Zhao Wei.But he did not go to the National Eighth National Games in 1997.In the second year, Wu Yue took the exam at the Central Academy of Drama for the purpose of double insurance, and planned to take the exam at the Beijing Film Academy later.After the third test of the Chinese opera, the teacher looked for Wu Yue’s personality and said that he was the first in the Chinese opera performance major in the current art test. Nortel and military arts are not tested. As long as the cultural class has passed, the Chinese opera will definitely be admitted.Athletes of the Wushu team do not learn culture classes. Wu Yue learned the ancients’ “head hanging beam cone stock” 28 days before the college entrance examination. “Created a miracle, and the culture class took the third place in the class.”Moreover, Wu Yue was the oldest student of that class.For Wu Yue, the four-year life of the Chinese opera was “painful and happy.”At that time, his parents were both laid off, and only by working hard and frugally can they afford the tuition.His annual tuition fee is 6,000, plus the usual performance of dramas, various tuition and other fees, etc. It takes more than 10,000 a year and 50,000 in four years. His father’s monthly salary was only more than 300.Under the guarantee of not delaying the academic world, Wu Yue uses the time of noon break to generate income by teaching foreign students martial arts. At most, there are more than 30 people, 20 yuan per lesson, and 10 days and a half a month.After finishing the evening self-study in the evening, he also went to the dance hall as a moderator and paid 50 yuan a night. “My college life is not actually a college student. Since I was 16 years old, I have been raising my family and I have no use at home.Divide money. “While supporting the family, Wu Yue also achieved both academic excellence.He said confidently that this was well documented, and he won two scholarships. In the national college student competition, he participated in five sports projects on behalf of the Chinese opera, won four championships, and one runner-up, which was basically satisfactory.From being questioned, to returning to the show 11 times a year after the ticket sellers returned to the stage of the drama, when they first acted in the drama “Dazhaimen” Bai Jingqi, Wu Yue was questioned a lot.However, when performing in Tianjin, the entire ticket was sold out, and the aisle was full of spectators with little Mazars. After the curtain call, he returned 11 times.Last year, Wu Yue participated in the variety show “Sound on the Ground”. The scene was completely unpublished. The headset was directly removed. One person played a multi-angle voice for “Antman”, showing a super fast speech speed and rhythm;The action, playing the drunk fist while dubbing Jackie Chan in “Drunken Fist 2”, was recorded by Zhang Guoli, the hardest part since the show began.Many viewers were fans of Wu Yue’s circle after watching it. I didn’t expect an action actor to have such a good line skill.However, Wu Yue said that it was not his true level, “only one-tenth of my level.” Because of the length of the show, he had a 7-minute monologue of the “Mansion Gate” that was cut off.Performed “Dazhaimen” on the stage of “Sound is in the air”.The lines are only basic skills for Wu Yue, and he still insists on returning to the stage every year to perform the drama.On New Year ‘s Eve on December 31, 2019 and the New Year ‘s Eve on January 1, 2020, he had two “Dazhaimen” drama performances in Poly, Shenzhen, playing Bai Jingqi, “I played from 18 to 86 years old, live threeHours, only 5 minutes are not on the stage, that is individual hard work. “In order to perform a sense of age, his lines change every 15 years, so that the audience can realize the different states of this character at different ages.It takes ten days and a half months for Wu Yue to perform “Dai Zhai Men” on the stage each time.When initially accepting the role of Bai Jingqi, Wu Yue also encountered a lot of doubts, “Can a star hit a big beam?”Wu Yue doesn’t care, and can only dispel the suspicion of the audience with facts.”When performing in the hometown of Quyi, Tianjin, the entire ticket was sold out, and the aisle was filled with audiences with little Mazars, and he returned to the show 11 times just after the curtain call.Because of this drama, Wu Yue and the original author and director of the play Guo Baochang became friends, Guo Baochang had his own adoptive father, a series of precious bracelets used by Bai Jingqi’s prototype character Le Jingyu before his death, and Wu Yue returned it.Go back, but every time he takes the stage to act, he will take it back from the old man and put it on, “I think this is an encouragement and support for me.”Although the drama is relatively small, Wu Yue still misses the stage. From 2001 to the present, he has been an actor in the National Theater.In 2020, he will co-direct the drama “Xin Qiji” with Li Zhuoqun, the director of Peking Opera “Dazhaimen”, and Wu Yue will appear in the Southern Song Haofang poet Xin Qiji.Perhaps for most viewers, Wu Yue is just an action star, but the drama allows the audience to intuitively see the other side of Wu Yue as an action star, “People who understand the doorway can be polished at a glance, so some people areActors, some people are artists, some people are guru, I have been running towards the highest artist level.”After the affection became the father, the performance also increased. Now Wu Yue has more roles in other roles, becoming husband and father.At the end of 2016, Wu Yue’s daughter was born when he filmed the movie “Breaking Wolf · Greedy Wolf” in Thailand.In the film, Wu Yue’s wife who played the role was also pregnant. There was a scene where he accompanied his wife’s maternity check. The moment he saw the B-mode, Wu Yue was a little bit confused. He thought of his wife and children, and he was no longer performing.After watching it, the director walked over and patted him, saying that he particularly likes this feeling.Wu Yue and daughter.After having a daughter, Wu Yue filmed the action again, and Wu Yue paid special attention to safety.Although he was an action actor, he was also afraid of heights. During his sophomore year, he filmed in Wuxi. Wea broke off. He fell from a height of 15 meters. There were no safety measures on the ground. They were all pebbles and they fainted for 15 minutes.Eyes, thought it was another world. “The year before last, Wu Yue pushed out a play because of fear of heights, “I discussed with the director, can I delete this play”, the director did not agree.After becoming a father, Wu Yue had more insights into performance and life.Before going to Shenzhen to play the drama “Dazhaimen”, Wu Yue was still thinking about it, and there were a few places where he could not act like that, “because I really have children.”In the drama, there is a scene where Wu Yue plays Bai Jingqi and Yang Jiuhong to grab children. Wu Yue’s line is: “You put the child in the old lady’s life for a while, and I will return it to you later.”Wu Yue used to impose an imperative tone when performing this scene before. The speech was a bit tough. The subtext to the audience was” You can rest assured, the child will definitely give you. “But he will not act like this now, he will loosen the whole person, “Not so tough order, otherwise I don’t know if I can give it back to you, this is a high-level performance.”When there were no children, he could not feel this feeling.The most rare thing for enthusiastic people is to insist on doing what they like. Donnie Yen took over “Ye Wen” at the age of 46 and became a turning point in his acting career; Wu Jing self-directed “War Wolf 2” and became the box office champion in the Chinese film market.This is the era of action movies.And Wu Yue has been tepid in the performing arts for many years. When will the era of Wu Yue’s action movies come?If he had faced this problem before, he said he would definitely give an accurate time, and he would not hide his ambitions at all, but now it is different.At the end of February 2020, Wu Yue was about to open the first film of his own self-direction. He discovered that father and son emotions, there will be a little boxing as an introduction.It turned out that he would think that this drama could not exceed hundreds of millions of times at the latest, could not catch up with others, “War Wolf”, nor too shameful, “There will be such utilitarianism and ambition”, but he is more at ease, everything goes to zero.Half a year ago, Wu Yue was very depressed for a while, “Why would a person who I am so happy become so depressed?”After a delay of two days, he figured it out.It ‘s because I think too much and think too much. I ca n’t say that before doing this work, I prejudge that it has some kind of good things, and then complete the final result through various channels.”Yen Zidan, Wu Jing, and Guo Fan, director of” Wandering Earth “, did they ever think about how high the box office can be?I think happiness is the first for me. The second is to do what is right in front of me. As for what others think and how others comment, I believe that people are doing what they are watching.Persevere, right.”Wu Yue now feels that he loves this industry and loves artistic creation. What makes people particularly rare is that he has always done what he likes, and he has never been tired of it. The most important source is happiness.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao Character Photography Guo Yanbing Editor Wu Dongni Proofreader Zhai Yongjun

Ding Junhui’s 2016 snooker crown won the championship in one day’s doubles and entered the 4 strong to celebrate the state after a fiasco.

Ding Junhui’s 2016 snooker crown won the championship in one day’s doubles and entered the 4 strong to celebrate the state after a fiasco.
On November 9th, in the first group of the 2016 Snooker Championship Invitational Tournament, Ding Junhui reversed the defeat of Carter (video video of the game), then in the group final 6-4 Rick Bingham (video video of the game), one dayAfter winning streak in the doubles, they advanced to the semifinals.After the final defeat of the Daqing National Championships, after which the first round of the China Championships was eliminated and the winning streak in the championship, Ding Junhui finally ushered in a state of recovery.Ding Junhui is recovering from the state. According to the championship schedule, each group will end in one game day. Ding Junhui and defending champion Robertson and Bingham, Carter are in the first group. If you want the group to qualify, you must get two consecutive days.Win.In the end, Ding Junhui defeated Carter 4-2, and then beat Bingham 6-4 again, successfully broke through from the group and advanced to the championship semifinals.  Ding Junhui’s recent state is like a roller coaster. The Daqing National Championship was almost out of the first round, and then successively swept Higgins and Trump, the state is very good.However, in this state, Ding Junhui finally suddenly suddenly misfired, facing Selby was swept by 1-10, and his father in his hometown faced the most painful defeat in his career.  After the National Championships, Ding Junhui kept on participating in the Chinese Championships. As a result, the low-level mistakes in the first round of the Derby match continued, and he lost to Fu Jiajun in the first round.After suffering two painful defeats in a row, even though the road to the finals of the National Championships is perfect, but in the end, there were repeated low-level mistakes and no offensive and defensive rules. After the national championships and the Chinese championships were almost the same defeat, Ding JunhuiThe state seemed to have returned to the period of last season’s lowest fandom, and fans began to worry that Ding Junhui would be surrounded by sinking again.  The Champions League starts with all champion players participating. From the first game, there will be a strong dialogue, plus the first round of 7 innings, everything is unfavorable for Ding Junhui, who is used to being slow and hot.In the first scene, Ding Junhui continued the rhythm of giving gifts to the powerful opponent Carter in the opening stage, but suddenly recovered his feeling after 1-2, and then grabbed the opponent’s gift to win 4-2.  Faced with Bingham in the second battle, even close to the top 6 Red Ball World Championships once defeated this opponent, but before this season it was an 8-game losing streak against Bingham.Ding Junhui’s opening was still sluggish. In the first game, he lost the simple bottom bag black ball twice in a row. In the first 4 games, 3 of them lost their own simple mistakes and quickly fell behind 1-3.But since then, Bingham’s mistakes have begun to increase, and Ding Junhui gradually recovered his feelings, especially Ding Junhui lost the ball after 45 points in the winning game, but Bingham did not enter the bottom pocket and will win the victory.  In the end, with the constant gifts from his opponents, and also with the improvement of his own status, Ding Junhui scored in the semifinals with two consecutive victories, and finally stopped the sluggish state of consecutive losses since the national championship finals.Although the current state is far from the best, Ding Junhui has a tendency to get out of the downturn, and even the current championship has failed to achieve good results, but the recovery of the state is preparing for the subsequent Northern Ireland race, as well as the major events in the end of the month.The championship will be good news.Follow Ding Junhui: Ding Junhui 2016 Snooker’s latest match live video 2016 Ding Junhui match schedule


­  今年斩获首冠的三位球员­  ATP官方今天带你回顾2016赛季收获处女冠的选手。­  克耶高斯-马赛­  本赛季,克耶高斯首次以世界前15的身份结束一个赛季。澳洲人在今年2月的马赛站上,连续战胜了伯蒂奇和加斯奎特两位世界前十,并最终在决赛中已6-2、7-6(3)战胜了西里奇,拿到了个人的首个巡回赛冠军。­  值得一提的是,克耶高斯在这周的比赛中没有丢掉任何一个发球局,展示了良好的经纪状态。值得一提的是,克耶高斯也成为了2009年德尔波特罗(战胜费德勒和纳达尔)之后,又一位在21岁以下在一项赛事中连胜两位世界前十的选手。­  在2016赛季的晚些时候,克耶高斯还分别拿到了东京和亚特兰大的两站赛事的冠军。此外,他还打进了ATP1000迈阿密站的决赛。­  施瓦茨曼-伊斯坦布尔­  在男单决赛中,来自阿根廷的施瓦茨曼在赢得冠军的路上,一路战胜了头号种子托米奇,在第二轮挽救赛点逆转了德祖赫,最终在决赛中苦战三盘6-7(5)、7-6(4)、6-0战胜了迪米特洛夫,拿下了生涯的首个冠军。­  在今年的晚些时候,施瓦茨曼还打进了安特惠普的决赛(输给了加斯奎特),并在成都公开赛上打进了八强。并最终把自己的世界排名提升到52位,刷新了自己的最高世界排名记录。­  约翰森-诺丁汉­  美国选手约翰森在来到诺丁汉之前,2016赛季的战绩为8胜15负。他在诺丁汉决赛中已7-6(5)、7-5战胜了奎瓦斯,赢得了生涯的首个冠军抬头。­  伺候,约翰森打进了温网的第四轮,并在华盛顿站的比赛中打进了半决赛,随后在辛辛那提站的比赛中,他晋级的路上战胜了世界前10的特松加,打进了最后的八强,并成功将自己的世界排名在8月刷新到21位。

A large number of people gathered to watch, the Greek Olympic Committee stopped the torch relay of the Tokyo Olympics

A large number of people gathered to watch, the Greek Olympic Committee stopped the torch relay of the Tokyo Olympics
The impact of the epidemic is everywhere.Tonight, the torch relay of the Tokyo Olympics, which is taking place in Greece, was forced to suspend.The torch collection ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was antique yesterday.Last night, the Tokyo Olympic Torch was successfully collected in Ancient Olympia, Greece.International Olympic Committee President Bach said, “This ceremony once again demonstrates our commitment to the successful hosting of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.”According to the plan, the torch of the Tokyo Olympic Games will be passed within Greece for a week, and 600 torchbearers will participate in the pass.But the torch was stopped by the Greek Olympic Committee in just one day.Today, when the torch was passed to Sparta, Gerard Butler, who played the king of Sparta in “300 Warriors”, participated in the pass.Although the Greek Olympic Committee has issued a notice to avoid onlookers, a large number of people have come forward to gather.Therefore, after the Greek Olympic Committee agreed with the health department and the International Olympic Committee, it decided to cancel the torch relay in order to protect the public from the new coronary pneumonia outbreak.On March 19, the Greek Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee will continue the torch handover ceremony at the Panathinaikos Stadium.Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang Editor Zhang Yunfeng Proofreading Liu Baoqing