Southern Black Sesame’s net profit gradually surpassed 40% last year, and 4 subsidiaries cut nearly 200 million yuan

Southern Black Sesame’s net profit gradually surpassed 40% last year, and 4 subsidiaries cut nearly 200 million yuan
On April 30, Southern Black Sesame released its 2019 financial report, showing that revenue last year reached 44.$ 76 trillion, an annual increase of 12.9%; net profit is 3384.650,000 yuan, at least 43 a year.51%; deduction of non-net profit is only 97.270,000 yuan, down by 97 every year.twenty one%.Sauna, Yewang noticed that in 2019, 4 out of the 5 main subsidiaries of Southern Black Sesame will be replaced by Guangnan Nanfang Black Sesame Food Co., Ltd. replacing 6782.080000 yuan, Yiwu Rungu Food Co., Ltd. replaced 2922.850,000 yuan, Jiangxi Xiaohei Xiaomi Food Co., Ltd. invested 2604.260,000 yuan, Chuzhou Nanfang Black Sesame Food Co., Ltd. replaced 7626.560,000 yuan.The only profitable major subsidiary was Shanghai Liduodu E-Commerce Co., Ltd. acquired by Ford, with a revenue of 22.1ppm, net profit is 9396.440,000 yuan, becoming the biggest source of profit for Southern Black Sesame.Southern Black Sesame said that the report benchmarks, the e-commerce industry as a whole maintained a relatively rapid growth, but the rise of new sales methods such as online communication, online celebrities and other goods, traditional e-commerce platform sales, agency services have been affected to a certain extentImpact.As for the business plan, Southern Black Sesame plans to realize tax-included operating income of USD 5 billion in 2020 and a net profit of 90 million.In response to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the company will actively seek effective response measures from the aspects of innovation in marketing methods and integration of operating resources on the basis of full-scale resumption of production at the end of March; increase e-commerce for new product development and resource tiltingSupport, focus on the development and innovation of e-commerce special products with Internet thinking and user thinking, create explosive products for e-commerce, realize the increase of e-commerce platform sales, and accelerate the implementation of e-commerce industrialization strategy.The first quarterly report for 2020 revealed on the same day showed that its first quarter revenue was 5.64ppm, an average of 40 years.68%; net profit is -2677.460,000 yuan, at least 454 a year.55%.Regarding performance changes, Southern Black Sesame explained that due to the impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the sales of commodities in the terminal market were severely affected, leading to a decline in operating income; the sales of raw materials and finished products in the logistics and terminal markets were severely affected, and production was basically suspended in the first quarterWork stop status.Sauna, Night Net Wang Ziyang editor Li Yan proofread Chen Diyan

Ministry of Commerce: Knowledge-intensive service trade accounted for over 40% in the first quarter

Ministry of Commerce: Knowledge-intensive service trade accounted for over 40% in the first quarter
On May 2, the person in charge of the Service Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce introduced the baseline service trade development in the first quarter of 2020.Knowledge-intensive services accounted for more than 40%.In the first quarter, 4669 imports and exports of knowledge-intensive services in developing countries.300 million yuan, an increase of 7.8%, accounting for 40% of total service imports and exports.5%, an increase of 7 subdivisions over the same period of the previous year, showing the expected anti-epidemic impact capability.Among them, knowledge-intensive service exports 2624.2 ppm, an increase of 11%, accounting for 59% of the service export scale.1%, up to 8 singles; areas with faster export growth are intellectual property royalties, financial services, telecommunications computers, and information services, which each increased by 29.2%, 23.9% and 14.7%.Import of knowledge-intensive services 2045.100 million yuan, an increase of 4.1%, accounting for 28% of the service import budget.9%, increase by 5.Two are single; the areas where imports are growing faster are telecommunications computers and information services, and financial services, which have grown by 38 respectively.4% and 6.2%.Editor Li Weijia

Fukushima 50 Focuses on Nuclear Power Plant Nuclear Leakage Accident, Released in Japan on March 6

“Fukushima 50” Focuses on Nuclear Power Plant Nuclear Leakage Accident, Released in Japan on March 6
Sauna Night News February 20, the film “Fukushima 50” focusing on the nuclear leakage accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant released the international version of the notice.The film will be starred by Sato Koichi, Watanabe Ken, Hideyoshi Yoshioka, Naoto Ogata, Lifan Yoshioka, Saito Koto, etc., directed by Wakamatsu Festival (“Unsinking Sun”), and will be released in Japan on March 6.Hato Sato plays the head of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant’s No. 1 reactor at the time of the accident, Izaki Rei, and Watanabe Ken plays the director of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Yoshida.After the nuclear leakage accident, including 50 workers in the body of two people, stay in the nuclear power plant for emergency maintenance, known as “Fukushima 50”.On March 11, 2011, the Great Japan Earthquake put the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in crisis. Fifty people formed a rescue team to stay in the dangerous nuclear power plant to prevent the situation from worsening. They were called “Fukushima 50”.The film will show the truth that happened inside the nuclear power plant at that time, as well as the inner thoughts of the employees who were determined to stay at the time.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofread Wang Xin

[Dried Tangerine Bean Soup]_Dried Tangerine Bean Soup

銆 愰 檲 镄 Children’s castles and castles
闄堢毊鏄崡鏂瑰湴鍖虹壒鍒祦琛岀殑椋熸潗锛屽挨鍏舵槸鍦ㄥ箍涓滃湴鍖轰汉浠皢闄堢毊浣滀负鏈€瀹濊吹鐨勮皟鏂欙紝鐢氳嚦鍑虹幇涓€鍏嬮檲鐨€煎崈閲戠殑鐜拌薄銆傝€岄檲鐨箣鎵€浠ュ彈娆㈣繋涓庡叾鑷韩缇庡懗鍜岀殑钀ュ吇浠峰€奸珮鏄垎涓嶅紑鐨勶紝浜轰滑甯稿父灏嗛檲鐨姞鍏ュ埌鍚勭鑿滆偞涓彁鍗囪彍鍝佺殑鍙e懗锛屼緥濡傞檲鐨孩璞嗘堡灏辨槸涓€绉嶇粡鍏哥殑鑿滆偞锛屼笅闈㈠氨鏉ョ湅鐪嬭瑙e惂銆?鍋氭硶涓€锛?.Sorry, it’s a shame to say: what’s going on?.閿呬腑娣婚€傞噺娓呮按鐑ф哺锛屾斁鍏ョ孩璞嗐€侀檲鐨紝涓伀鐓?What are you talking about?.How to protect the child, the child, the child, and the monkey?.How can I pay for my money? I want to pay for it. I want to press it for a while. I am afraid that you will be able to take care of it. Feeding: What if you want to go?閭 氭 硶 浜 岋 细 1.What is the difference between arrogance and arrogance?.闄 堢 滊 绾 ㈣ 圴 娌?鎻愬墠涓€鏅氫笂娉″紑3.Click on the button to click on the button 4. Click on the button below.What is the difference between the chain and the chain?.What’s the difference? What’s the difference?.鐒跺悗缁х画鐓紝澶ф涓€涓皬鏃朵箣鍚庤眴瀛愬嚭璞嗘矙锛屾牴鎹嚜宸辩殑鍙e懗娣诲姞鍐扮硸锛屾斁鍑夋洿缇庡懗鍝?The pot is thin 1.绾㈣眴灏忓崐纰楋紝娉℃按2灏忔椂浠ヤ笂锛屾垨鑰呰繃澶溿€?.闄堢毊鐢ㄦ竻姘存场杞緦锛屾礂鍑€澶栫毊锛屽苟鐢ㄥ皬鍒€杞昏交鍒幓鍐呭眰鐨勭櫧鑶滐紝鍒囨垚缁嗕笣銆?.鍑嗗涓€鍙e皬閿咃紝娣诲ぇ鍗婇攨姘达紝姘村紑寰屽姞鍏ユ场杩囩殑绾㈣眴鍜屽鐞嗚繃鐨勯檲鐨€?.姘村紑寰岃浆灏忕伀锛屽緟姘寸啲鍓╀竴鍗婃椂锛屽啀娣诲喎姘村叆閿呫€?.灏忕伀鐔笂2灏忔椂浠ヤ笂锛屾湡闂磋娉ㄦ剰鎼呭姩锛屼笉瑕佺硦浜嗛攨搴曘€傝嫢姘村皯鍙户缁坊鍔犲喎姘淬€?。瑙佺孩璞嗗凡缁忕叜寮€鑺便€佽捣娌欏緦鍔犲叆鍐扮硸銆?.鐪嬪埌绾㈣眴宸茬粡鐓嚦瀹屽叏寮€鑺辫捣娌欙紝姹ゆ眮鍙樻祿绋犱箣寰岋紝鍗冲彲鍏崇伀銆?

[Hakka Po Shanshui Tofu Flower]_How to do_How to do

[Hakka Po Shanshui Tofu Flower]_How to do_How to do

Tofu flower is a very characteristic traditional snack. It is mainly made from soybeans. In some places, peas or broad beans are also used to make tofu.

Generally speaking, tofu flowers are mainly divided into two types: sweet tofu and salted tofu, and different types of tofu flowers have been formed according to different regions. Hakka Po Shanshui Tofu is a well-known one.

Let ‘s take a closer look at the situation of Hakkapo Shanshui Tofu.

Dishes with characteristic raw materials: a piece of white jade tofu, and other tender tofu sold in the supermarket are also available.

Diced shiitake mushrooms, small (100g), minced meat (50g) (in fact, put as much as you like) seasoning chicken soup 20g, green and red pepper rice 1g, green onions 1g, parsley 1 slice, egg white3 grams, pepper 0.

2 grams, 5 grams of salad oil, 2 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG, and 2 grams of raw meal.

Practice 1. Pour the whole fat tofu into a steaming dish. Use chopsticks to insert 12 holes in the middle. Put salt and monosodium glutamate tofu into the hole. Steam it in a basket for 90 seconds and remove it for use.

2. Put the salt in the pure grass carp, then use MSG code to sizing with raw powder and egg white, cover the steamed inner fat tofu, and then steam it in the steamer for 90 seconds and take it out.

3. Heat the wok, add chicken broth, green and red pepper, 1g of salt, sprinkle the tofu with tofu, sprinkle pepper powder, green onions, and drizzle 5 grams of boiling oil. Add a slice of coriander.

Nutritional value This dish is very beautiful. It is dug with a spoon to eat. The fish is fragrant and the tofu is tender. The cost is not high and it is very high-grade.

The time and heat of steaming twice.

Tofu nutrition Tofu is extremely nutritious, containing iron, magnesium, potassium, niacin, copper, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, folic acid, vitamin B1, yolk and vitamin B6.

For every 100 grams of firm tofu, the water content is 69.

8%, containing 15 protein.

7 grams, aunt 8.

6 grams, 4 carbohydrates.

3 grams and fiber 0.

1 gram, can provide 611.

2 kilojoules of quantum.

The high amino acid and protein content of tofu makes it a good supplement for cereals.

78% of tofu dregs are unsaturated fatty acids and contain no cholesterol, known as “vegetable meat”.

The digestion and absorption rate of tofu is over 95%.

Two small pieces of tofu can meet a person’s daily calcium requirement.

[Encyclopedia of Chicken Eating and Practice]_Production_Home Practice

[Encyclopedia of Chicken Eating and Practice]_Production_Home Practice

After a lot of guests come to the house, one of the dishes served must be chicken, but the methods are different. Some stews, some stir-fry, and some soups. If you want to learn more about the methods, you can learn from the chicken’s eating method and encyclopedia.

Chickens are eaten differently in various cities in some places, especially fried chicken is very famous, and it is also loved by children. Of course, fried foods are not good enough to eat, which can easily cause obesity. Parents should pay attention to this.

1. White chopped chicken material: chicken seasoning: green onion, sand ginger, raw soaking method: boil a pot of water, put the whole chicken in, and turn off the flame;The blood is suitable. After cutting the pieces, eat with seasoning.

Features: Keep the chicken delicious and original.

2, dry fried chicken materials: chicken, salt, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, onion ginger, egg, dough powder, water, oil, pepper and salt.

Method: Pick and wash chicken, cut into small cubes, add salt, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, scallion ginger, marinate for a while, hang eggs, dough powder and water-made paste, fry it yellow, and fry it once cooked,Dip in salt and pepper when eating.

3, boiling oil chicken materials: chicken, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, water, oil, pepper and salt.

Method: Pick and wash the chicken clean, boneless, smear salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, fried and then use the * to stir off the oil, use a spoon to pick up the hot oil and repeatedly pour the chicken body, pour the chicken skin and scorch and cutSmall pieces, eat with pepper and salt.

4, pot-roasted chicken materials: chicken, broth, spring onion, ginger, garlic slices, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, aniseed, egg white, dough powder, oil, pepper noodles.

Method: Pick and wash the chicken, add broth in the pot, add segments, ginger, garlic slices, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, aniseed, cooked and boned, and then hang it from egg white dough powderPaste, over-fried yellow, remove 1-inch chops or strips, and sprinkle with pepper noodles to serve.

5. Crispy chicken ingredients: chicken, cooking wine, salt, pepper, shredded ginger, dough powder, oil, pepper and salt.

Method: Pick and wash the chicken clean, smear the cooking wine, knead the salt, sprinkle the peppercorns, stuff the chicken belly with green onion and ginger, stop for a while, add the basket material, then remove the green onion ginger, pepper, soy sauce and hangThe dough powder is fried and crisped into golden yellow, and cut into small pieces.

6. Shiitake chicken material: chicken, shiitake mushroom, oil, salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, broth, spring onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, aniseed, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil.

Method: Pick and wash the chicken, chop the pieces, soak the mushrooms to the roots, and wash them (wash several times).

Heat a small amount of oil in the pot, stir fry the chicken pieces, add mushrooms, salt, soy sauce, stir-fry the cooking wine, season with white sugar, broth, spring onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, aniseed, stewAdd MSG after cooking and drizzle with sesame oil.

7, onion oil chicken materials: chicken, water, cooking wine, salt, aniseed, cinnamon, spiced noodles, green onion ginger, monosodium glutamate, oil.

Method: Pick and wash the chicken, put it in the pot, add water, cooking wine, salt, aniseed, cinnamon, spiced noodles, boil it and remove it from the pot together with the soup. Cover the pan and remove the cut pot for 2 hours, then add the onionGinger shreds, monosodium glutamate, and original soup are seasoned, then the oil is boiled and poured out and poured on the onion ginger shreds.

8. Chicken paste material: cauliflower chicken, cauliflower, oil, shredded ginger, broth, salt, monosodium glutamate, dough powder.

Method: Pick and wash the chicken clean, boneless, chop into mud, wash cauliflower into small flowers, then cut open, use boiling water to soup, remove the drain and drain water, put a small amount of oil in the pot, onion gingerShabu-shabu, stir-fry the chicken puree until it becomes discolored, then add broth, salt, cauliflower, and MSG.

9 chicken wire scrambled eggs material: chicken, eggs, salt, monosodium glutamate, water, oil, spring onion, soy sauce.

Method: Open the eggs and add salt, monosodium glutamate, stir well with water, shred the chicken, put a small amount of oil in the pot, scallion shabu-shabu, stir-fry the chicken a few times, add a little soy sauce to fry, and put a little oil in the potHeat, add eggs and stir-fry with oil, stir-fry until half cooked and stir-fry the chicken, continue to fry a few times, and immediately come out of the pan.

[Does the baby boy drink soda water pipe]

寰堝浜洪兘鏄簩鑳庯紝鍥犱负鏈夌殑涓€鑳庢槸濂冲効锛屾墍浠ュぇ瀹舵兂瑕佸効濂冲弻鍏ㄨ嚜鐒朵篃姣旇緝鎷呭績鐨勶紝鑲氬瓙涓殑瀹濆疂绌剁珶鏄敺瀛╄繕鏄コ瀛╋紝涓轰簡鑳藉鑷繁鐢熺敺瀛╋紝鏈夌殑浜轰細鍘诲枬涓€浜涚⒈鎬х殑椋熺墿锛屾瘮濡傚悆纰辨€х殑闈㈤浠ュ強鍠濊嫃鎵撴按锛屽叾瀹炲叧浜庡悆纰辨€х 椋 椋 餋 墉 叉叉 叉 叾 鏉 揉 揋 揋 逋 綋 綋 掋 Adopting the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind and the wind, and the wind and the wind, the wind and the wind, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the drive, the driveCreeping?1銆佺敤鑻忔墦姘寸敓鐢峰鐨勭璇€涓嶉潬璋辨皯闂寸敓鐢峰鐨勭璇€鑻忔墦姘达紝鍗崇敤鑻忔墦姘村啿娲楅槾閬撱€傚コ鎬х殑闃撮亾鐜鏄憟閰告€х殑锛岃€岃嫃鎵撴按鏄⒈鎬х殑锛岀敤鑻忔墦姘村啿娲楅槾閬擄紝浼氬鑷撮槾閬撹弻缇ょ殑澶辫 锛岄檷浣庡コ鎬х瀵嗗鐨勬姉鐥呰弻鑳藉姏銆傝€岀敺鎬ч槾鑼庣殑鎻掑叆銆佷笉娲佺殑鎬ц涓恒€佸鐣岀幆澧冪瓑鍥犵礌閮戒細浣垮緱鍚勭缁嗚弻鍐茬牬涓嬭韩鑴嗗急鐨勯槻绾匡紝鏀诲嚮濂虫€ц韩浣擄紝寮曞彂璇稿瀹鐐庛€侀槾閬撶値绛夌柧鐥呫€傚湪鍚勭鐥呰弻鐨勫共鎵颁笅锛The book is full of sorrows, and the sentence is intertwined, and it’s hard to get together. It’s very difficult to see what is going on. It’s not a good idea. It’s not a good idea.In the village of Beixilai Village, a group of people who lived in the village of Ning Ge, who was born in Ning Ge, who was born, who was born, who died, who was born, who died, who died囥€傞櫎浜嗗瀛曞コ鎬э紝鏈変簺瀛曞涔熶細鐢ㄨ嫃鎵撴按娓呮礂涓嬩綋锛屽笇鏈涢€氳繃鏀瑰彉瀛愬鐨勯吀What are you talking about? What are you talking about?杞儙”锛岃€屽悗鏋滃線寰€鏄祦浜с€佹棭浜ф垨鑰呮槸鑳庤啘鏃╃牬绛夌瓑銆?銆佹兂鐢熺敺瀛╁簲璋冭妭韬綋閰哥⒈搴︽兂鐢熺敺瀛╁氨闇€瑕佽皟鑺傛暣涓韩浣撶殑閰哥⒈搴︼紝鑰屼笉鏄祬鏄惧湴鏀瑰彉鑲犺儍鐨勯吀纰卞害銆備笉閿欙紝鑻忔墦姘存槸鍋忕⒈鎬э紝浣嗘槸鍏充簬鑳界敓鐢峰鐨勮娉曞彧鏄汉浠浜庝汉浣撻吀纰辨€ф蹇电殑閿欒鐞嗚В銆傜洰鍓嶏紝杩欎釜姒傚康鍦ㄧ瀛︾殑棰嗗煙杩The chain of disease is very difficult to find, and it ‘s very difficult to find out what is going on, how to do it, how to do it, and how to do it, if you want to go through it, you will be able to find out what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?鏄庛€傚彲浠ヨ偗瀹氱殑鏄紝纰辨€чギ鏂欏繀鐒朵細瀵硅偁鑳冧骇鐢熶竴瀹氱殑褰卞搷銆傜畝鍗曟潵璇达紝缁忓父鍠濊繖绉嶉ギ鏂欙紝韬綋闅惧厤浼氬嚭鐜伴棶棰樸€?銆佽嫃鎵撴按鍙湁琛ユ按瑙f复鍔熸晥鑻忔墦姘村苟涓嶆槸浠€涔堢敓鐢峰鐨勭璇€锛屽彧鏄竴绉嶆櫘閫氱⒈鎬чギ鏂欍€傚畠鐨勪富瑕佸姛鑳藉氨鏄ˉ鍏呮按鍒嗭紝瑙hВ娓达紝鐢氳嚦鑳借В閰掔瓑鍔熸晥閮芥槸娌℃湁绉戝渚濇嵁鐨勶紝涓嶄細璧峰埌浠€涔堜綔鐢紝鑷充簬鑳界敓鐢峰鐨勮娉曟洿鍔犳槸鎹曢鎹夊奖銆傛彁閱掍竴涓嬶紝浜轰綋鐨勯閬撱€佽偁閬撴槸鍋忕⒈鎬х殑鐜锛屼絾鏄儍鍗存槸閰告€х殑鐜锛屽鏋滃湪鐭椂闂村唴鍠濊繘澶ч噺鑻忔墦姘达紝浼氳捣鍒拌礋闈綔鐢紝寮曡捣娑堝寲涓嶈壇绛変笉閫傘€傛敞鎰忥細濂虫€у崈涓囦笉瑕佺洸鐩敤鑻忔墦姘存竻娲楅槾閬撱€傚コ鎬ч槾閬撹嚜韬幆澧冩槸杈冨己鐨勯吀鎬э紝閰告€х殑鐜鏄姂鍒跺ぇ閮ㄥ垎缁嗚弻鐨勫ぉ鐒跺睆闅滐紝鑻忔墦姘村鏄撶牬鍧忛槾閬撳師鏈夌殑閰哥⒈鐜骞宠 锛屼激瀹抽槾閬擄紝鏄撳緱濡囩鐥呫€?

[How to make a small bowl of soup]_ delicious practice _ authentic practice

[How to make a small bowl of soup]_ delicious practice _ authentic practice

The small bowl of soup is a traditional cuisine in Luoyang.

It is also famous for its hot and sour taste.

As the name suggests, the small bowl soup is a kind of soup in a small bowl, but in fact it is not a soup in the true sense. It is very rich in ingredients.

You can eat a lot of food in a small bowl of soup, which is rich in nutritional value.

At the same time, the practice of small bowl soup is also very simple. Let me introduce the practice of small bowl soup.

The characteristics are slightly sour and spicy, the aroma is not greasy, and the appetizer is refreshing.

Production[Raw materials and ingredients]250 grams of cypress, 100 grams of old tofu, 100 grams of cooked beef, 50 grams of tofu skin, 50 grams of yuba, 30 grams of crispy meat, 30 grams of small coke croquettes, 20 grams of large intestine, 20 day lilyGrams, 20 grams of green beans, 1500 grams of old soup (chicken bones or pork bones are thinly sliced); coriander, green onion, ginger, thick flour, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, pepper, cooking wine, soy sauce, sesame oil, etc.


Cut the prepared lentils, old tofu, large intestine into dices, tofu skin, sliced tofu, and cooked beef into slices.


Pour in an appropriate amount of cooking oil. After the oil is hot, smash the ginger and daylily into the pot and smash the cut beef, large intestine, small crispy meat, and put into a pan to dry, add cooking wine, soy sauce, and pour later.Stir in a small amount of old soup.


After half a minute, place the materials such as bronze, diced tofu, tofu skin, and yuba in order, and turn them into old soup.


After boiling on medium heat for two minutes, pour in the fried croquettes, and then add an appropriate amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, pepper, etc.


After the soup is rolled up, prepare a small amount of dry powder, stir it with water and pour it into the pot.

After half a minute, the soup is rolled up again and it comes out of the pan.

Add vinegar and sesame oil before seasoning.

After soup is in the tableware, add green onion and garnish with coriander.

After the small bowl of soup is cooked, the color is ruddy, the taste is sour and spicy, and the ginger flavor is enlarged and prominent.

It is said that the Luoyang small bowl soup began in the middle of the Republic of China and evolved from “chef dishes”. It was named after the small bowl serving soup. It was first spread in Yiyang, Sun Qitun, and Gushui.

During the period of the Republic of China, there were many “bureaucrats” (pronouncements) often active in Luoyang, that is, the chief cooks.

During the agricultural leisure, the “bureau” took the apprentices to the village to set up households, and cooked food for the village to do red and white weddings.

At that time, the life of rural peasants in the country was very common. They were often overwhelmed in the preparation of the raw materials for the feast. It was because of the ingenuity and skill of the bureau that they made the noodles in a decent amount of flavor.

According to the older Luoyang people, the “bureau” has strict requirements on the apprentices, and only after the serving process is completed can the chefs cook something for themselves.

The small bowl of soup is what the chefs cook for themselves.

After the dishes are finished, there are few ingredients left. The chefs cut all these ingredients into diced shapes and simmer them in the broth.

Because “the monk has more porridge and less,” I have to use a small bowl for soup, and only one bowl per person. If you are not full, you can eat more steamed rice dumplings.

This is the origin of the small bowl of soup.

Because the small bowl of soup is a chef’s dish, it is not elegant to listen to and is not seen. Therefore, it has been difficult to visit the elegant hall of Luoyang Shuixi.

[How to make papaya]_ The right way _ How to make

[How to make papaya]_ The right way _ How to make

Many people who think of papaya think of fruits in the first place, but there are a lot of fruits in life that can be used directly for cooking and make many delicious dishes.

Although papaya is a fruit, it can also be used for cooking, and the nutritional value of the vegetables made by papaya is also very rich.

With different foods can also show different therapeutic effects, then how to make papaya is more delicious?

1. Papaya Pork Ribs Soup Ingredients: 500 grams of ribs, half of papaya, onion stems, ginger scales, cooking wine, vinegar, salt.

Method: Peel the papaya, remove the seeds, and cut into large pieces.

Put ginger shreds and cooking wine in the pot, add pork ribs, skim off the foam after boiling, remove the pork ribs for 3 minutes, and rinse with hot water.

Put water in the casserole, add pork ribs, green onions, ginger, cooking wine, vinegar, boil over high heat and continue to cook for an hour and a half.

Put in papaya cubes and cook for 30 to 40 minutes, season with some salt.

Second, Thai-style green papaya salad materials: half a green papaya, 2 cloves of garlic, 2-3 small peppers, one lime, one tablespoon of sea rice, one small handful of cowpea, about 60g, four cherry tomatoes, one coconut sugarA large spoon, a large spoon of fish sauce, a small handful of peanut kernels.

Method: Put the peanut kernels in a small pan without oil, and bake for 3 or 4 minutes on low heat, rub off the red skin and set aside; soak the sea rice in warm water for soft use.

Peel the green papaya, take the papaya in one hand and the knife in the other, and carefully cut out the preliminary lines on the papaya. After the surface of the papaya has been cut all over, use the knife to touch the surface of the papaya and cut the papaya thinly.

Cut it again horizontally, soak the shredded papaya in ice water for later use.

Peel the garlic, chop the peppers and mash them together in a stone mortar.

Add the soft seaweed and continue mashing, add the peeled peanut kernels (for decoration) and mash it a little.

Squeeze the lime juice, pour into the stone sand, add coconut sugar and fish sauce, mix well to make a sauce.

Drain the papaya shreds; cut the cowpea into inch segments; cut the cherry tomatoes in half; place all in a large bowl.

Pour in the sauce and mix well, then place on a plate. Finely chop the remaining peanut kernels and sprinkle them on the surface for decoration.

Three, cold papaya strips material: 1 kg of dried papaya strips, 1 kg of millet pepper, 1 kg of ginger, 2 kg of garlic, 1 kg of rock sugar, 3 bottles of thin salt raw soy sauce, 2 bottles of ordinary raw soy sauce.

Method: Wash the papaya strips, ginger, garlic, millet pepper, and cool water for later use.

Shred ginger; chopped garlic, millet pepper; mashed rock sugar, pour raw and mix well.

Finally pour the shredded papaya into the seasoning bowl, stir well and marinate overnight.

After marinating overnight, bottling begins and can be eaten after three to five days.

[How to make pumpkin cake]_Home made pumpkin cake_How to make pumpkin cake_How to make pumpkin cake

[How to make pumpkin cake]_Home made pumpkin cake_How to make pumpkin cake_How to make pumpkin cake

Today’s life is stressful, and many friends will be spreading a variety of diseases, so some diseases have a lot to do with our usual diet!

Therefore, if you want to be healthy, you must eat healthy and delicious food. So let ‘s learn how to make pumpkin cake with Xiaobian today!


1 mix pumpkin puree, milk, egg yolk 2.

2Pumpkin is steamed and pressed into puree (note that steam water should be prevented from dripping into the pumpkin as much as possible) 3.

Sift the low-gluten flour and mix well. Note: turn it quickly, and speed it up.

Add a few drops of white vinegar to the egg white, add sugar three times, and beat until hard foaming5.

Mix the beaten egg into 3 pieces and mix well. Note that it must be mixed.

(For nutrition, I roasted and chopped the walnuts and shredded them, and added them when I last mixed them.) 6.

Pour into the mold, shake out the air bubbles, preheat the oven for 160 minutes at 160 degrees, the lower layer, heat up and down, 40 minutes for people to eat as the sky, but eating is a major event in our lives, so eating healthy is more important today for youThe pumpkin cake introduced is easy to learn and the steps are simple. Go to the kitchen at home to show your skills.