[How to make lemon swiss rolls]_Homemade methods for lemon swiss rolls_Encyclopedia of lemon swiss rolls_How to make lemon swiss rolls

[How to make lemon swiss rolls]_Homemade methods for lemon swiss rolls_Encyclopedia of lemon swiss rolls_How to make lemon swiss rolls

If you are married, you can definitely enjoy the alternative of “wife’s food”.

But what do you do when your wife is not at home?

Maybe many men choose fast food.

Instant noodles and more.

But what if you do it yourself?

Is this picture beautiful?

I believe your wife is particularly willing to see it.

So, let ‘s introduce the method of lemon swiss roll.


The egg yolks weigh well. Add lemon crumbs and granulated sugar and mix by hand with egg until the sugar melts.


12 Add the egg whites into fine sugar three times and beat with an electric eggbeater until wet foaming.


21 Take 1/3 of the meringue and add in the egg yolk paste.


Sift in the low flour, and mix the flour and egg paste until no particles of the flour are visible, and the whole batter is very delicate; during the process of mixing, keep the hands light to prevent the egg paste from defoaming.


Place the flour and milk in a high temperature bowl and heat in the oven for 1 minute until it is hot and take it out. Stir well with clean eggs.


Slowly pour into the batter, stir the batter with a spatula while turning it down, flip it up and down, move lightly, and mix the oil and batter evenly.


Pour the batter back into the rest of the egg whites and mix well. Slowly pour it into the baking sheet, try to scrape the surface, and gently bake the baking sheet from 2-3 cm high for two or three times to shake out the air bubbles in the egg batter.

Baking: Preheat 180 degrees, heat the middle layer up and down for 15 minutes, insert another baking tray into the middle layer and bake.


After baking is finished, peel off some of the oily paper on the four sides. Do not peel off the oily paper on the lower side, and place it on a wire rack to cool. Take a clean oily paper and spread it on the table.On (the front side is in contact with the oil paper.

); Smear my favorite stuffing, I use lemon cream, roll up the cake, wrap with plastic wrap, refrigerate in the refrigerator for half an hour and cut and eat.

Have you learned the lemon swiss roll introduced today?

Although it has a lot of steps, but each step is not complicated, it is very simple, as long as you follow the steps to do it, you will be successful.

[Does Coke Boil Ginger Soup for Colds]_Effect_Efficacy

[Does Coke Boil Ginger Soup for Colds]_Effect_Efficacy

Recently, there is a saying circulating on the Internet that “Coke boiled ginger soup treats a cold”, is this true?

Personally, I think that Coke Boiled Ginger Soup is a nonsense.

Although ginger has the effect of enhancing sweating, expelling wind and cold.

In fact, if it is caused by a cold, it has a certain adjuvant treatment effect.

Therefore, whether Cola Boiled Ginger Decoction has a cure effect for colds should be analyzed symptomatically.

Can ginger cola cure fever and cold?

Ginger can dispel the wind and dispel cold, has the effect of enhancing sweating, and is only used for colds caused by cold and cold.

If the patient has a yellow nose, dry stools, and sore throat, drinking ginger soup may make the symptoms worse.

Cola can reconcile the taste of ginger, but the ingredients are unknown. If you have a cold and want to drink ginger soup, it is recommended to boil it with water and not mix it with Cola.

Ginger Cola is very creative.

Unfortunately, such an idea can only be used to treat the cold-type cold that Chinese medicine calls.

Ginger is a product of warmth, which can relieve sweat, relieve wind, and dispel cold. Many folk prescriptions use ginger as the main medicine for treating colds and colds, so when people encounter wind and rain, when the cold hits, take brown sugar ginger soup in time.Cola ginger soup will get good results.

Traditional Chinese medicine divides colds into different types such as cold and wind, and not all colds are suitable for taking Xinwen Jiangtang for sweating.

Fengreganmao is a kind of injury caused by wind and heat. If you take ginger-type warming medicine at this time, it is like pouring oil on the fire, and it becomes more intense.

It is even more difficult to use “Ginger Cola” for the flu, because Chinese medicine believes that the flu urgently needs to use bitter cold Chinese medicine to clear the plague, and “Ginger Cola” is not feasible for bitter cold.

How to make ginger cola Ginger can dispel cold, cola can relieve cough and can adjust the flavor of ginger.

Cooking ginger cola together has the effect of preventing cold and removing phlegm, increasing the dosage, warming the stomach, and it has wonderful effects on sore throat and tonsillitis caused by colds, which is most suitable for winter.

It has a good effect on preventing colds, can dispel wind and dispel cold, and is a natural cold medicine.

1. Ready for Coca-Cola. It is recommended to buy a small bottle. During the illness, it will be wasted after drinking. 2. Take 3 with a knife.
4 grams of ginger, peeled with a peeling knife for later use; 3, cut the ginger into thin slices for later use.

The flakes can be reconstituted into the cola.

In addition, cocoa can be cut into shreds, so that it is easy to eat; 4. Use a cup to measure the amount of cola and pour it into a pot; 5. Put the cut ginger into cola and boil over medium heat;By controlling the time after boiling, the weight of ginger flavor is controlled. After cooking, turn off the heat and pour into the cup.

Precautions for making ginger cola 1. It is best to use turmeric, because the ginger taste is heavy, and the ginger has too much water. 2. The taste is moderate with Coca-Cola. If you like sweet friends, you can use Pepsi; 3. Promote healthy brothers.You can let Coke boil for a while, so that the heavy carbon dioxide of the Coke will volatilize due to boiling; 4. Brothers who like carbon dioxide in the Coke “jump” in the mouth can use the microwave method: use a medium-high flame in the microwave for one minute (The time depends on the power of the microwave oven.) Withdraw immediately when it is boiled or close to it.

Using a microwave oven can keep the cola vapor well, and the taste is very good. However, heating a pure liquid in a microwave oven is dangerous, please pay special attention!

5. If you just drink ginger cola as a drink, you don’t need too much ginger.

If it’s to prevent colds and prevent colds, you can add more ginger.

[Can chrysanthemum and leek be eaten together]

鍏跺疄鑼艰捒鐨勬惌閰嶉潪甯哥殑绠€鍗曪紝鐩存帴姘寸叜鎴栬€呮槸鍑夋媽锛屽綋鐒讹紝涔熷彲浠ュ姞鍏ヨ倝绫昏繘琛岀児楗€傞偅涔堬紝鑼艰捒鍜岄煭鑿滆兘涓€璧峰悆鍚楋紵鍏跺疄鑼艰捒鍜岄煭鑿滀竴鍚屾惌閰嶇殑璇濓紝骞朵笉浼氭湁浠€涔堢蹇岋紝浣嗘槸鍥犱负杩欎袱绉嶉兘鏄豢鑹茶敩鑿滐紝浠庤惀鍏绘惌閰嶄笂鏉ヨ杩囦簬鍗曡皟锛岃€屼笖闊彍鍛抽亾杈冨ぇ锛屼竴鍚岄鐢ㄥ緢褰卞搷鍙f劅銆傛嵁鐮旂┒锛屾瘡100g鑼艰捒瀚╁彾鍚玍C鈙  掝 25mg 銆 傛 傛 伤 100g 鍙  閮 ㄥ 垎 钖  咭 濆 崪 綱?.51mg 銆 乂 A252mg 銆 侀 捑 220mg 处 挔 161mg 銆 傛 炛 伤 100g 钖?.8g铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€?.3g 紴 傝 囑 銆?.3g 栫 栫 被 鍜?.4g绾ょ淮绱犮€?1瀹夌鍋ヨ剳鑻樿捒姘斿懗鑺抽锛屽惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑缁寸敓绱犮€佽儭钀濆崪绱犲強澶氱姘ㄥ熀閰革紝鍏锋湁鍏诲績瀹夌銆佺ǔ瀹氭儏缁€侀檷鍘嬫姢鑴戙€侀槻姝㈣蹇嗗姏鍑忛€€绛夊姛鏁堛€?2娑堣偪鍒╁翱鑻樿捒鍚湁澶氱姘ㄥ熀閰搞€佽剛鑲€佽泲鐧借川鍙婅緝楂橀噺鐨勯挔銆侀捑绛夌熆鐗╄川锛岃兘璋冭妭浣撳唴姘存恫浠h阿锛屽彲娑堥櫎姘磋偪銆侀€氬埄姘翠究銆?3 呓 呤 堖 核 棸 樸 捿 捒 瀵 籽 缈 缁 缁 结 绗 燗 粀 粡 宁 採 掤 旤 鐢 ㄦ 湁 锷 ╀ 簬 鎶 転 僑 僕 雕 雕 獕 盕 繤 燕 雕 獕 燤棸銆傝尲钂跨壒娈婄殑鑺抽姘斿懗鏈夊姪浜庡钩鍠樺寲娴娿€?4 flog Dan Takatsuki For cross  Pan Shan Shu Juan  go of Fen Chu Qingcang pumping  York ょ Huai additional information Meinohama Tong Ji Ma Du Cheng Lang Jiaozu E  Ren Ning  Meinohama bombers Hong Right-Cong Lu Zu brandish Guo additional information 姣掔礌锛岃揪鍒伴€氳厬鍒╄偁銆侀闃蹭究绉樼殑鐩殑銆?5淇冭繘椋熸鑻樿捒涓惈鏈夊绉嶆尌鍙戞€х墿璐紝瀹冧滑鎵€鏁e彂鐨勭壒娈婇鍛虫湁鍔╀簬澧炲姞鍞炬恫鐨勫垎娉岋紝鑳藉淇冭繘椋熸锛屾秷椋熷紑鑳冦€?6 庡 寲 庡 囲 哲 幹 兂 厂 厂 幧 座 峀 峀 峸 峸 峀 峸 峸 峸 峸姸鍐点€?7 Achievements, gongs, hard heads, front ends, tops, backs, backs, ups, downs, ups, downs, ups, downs, ups, downs, ups, downs, ups, downs, ups, downs, ups, downs, ups, downs, ups, downs, ups, downs, ups, downs, ups, downs, ups, downs, ups, downs, ups, downsSuffering?8 Marriage, Marriage, Reading, Stacking, Stacking, Strapping, Chains, Chains, and Chains, Blowing Up, Crazy, Crazy, Chilling, Chilling, Chilling, Chilling, Chilling, Crashing, Chilling堛€?The following is an example: the study of hydrogen and hydrogen is not possible, and the research is complete, and the rules are correct or correct, or correct, or correct, or correct, or correct, or correct, or correct.嗘皵锛屾秷椋熷紑鑳冿紝澧炲姞椋熸锛屽苟涓斿叾鎵€鍚矖绾ょ淮鏈夊姪鑲犻亾锠曞姩锛屼績杩涙帓渚匡紝杈惧埌閫氳厬鍒╄偁鐨勭洰鐨勩€?銆佹竻琛€鍏诲績锛屾鼎鑲哄寲鐥拌尲钂垮唴鍚赴瀵岀殑缁寸敓绱犮€佽儭钀濆崪绱犲強澶氱姘ㄥ熀閰革紝鎬у懗鐢樺钩锛屽彲浠ュ吇蹇冨畨绁烇紝娑﹁偤琛ヨ倽锛岀ǔ瀹氭儏缁紝闃叉璁板繂鍔涘噺閫€锛涙澶栵紝鑼艰捒姘斿懗鑺姵锛屽彲浠ユ秷鐥板紑閮侊紝閬跨Ы鍖栨祳銆?銆佸埄灏忎究锛岄檷琛€鍘嬭尲钂夸腑鍚湁澶氱姘ㄥ熀閰搞€佽剛鑲€佽泲鐧借川鍙婅緝楂橀噺鐨勯挔銆侀捑绛夌熆鐗╃洂锛岃兘璋冭妭浣撳唴姘存恫浠h阿锛岄€氬埄灏忎究锛屾秷闄ゆ按鑲匡紱鑼艰捒鍚湁涓€绉嶆尌鍙戞€х殑绮炬补锛屼互鍙婅儐纰辩瓑鐗╄川锛屽叿鏈夐檷琛€鍘嬨€佽ˉ鑴戠殑浣滅敤銆

[How to make baby food supplement yolk yolk]_Baby food supplement_How to make

[How to make baby food supplement yolk yolk]_Baby food supplement_How to make

Mothers can understand the use of egg yolks as a supplementary food for babies. You can eat egg yolks for your baby after 8 months, but you should not eat too much, because eating too much egg yolks can not digest, it will cause gastrointestinal upset and gastrointestinal upset.

For the baby’s method of adding complementary foods and the types of complementary foods, it is recommended that mothers should understand clearly.

Now let’s tell everyone how to feed your baby with egg yolk.

The baby’s complementary food egg simmering practice golden egg paste is suitable for age: 8 months or more Ingredients: 3 spoons of baby rice noodles, 1 egg, warm water amount.

Method: After the eggs are cooked, leave the yolks; use warm boiling water to mix the baby rice noodles (slightly dilute), add egg yolks, grind with a spoon and mix thoroughly.

Japanese-style steamed eggs are suitable for age: more than 12 months Ingredients: 1 shiitake mushroom, 2 shrimps, 40 grams of diced chicken, 100 ml soup, 1 egg, and 0 salt.

5 grams method: scoop eggs into a bowl, add soup, stir well with salt.

After the mushrooms are soaked, cut into small cubes. After washing the shrimp, remove the shell, head and gut, and cut into small cubes.

Mix the diced chicken, diced mushrooms and diced shrimps into the bottom of the bowl, and pour the egg mixture into the bowl.

Cover the bowl with aluminum foil, puncture a hole in the center, and steam it for 10?
15 minutes.

Egg skin spinach bag suitable for age: more than 12 months Ingredients: 200 grams of spinach, 8 parsley, 4 eggs, each amount of salt and sesame oil Method: After washing the spinach, put it in boiling water with salt, and thenSuper cold water, keep it dry.

Use the hot water in the pot to scoop the cilantro.

Season the spinach with salt and sesame oil.

Beat the eggs with a bit of salt, and fry them into 4 eggs on a pan.

Put the mixed spinach in the egg skin, wrap it, and tie the coriander horizontally and vertically.

Yogurt custard suitable for age: 7?
9 months Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of yogurt, milk, sugar Moderation: After the eggs are broken, add sugar and milk.

Steamed into a cake-like form.

Finally, yoghurt is served on the custard.

Put a cherry or cherry tomatoes in the middle.

Ten-month baby complementary food staple food 1, colorful sweet potato porridge ingredients: 30g white rice, half a sweet potato.

Method: After washing the rice, add enough water to cook white rice porridge.

After washing the sweet potatoes, peel the skin and cut into thin slices.

Add to a steamer and steam until cooked through.

Take out the steamed sweet potatoes and crush them with a spoon into a mud.

Cook the white rice porridge.

Add sweet potato puree to white rice porridge and stir well.

2. Ingredients for chestnut and jujube puree millet porridge: millet 25g, peeled chestnuts 3, dried date meat 7g, water 250ml.

Method: Cut the red dates into small pieces, add water that can cover the dates, stir well with a blender, and then cook in a pot.

Put cooked jujube meat into a tea strainer and twist with a spatula or a small spoon to filter out the jujube skin.

Add millet into the rice cooker, add 250ml of water to boil the porridge, and cook it softly.

Cook the chestnuts and use a spoon or fork to make the cooked chestnuts into small pieces.

Boil the jujube puree and millet porridge.

Break up the walnut kernels.

Spread boiled date puree on millet porridge and sprinkle with walnut kernels.

[Do you gain weight by eating watermelon at night?

]_ Fatty_ Impact

[Do you gain weight by eating watermelon at night?
]_ Fatty_ Impact

It ‘s one of the fruits. As a cold fruit, eating watermelon can relieve summer heat and quench thirst. In summer, people will sweat a lot during exercise, and the body will lose a lot of water and minerals. It is best to eat watermelon at this time.Yes, if you eat watermelon at night, will it cause you to gain weight?

Eat watermelon at night to gain weight?
Eating too many watermelons at night tends to get fat.

Try to eat less or no watermelon at night, especially don’t eat it after 9pm.

Watermelon sugar and transition are relatively high.

Don’t say it’s night, and you shouldn’t eat too much during the day.

Eating too much watermelon may even make you fat, and watermelon is a “cold food”. Anyone who eats too much will hurt the spleen and stomach, resulting in poor appetite, indigestion and reduced resistance, causing abdominal distension and diarrhea.

In addition, watermelon has the function of whitening and diuretic in addition to water, which can quench thirst, but it will not be easily absorbed by the body after eating in the evening, especially after dinner, it will cause bloating and burden the digestive function.
Furthermore, a normal watermelon has a sugar content of about 5%, and the transformation of watermelon is also very high. The calories of a kilogram of watermelon are about 250 kcal, but the volume of a bowl of rice is about 200 kcal.

Therefore, eating a 10 kg of watermelon will absorb about 1250 kcal of conversion, which is equivalent to eating 5 or 6 bowls of rice.

Therefore, do not eat too many watermelons at night, otherwise it will gradually increase and cause misfortune.

Moreover, when people sleep, the trace amount consumed is very small, and over time, they will naturally gain weight.

Especially if eaten within a short period of time before going to bed, the sugar contained in watermelon is easier to store, transform into puppies, and become fat, it is recommended not to eat it after 9pm.

When to eat watermelon is better to eat watermelon two hours after a meal during the day is better.

Don’t eat watermelon immediately before or after meals.

Before meals, many families will prepare some fruits for everyone to eat; while going to a meal, they can always enjoy a large plate of watermelon after a meal. In fact, these two time points are not the best time to eat watermelon.

Because a large amount of water in the watermelon will dilute the gastric juice, eating before or immediately after a meal will affect the digestion and absorption of food.

It is best to eat watermelon two hours after meal selection during the day, so as to ensure that the intake of nutrients is fully absorbed.

[Can gout eat chocolate]_ chocolate _ hyperuricemia _ can you eat

宸у厠鍔涙槸鎴戜滑鍐嶄负鐔熸倝涓嶈繃鐨勫皬闆堕浜嗭紝涓嶇鏄敺濂宠€佸皯閮藉枩娆㈠悆锛屼笉杩囧畠鐨勮惀鍏诲惈閲忎篃鏄潪甯哥殑涓板瘜鐨勶紝浣嗘槸鐥涢鎮h€呭湪鏃ュ父鐨勯ギ椋熶笂闇€瑕佹牸澶栨敞閲嶏紝閭d箞鐥涢鑳藉悆宸у厠鍔涘悧锛?鐥涢鍙互鍚冨阀鍏嬪姏锛屽洜涓哄阀鍏嬪姏涓嶅睘浜庡槍鍛ら珮鐨勯鐗┿€傚缓璁鍠濇按銆佸鍚冭敩鑿滅摐鏋滅瓑瀵屽惈缁寸敓绱犮€佺熆鐗╄川鍙婄氦缁寸殑椋熺墿銆備娇姣忓ぉ鐨勫翱閲忎繚鎸佸湪2000姣崌浠ヤ笂锛屽彲浠ヤ娇浣撳唴鐢熸垚鐨勮繃鍓╃殑灏块吀锛屽拰娣ょН鐨勫翱閰哥洂鑳介殢灏挎帓鍑恒€?浣滀负涓€绉嶉闈″叏鐞冪殑椋熷搧锛屽阀鍏嬪姏鍏跺疄瀵瑰仴搴锋湁鐫€璁稿鏈夌泭鐨勪綔鐢紝涓€鑸汉缇ゅ潎鍙鐢紝浣嗘槸涔熸湁灏戞暟浜虹兢锛屽洜涓哄悇绉嶅悇鏍风殑鍘熷洜涓嶈兘椋熺敤宸у厠鍔涖€?1 銆?It ‘s a good idea for each other, it ‘s a good thing, it ‘s a good thing, it ‘s a good thing, it ‘s a good thing, it ‘s a good idea.”Is it true?” “Are you serious?”The most important thing is that the fan is very easy to use. It is a fan. It ‘s very easy to read. It ‘s not easy to read it. It ‘s not a good idea.垚鍒嗙殑姣斾緥涓嶇鍚堝効绔ョ敓闀垮彂鑲茬殑闇€瑕併€?銆佺硸灏跨梾鎮h€呭簲灏戝悆鎴栦笉鍚冨阀鍏嬪姏(浣嗗彲鍚冩棤绯栧阀鍏嬪姏)銆?You can’t do it, you can do it, you can’t do it, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it鐢ㄣ€傝繖鏄洜涓哄阀鍏嬪姏鍚湁涓€绉嶈兘鍒烘縺鑳冮吀鐨勭墿璐ㄣ€?

[How to make almond bread sticks]_Homemade methods of almond bread sticks_Encyclopedia of almond bread sticks_How to make almond bread sticks

[How to make almond bread sticks]_Homemade methods of almond bread sticks_Encyclopedia of almond bread sticks_How to make almond bread sticks

The world is so beautiful, how can you bear to make yourself sick?

There are many reasons for a person to be ill, but many are caused by improper diet, and this can only blame themselves in the end.

Therefore, in order to better appreciate the world, we must ensure the health of our diet.

If we want to ensure a healthy diet, we have to do it ourselves.

Now, please invite me to learn about almond bread sticks.


Add warm water to the yeast and pour in high powder, low powder, sugar and salt.

After rubbing 121 to smooth, add nails and knead until film 3.

212 stir well 4.

Chopped almonds 5.

Then pour into the dough, mix well, and ferment to double size 6.

After taking it out, roll it into a wide-band dough sheet 7.

Cut into sixteen servings of 8.

Place in a baking dish and perform secondary fermentation9.

After fermentation to the second level, preheat the oven at 170 ° C and bake for 20 minutes in the middle layer10.

After baking, brush the surface with honey and sprinkle with powdered sugar11.

Look inside, there are a lot of almonds. Have you learned the almond breadsticks introduced today?

Although it has a lot of steps, but each step is not complicated, it is very simple, as long as you follow the steps to do it, you will be successful.

[How many cherries are suitable at one time]_ diet conditioning _ eating taboos

[How many cherries are suitable at one time]_ diet conditioning _ eating taboos

Fruit always gives us a feeling of plenty of moisture, and it seems that appetite will be good.

Among the fruits, cherries are relatively expensive fruits, and many cherries are imported, which can be said to be foreign fruits.

The cherries are not big. Although they are small, they are very round, the surface is very smooth, and they look full.

Eating fruit also requires moderation. How much is appropriate for cherry?

Although cherries are a kind of fruit with high nutritional value, according to Chinese medicine, cherries are hot foods. It is easy to get angry if you eat too much. Generally, it is better to eat about 10 at a time.

Of course, this has a lot to do with personal fitness.

Some people do n’t even have to eat cherries in pans, while others may have gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal distension and abdominal discomfort.

Of course, as long as you master the amount, you can still enjoy the delicious cherry.

Cherry is a general name for some prunus plants, including subgenus cherry, subgenus sour cherry, subgenus osmanthus and so on.

Arbor, 2-6 meters high, bark gray.

Branchlets gray-brown, twigs green, glabrous or sparsely pilose.

Winter buds ovate, glabrous.

The fruit can be eaten as a fruit, with bright appearance, crystal clear beauty, red like agate, yellow like curd, fruit is rich in sugar, protein, vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other elements.

Cherries in the world are mainly distributed in the United States, Canada, Chile, Australia, Europe and other places. The main producing areas of China are Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Gansu, Shaanxi, and Sichuan.

Cherries are fruit trees that love light, temperature, humidity, and fat, and are suitable for growing under the climatic conditions of an average annual temperature of 10-12 ° C, an annual cumulative amount of 600-700mm, and annual sunshine hours of 2600-2800h.

The time when the average daily temperature is higher than 10 ℃ is 150-200d, and the place where the extreme minimum temperature in winter is not lower than -20 ℃ can grow well, and the result is normal.

If there is local frost damage, the cherry orchard alternates slowly on the northwest slope where the temperature rises slowly in spring and the air is flowing.

Value performance: sweet, sour, slightly lukewarm.

Can benefit the spleen and stomach, nourish liver and kidney, astringent essence, and relieve diarrhea.

Contains sugar, citric acid, tartaric acid, carotene, vitamin C, iron, calcium, phosphorus, etc.

Uses: For weak spleen and stomach, eat less diarrhea, or spleen and stomach yin injury, dry mouth and tongue; insufficient liver and kidney, weak waist and knee, weak limbs, or nocturnal emission;Plays a fade effect.

Usage: Raw food, decoction, soaked in wine or honey stain.

[Cabbage Vermicelli Shrimp Claypot Practice]_Cabbage Vermicelli Shrimp Claypot Homemade Practice_Cabbage Vermicelli Shrimp Claypot Practice Daquan_Cabbage Vermicelli Shrimp Claypot How to do

灏忕殑鏃跺€欙紝濡堝鍦ㄨ韩杈癸紝鎴戜滑瑙夊緱鍋氳彍寰堢畝鍗曘€傞暱澶у悗锛屾垜浠嫭鑷湪澶栭棷鑽★紝鍙戠幇鍋氳彍鐪熺殑濂介毦銆備絾鏄暱鏈熷湪澶栭潰灏遍锛岀湡鐨勫緢涓嶅仴搴枫€傛墍浠ワ紝涓鸿嚜宸变篃涓哄浜猴紝浣犲簲璇et鍋氳彍鎶€鑳姐€備笅闈㈠氨璁╁皬缂栧厛鏉ユ暀鎮ㄥ浣曞仛鐧借彍绮夋潯椴滆Upset?.灏嗙櫧鑿滄礂鍑€鍒囧潡2.铏炬礂鍑€鍓帀鑵垮拰铏鹃拡(澶翠笂灏栧皷鐨勯偅涓?3.Qi Xuan Xun Liao Xuan Xuan grandmother?.娉′笂寮€姘寸殑绮夋潯鍔犵洊涓夊垎閽熷悗鎵撳紑5。It’s a chain of people, and it’s awesome. It’s so scary. It’s scary. It’s  绾 ㈡ 镣 撆 咆 滃  绾 爡  镣 6.Are you afraid of the world?.灏嗚櫨缈荤倰鍚庡€掑叆鏂欓厭鐓嚦鍏垚鐔?.。Borrowing fear, singing, singing, singing, singing, and singingYuxun Village, Xiong, Yu, and Yu, Shi, Yu, and Yu, 10绮夋潯鏀惧叆鍚庣叜寮€鍔犲皯璁搁鐩愯皟鍛?It ‘s not easy to get to the temperature ℃, and it ‘s so beautiful. It ‘s very difficult to find out what is going on in the Han dynasty.ュ皾璇曠潃鍋氫竴閬撶畝鍗曠殑鐧借彍绮夋潯椴滆櫨鐓诧紝涓轰綘鐨勫瀛愬拰瀛╁瓙闇蹭笂涓€鎵嬨€?

[How to make original steamed buns]_ Home cooking of original steamed buns _ How to make original steamed buns _ How to make original steamed buns

[How to make original steamed buns]_ Home cooking of original steamed buns _ How to make original steamed buns _ How to make original steamed buns

If you want good health, you should basically have good living habits and pay attention to eating habits. Only healthy eating can fundamentally guarantee human health, and cooking at home must be cleaner, healthier, and original steamed bread than eating outside.The method is simple, even if time is limited, you can do it at home.

1. Leave the yeast in water for 5 minutes, add sugar and flour, and knead until the dough is smooth. 2. Ferment to a similar size in a warm place. Poke a hole with your fingers. Do not collapse or shrink.Add 30 grams of flour and knead repeatedly. Knead it in and divide into six parts. Add a little flour and knead it smoothly.After the high fire, steam the steam and turn to medium steam for about 20 minutes.

After opening the lid for five minutes, we can do it for ourselves and our family at any time. We can cook better at home by ourselves.