A youthbook to teach you how to beautify your skin


A youthbook to teach you how to beautify your skin

There are two friends, a black man has shown obvious years of gully, but firmly: “Prevent aging now, what do you use when you are old?”

“Another observed the details of the face with a magnifying glass every day. Occasionally, I saw dry lines immediately, and immediately switched to anti-wrinkle products across the board.

  Perhaps this represents two more extreme attitudes towards skin aging.

What should I do?

At the antique National Symposium on Skin Treatment and Skin Beauty, we hurriedly sought advice from skin experts.

  Anti-aging is anti-wrinkle?

  Novice question: What is aging?

  In common understanding, aging is almost equivalent to wrinkles.

In the eyes of young friends, this is a matter of “getting old”.

But in the reports of dermatologists, aging can be understood as a tree whose branches and leaves are covered with rough skin, dryness, uneven skin tone, dullness, yellowing, enlarged pores, pigmentation, sagging skin, sagging, Fine lines, wrinkles.
Their backbone and foundation is aging, everything starts.

When there are sporadic “branch and leaf” problems, you only need to “cut off the branches and leaves” in a targeted manner; if the effects are getting worse or the damage of the “branch and leaf” is extensive and serious, you must find a solution to the “trunk and foundation”Already.

  Cai Chengfang, chief physician of the Department of Dermatology at the National Taiwan University Hospital, further explained that although the aging of the epidermis is the most easily observed, it is the result of the accumulation of dermal aging.

When there are severe marks on the appearance (such as those “branches and leaves”), even the removal method (laser) can only be used to improve the appearance. The already degraded physiology is irreversible.

Therefore, anti-aging must be “prevention before it happens.”

  Anti-aging is real-time “anti-virus” Cai Chengfang uses “parabola” to explain the principle of “anti-aging is earlier”: skin aging, like the parabola that falls with age, you can start anti-aging at any age point, rewrite the trajectory,Redraw a parabola that first rises (significantly improves), then flattens (maintains), then slowly.

However, the higher the age, the smaller the amplitude of the new parabola (improvement), and the less likely it is to reach the height that young skin can achieve.

  After the continuous use of skin care products is reduced, the effect will gradually improve and the effect will be less obvious. This is the time to replace the product and make the parabola rise again-anti-aging, that is, “changing methods” to hinder the process of skin aging.

However, Cai Chengfang reminded that do not artificially change the product too much. The fatigue of the skin may cause subcutaneous inflammation, which will “promote” the aging of the skin.

  Is anti-aging too early?

  Experts agree that the sooner the more effective.

French expert Dr. KARLLINTNER specially introduced the latest anti-aging technology-the application of peptide peptides (SK-II elastic anti-relaxing essence milk, Estee Lauder to Beauty Zhan Yan essence CP + containing this ingredient), it can penetrate deep into the dermis to simulate collagenObviously, it stimulates the skin to synthesize collagen itself to achieve elasticity and firmness; and if the skin does not need this kind of repair, it is meaningless to add more amino acid peptides.

In fact, it is very safe. It belongs to the real-time monitoring of “aging virus” like a computer firewall. It is needed immediately and repaired immediately. It is especially suitable for young skin to prevent aging.

  Follow-up: Which is more effective, collagen drinks and collagen skin care products?

  Cai Chengfang said: Anti-aging really works better when used internally and externally, which is very popular in Germany and Japan.

It should be said that high-tech collagen skin care products can regenerate and be more direct; while collagen products taken internally will have longer-lasting effects.

  Anti-wrinkle such as “defragmentation” Although anti-aging is earlier, experts have suggested “step-wise anti-aging, don’t be too early.

“How do you know?

Come Carefully-Level I: Sun Protection.

Cai Chengfang believes that it is not too early to sunscreen.

  Level II: Repair.

There are no signs of aging. As long as you feel “a bit worse” than before, you should strengthen the moisturizing repair and promote metabolism.

Optional products such as Estee Lauder Detroit Moisturizing Lotion, SK-Ⅱ Fairy Water and Multi-Purpose Repair Essence, sisley All-around Emulsion, AQUAEX Moisturizing and Unrefining Essence, L’Oreal Paris Brightening Revitalizing Serum, etc.

  Level III: Anti-relaxation.

If your eyes seem to have a loose “small eye bag”, your pore shape is made up of “.

“Sagging into”, “shadows appear on both sides of your nose, you are not fat but you start to have double chins . you need to resist sagging.

Optional products such as SK-Ⅱ Elastic Anti-Relaxing Essence, Estee Lauder Ultra Beauty Lifting Essence CP +, Guerlain Moisturizing Firming Lifting Essence, FAN-CL Full Essence, Dior Concentrate Time and Energy Youth Essence, Avene SofteningSkin creams, Swiss Pomeranian Revitalizing Essences, etc., are best used with Level II products.

  Level IV: Anti-wrinkle.
When you have the first fine lines on your eyes, or “law lines” near your nose, or expression lines on your forehead . you have to fight wrinkles.
Optional products such as HR Vitamin A Pure Cream, Guerlain Laser Triple Anti-Wrinkle Essence, FANCL Anti-Wrinkle Wrinkle Cream, Dior Reverse Time-Space Revitalizing Essence, La Roche-Posay Vitamin C Anti-Wrinkle Cream, OLAY Revitalizing Revitalizing Cream and Multi-effectRepair essence cream and so on.

  Experts remind you: If you are young, you only have fine lines locally, and the overall skin elasticity is not bad. You should use anti-wrinkle essence for prevention on the whole face, and only use local anti-wrinkle essence for fine lines.”And” defragmentation “is to repair the skin affected by” aging virus “, and usually acidic molting growth factor is used to stimulate the newborn. Healthy cells should not be” stimulated “, just like improper” defragmentation “It will also hurt the hard disk.

  Anti-aging does not lie in the high price of the same brand. Some research data show that before the age of 60, the skin of Eastern women is at least 10 years younger than that of Western women.

Therefore, the performance of European and American brands in anti-aging and anti-wrinkle is more prominent. Often, multiple product lines and multi-angle attacks provide consumers with more choices. The trick of choosing skin care products is to choose the right one, instead of”Choose expensive”; the more accurate “right” is, the more effective it is.

  For example, if you want to be young, you need to be pampered, and stress will reduce the secretion of sebum and estrogen, and make the skin yellow, swollen, CLARINS youth vitality essence, Ji Ji Xian Nu Jiao Jiao reconstituted milk, Elisabeth?

Arden Space-Time Rejuvenating Night Cream is an anti-aging product that resists the effects of stress. Sisley also launched a special moisturizing anti-wrinkle skin renewing cream for dry and sensitive skin.

If it is caused by smoking, pollution and other external reasons, you must use CLARINS series, Biotherm purification series, KOSE pure muscle essence, HR vitamin C essence.

Although these products are not directly “anti-wrinkle”, they maintain the normal physiological functions of the skin and can delay the generation of wrinkles.

  Similar to the latest price, the latest early-stage anti-aging products are “outside-in”. By adding oil and exfoliating, you can achieve immediate, but short-term appearance improvement. The new anti-aging products are “inside-out” through vitamins.A acid (high-quality skin care products are mostly in the form of A alcohol, A ester, and A aldehyde to reduce the irritation of A acid), vitamin C, fruit acid, growth factors, enzymes, yeast, amino acid peptides, etc., in the form of “essence”, Activate cells from deep in the skin, resist free radicals, protect DNA, rebuild cell contact, etc., to achieve the enhancement of skin physiological functions and retain youth.

  As a result, the names of many new anti-aging products no longer bear the words “anti-wrinkle” and “firming”, but emphasize the meaning of “activation” and “regeneration”, such as Clinique Revitalizing Essence, Lancome Regenerating Youth Essence, MB Man Shi Bei Dan powder and so on.

If you don’t know how to choose, just ask BA: Which is new?

What is its anti-aging principle?

  The concept of the streamlined combination essence has been instilled for a long time: the whole series works best.

Actually it is-it works best according to the needs of the skin.

For young anti-aging skin, it is often just a product-a bottle of anti-aging cream, or an anti-aging essence, combined with the most basic cleaning, moisturizing and sun protection, is enough.

If it is too “strong”, it may be “useless” (the skin is not needed, it will not work), or it may be “too late”, affecting the skin’s own function.

Children with cold and cough, don’t use adult medicine

Children with cold and cough, don’t use adult medicine

Entering several cold days, the weather is cold. As long as the warmth is not in place, children are prone to runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, and fever.

Due to the sharp drop in the past few seconds, the number of children visiting the hospital due to a cold has increased significantly. It is very common for people to take a needle and buy medicine.

However, many commonly used over-the-counter cold medicines and antitussive drugs are likely to bring various alternatives.

In this regard, experts recommend that when children have symptoms such as cough and nasal congestion, do not take medicine easily.

Cold medicine has strict differences between children and adults. Children’s liver, kidney and other organs are underdeveloped, and their detoxification and excretion functions are weak, which can easily cause the drug to accumulate in the body, cause adverse reactions, and even poisoning. Children’s cold medicine is relatively toxic.The danger is relatively small.

The pseudoephedrine component in common cold medicines has a pharmacological effect similar to that of ephedrine and is mainly used to relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion.

Ephedrine can significantly increase the excitement of people. Taking it can easily cause toxic effects such as mental excitement, insomnia, restlessness, and nervousness, and it can cause coronary, brain, and muscle blood vessels to expand, increase blood flow, and make kidneys, spleen and other internal organsAnd skin, mucosal blood vessels constrict and blood flow is reduced.

At present, the widely used antitussive and cold medicines mostly belong to the central antitussive medicine, which contains the codeine component. It does have a very good effect on antitussive, but few children are easily addicted.

Children’s body parts are more sensitive and more prone to the above adverse reactions.

Regarding how to treat children’s colds, one is to use children’s special drugs, and the other is to receive professional guidance from doctors. Do not use drugs without authorization.

When children have cough and nasal congestion, parents should not give their children medicines based on experience, let alone take half of adults’ cold medicines to children.

The cause of the cold is very complicated, and different measures should be taken according to different situations when treating children with cough and nasal congestion.

Children with mild colds can be easily treated at home.

For example, when the symptoms of nasal congestion and cough are relatively mild, some physical therapy can be given.

Such as nasal congestion, you can cover your nose with a damp hot towel, or gently massage the “Yingxiang points” on both sides of the nose, or wash the nasal cavity with hot water.

If the above physical methods do not work, some children’s proprietary Chinese medicines can be taken orally under the guidance of a doctor.

However, when the symptoms of the cold worsen, it must be sent to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Folk magic recipe vinegar soaked eggs to remove age spots

Folk magic recipe vinegar soaked eggs to remove age spots

Shandong reader Ms. Fan: Relatives at home told me a “vinegar soaked egg” method that can remove age spots. Readers can try: take 180 ml of old vinegar into a large mouth bottle, and then soak a washed raw egg.

Two days later, the egg shell was softened, a hole was made with a needle at the top of the egg, the egg white was flowed out, placed in a vial and placed in the refrigerator, and a little egg white was applied to the spot every day and washed off after 5-10 minutes.

I kept using it every second and the spots really faded.

This method is economical.

  Zhang Cang, deputy chief physician of the Department of Dermatology, Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Capital Medical University: Egg white has the health effects of nourishing and nourishing yin. Vinegar is acidic, and it has a certain degree of corrosion and exfoliation.

The principle of vinegar soaking egg white liquid is mainly to use the corrosive and peeling effect of vinegar. At the same time, egg white is added to buffer and replace the irritation of vinegar, preventing direct contact with the skin and causing excessive irritation.

Senile plaques are formed by seborrheic keratinization of the skin and are a type of pigmented plaque. Therefore, this method of exfoliation may have certain effects.

  However, there are two points to note during use: First, prevent excessive skin irritation.

If the skin becomes irritated after use, such as redness, swelling, itching, itching, etc., it means that the concentration of vinegar is too high and you need to replace it before continuing to use it.

Second, keep clean.

This method is a traditional folk prescription, and it is recommended to use it according to personal circumstances. When using it, pay attention to hygiene. Don’t store the vinegar and egg liquid for too long to prevent breeding bacteria.

Medicinal diet for hematuria and proteinuria

Medicinal diet for hematuria and proteinuria

Renal hematuria refers to hematuria hormone glomeruli, clinically manifested as simple hematuria, or hematuria with proteinuria, and is more common in primary glomerular diseases such as IgA nephropathy, mesangial proliferative nephritis, and focal nephropathyGlobular sclerosis, renal cysts, polycystic kidney disease can also be seen in secondary glomerular diseases such as purpuric nephritis, lupus nephritis.

  Hematuria medicated diet 1) Stir-fried ravioli or cold fresh ravioli: 200 grams of fresh ravioli.

When stir-frying, you can put some low-sodium salt seasoning, and when cooking, you can boil the boiled slices for a while and then filter the water.

Efficacy: clearing heat, cooling blood, and stopping bleeding. It is used for nephritis, hematuria, and those with blood heat or damp heat. It is also used for allergic purpuric nephritis.

  2) Black Fungus and Red Date Peanut Soup: 30 grams of black fungus, 50 grams of red dates, and 30 grams of red-skinned peanuts.

Add to the pot and simmer over low heat. Add any sugar to taste before eating.

Functional spleen and blood to stop bleeding, used for nephritis and hematuria belong to those with weak spleen and cannot take blood.

  Nephritis Hypertension Medicinal Diet: 1) Prunella vulgaris tea: Prunella vulgaris and green tea are each equal.

Chop prunella into small pieces, mix with green tea, take appropriate amount of tea each time.

Efficacy: clearing heat and protecting the liver, used for nephritis, hypertension, and those with liver-yang hyperactivity.

  2) Winter melon and red bean porridge: 100 grams of winter melon and 200 grams of red bean.

Boil porridge with red beans, add melon cut into pieces when it is about to ripen, and eat after stuffing.

Efficacy: clearing away heat and water, used for nephritis, hypertension, and severe edema belonging to those who are hot and humid.

  Proteinuria medicated diet 1) Corn must be tea: 100 grams of corn.

Use corn decoction for tea every day.

This product is flat, has the function of diuretic and protein elimination, and is used for proteinuria of various kidney diseases.

  2) Astragalus Poria porridge: 15 grams of astragalus, 15 grams of Poria, 100 grams of previous rice.

Astragalus is chopped, and Poria is also chopped into small pieces, which are boiled with porridge and eaten before.

Gong beneficial qi, spleen and water, used for nephritis proteinuria with edema manifested as lack of temper.

4 steps to eliminate puffy face and knead out awl face_1

4 steps to eliminate puffy face and knead awl face

How to eliminate puffy faces?

Are you still envious of someone’s awkward and awkward face?

Worried about the camera?

bring it on!

As long as the three channels of skin drainage are opened in turn, and with moderate facial massage, in fact, you can also become a super-photogenic Awl Face Queen.

  Focus on eliminating edema: pinpoint the skin drainage channels and the three drainage channels: temples, ear bone areas, and clavicle. First we must understand why our eyes and face appear edema and edema.

Because your diet is not controlled or tired, it will cause endocrine circulatory disorders. It will accumulate on the face, and the water in the eyes cannot be drained in time, so the phenomenon of edema will occur. So long as you find a drainage channel and open it, the water on the face will formGood cycle, no longer appear the phenomenon of “baozi face”.

  Find the temples, ear bones, and clavicle, and gently stop you from feeling a slight tingling sensation, which indicates that you have found the right point.

Next, as long as you continue to pressurize and feel comfortable, it will slowly come, so as long as you stop these three swollen surfaces from draining and swollen acupoints for a long time and massage, I believe you will have a compact little face that is photogenic.

  Awl face formation: All-round facial massage STEP1: Ear bone massage actually has lymphatic parts that improve circulation around our ear bones, so the first step of massage is to hold your ears and open them outwardWith the other hand, use the power of the abdomen of the finger to gently step down from the ear bone to the face jaw bone.

  Step 2: Forehead massage with both hands open, thumbs close to the front and back temples, and then use four fingers to push up the forehead from the eyebrows up to the hairpin point for a cycle.

Place your temples on the point.

  STEP3: Massage around the earbone above the thumb with one hand, hold the chin with four fingers, and bite the skin around the eye counterclockwise with the four fingers of the other hand.The effect of the eye-catching satellite is the same for left and right eyes.

  Step 4: To summarize the four fingers of the hands, use the center of the face as the starting point, push upwards according to the way of washing your face, and then cross the massage at the eye position. Push your hands to the top of the ear bones and massage, and then push your temples towards your forehead, And finally ends with a bun.

Take a short stay in the area passing through the ear bones and temples, and massage with pressure.

  Skin drainage and swelling precautions 1. The circulation of the skin and skin is smooth, and water and toxins cannot be effectively discharged to form edema. Therefore, we need effective massage products with drainage and skin rejuvenation.

  2, in choosing drainage massage products, to promote blood circulation.

For example, red pomegranate, caffeine can improve skin metabolism and circulation, and products containing wheat protein ingredients also have a firming effect on the skin.

  3. Pay attention to the method of draining the skin. First, make sure to clean the face and hands. At the same time, pay attention to the upward movement when massaging.Prevents skin aging.

Cucumber porridge can reduce weight, freckle and whiten skin

Cucumber porridge can reduce weight, freckle and whiten skin

Everyone wants to have a rosy and clean face, because not only can it give people a sense of beauty, but also they can make their own spirit happy and good for human health.

However, some people have many brown freckles, so what’s the best way to remove it?

There are several clinically proven methods of effective diet therapy.

  Tomato juice: Drinking 1 cup of tomato juice daily or eating tomatoes often has a better effect on the freckles.

Because tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, they are known as “depots of vitamin C”, which can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin and effectively reduce the formation of melanin, so that the skin is white and tender, and the freckles disappear.

  Cucumber porridge: Take 100 grams of rice, 300 grams of fresh cucumbers, 2 grams of salt, and 10 grams of ginger.

Wash the cucumber, peel and cut into thin slices.

The rice was washed and the ginger was washed and crushed.

Add about 1,000 milliliters of water to the pot, set on fire, add rice, ginger, and boil the fire, then use a gentle fire to slowly cook until the rice is rotten, then add cucumber slices, and then cook until the soup is thick, and add salt to taste.

Warm clothing twice a day can moisturize the skin, freckle, and lose weight.

Regular consumption of cucumber porridge can eliminate freckles and whiten the skin.

  Lemon rock sugar juice: Squeeze the lemon and add the sugar to the right amount.

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, and 100 grams of lemon juice can contain as much as 50 mg of vitamin C.

It also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins.

Drinking lemon juice often can not only make the skin white and tender, prevent skin blood vessels from aging, eliminate skin pigmentation spots, but also have arteriosclerosis.

  Black Fungus and Red Date Soup: Take 30 grams of black fungus and 20 red dates.

Wash the black fungus, pit the red dates, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for about half an hour.

Take it every morning and after dinner.

If you take it regularly, you can take care of your skin and freckle.

  Carrot juice: Drinking 1 cup of carrot juice daily has a freckle effect.

Because carrots are rich in provitamin A.

Vitamin A can be converted into Vitamin A in the body.

Vitamin A has a smooth, strong skin effect and causes rough skin and freckles.

How to choose sneakers?

How to choose sneakers?

Generally speaking, the gym is suitable for all seasons, and you will sweat when you exercise. It is best to choose lighter and lighter sports shoes.

Changing sneakers every year is also a good way to protect your joints.

  Q: There are many kinds of sports shoes now. I want to exercise. Should I choose any shoes?

  A: It depends on what kind of sports you do.


Brisk walking: the sole is elastic, which can reduce the impact force on each step of the joint. In addition, the sole is easier to bend than running shoes, because the force is reduced when walking, and the degree of bending of the foot is also reduced.When the heel is the main force carrying the whole body weight, the heel should also be stable and strong.

Often walking, the elasticity of the shoes will quickly lose, although the surface is not bad, but the protective effect is not very good, I suggest that it is best to change a pair of walking shoes a year.


Running: A good pair of running shoes is essential.

Choosing the right running shoes for you depends on your weight, the shape of your feet, the way you run and whether you have an injury.

Before you buy shoes, try them on and try running for a while to see if they have enough flexibility and fit.

In addition, the sole should be easier to bend. If you grasp the two ends of the shoe to bend it, the most curved part should be the sole of the foot.

The heel part should be appropriate. If it is too large, it will make you run abnormally and easily damage your feet.


Jumping: You can choose a pair of multifunctional shoes with good support on the soles of your feet and can meet the needs of a small amount of running and jumping.

Angelica pecan wine for menstrual pain relief

Angelica pecan wine for menstrual pain relief

This formula nourishes the blood and nourishes the kidneys, has a strong ability to promote blood circulation and stasis, and is suitable for dysmenorrhea caused by weak blood and spleen and kidney cancer.

  50 grams of Angelica sinensis, 500 grams of walnut meat (broken), soaked in 1000 ml of rice wine for 2 weeks, filtered off the residue, added 250 grams of brown sugar to the wine, boiled and bottled for later use.

Drink 20 ml each time, 2 times a day, 7 days as a course of treatment.

Start taking 5 days before.

  This formula nourishes the blood and nourishes the kidneys, has a strong ability to promote blood circulation and stasis, and is suitable for dysmenorrhea caused by weak blood and spleen and kidney cancer.

The patient presented with persistent faint pain in the lower abdomen during menstrual period or after menstruation (locally resolved when inserted), accompanied by backache, dizziness, tinnitus, and fatigue; replacement of menstrual flow, pale color, thin complexion, and lack of energy.

How to successfully complete a job change

How to successfully complete a job change

Job-hopping is a science and a strategy.

“People go high,” which is certainly not wrong.

However, in a light sentence, it contains a series of questions such as why “go”, what is “high”, how to “go”, when to “go”, and what to do after “go”.How can I successfully complete a job change so that I can achieve career success?

  First of all, determine what your motivation is and whether you need to.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of motivations for a person to change jobs. One is passive job change, that is, an individual is not satisfied with his current job and has to change jobs. Here, it specifically includes interpersonal relationships (including superior and subordinate relationships).Job content, job title, workload, working environment or working conditions, dissatisfaction with development opportunities, etc.

For example, if your relationship with your boss is not harmonious, you feel that you cannot develop, and you feel that you cannot adapt to the current environment, then you may want to consider changing the environment and try it.Good working conditions, such as the number of people, working environment, development opportunities, and you ca n’t stand the “temptation” to promote yourself; or seek higher challenges and compensation, so that you find that your ability to handle the current job is more than enoughWhen you have a really attractive job, you might consider changing your job.

  In any case, when you are able to motivate yourself, it is the beginning of your job.

However, in order to jump more “higher”, you do not prevent yourself from asking the following questions before jumping: 1. What makes you dissatisfied with your current job?

  2. Do you want to change your career after careful consideration?

Or a momentary mood?

Have you tried to adjust yourself?

  3. What did you lose and what did you get when you changed jobs?

  4. Adapting to a new job or environment and establishing new relationships require more effort from you. Are you confident?

  5. Can your background and ability adapt to the new job?

  6. Do you work for life, or do you live for work?

  7. Do you have career goals?

Does your new job offer you a clear career path?

  8. Have you ever consulted an expert?

Have you ever consulted a career consultant?

  If the answer to the above question is “yes”, then you can then consider the following questions: 1. What is the position of the company you want to jump past?

If it is lower than your current position, can you accept it?

  2. The new job requires you to start from scratch. Do you have this mental preparation?

  3. How long have you been working in your current company?

―In general, working in a company should be at least one year, otherwise it will not provide you with a very good career development basis; 4. When should you switch?

-The best condition is to change jobs when the overall work is going well, then your career gold content will be greatly improved.

  5. Have you realistically estimated your ability?

What are your strengths or specialties?

How much do you have?

-Here you are asked not to be too high or too weak.

  Once you decide to change your job, you need to be bold.

At this time, you need to choose the right time for job change. The following are career advisers reminding you to pay attention to the job changes and recommend your more appropriate practices: 1. Know yourself and others: Check the reduced labor contract with the existing company and determine whether you haveImpact of clauses such as liquidated damages or competition barriers, difficulty in handling the termination process, and so on; 2. Collect information about new companies and projects that may be required to provide themselves, and be prepared; 3. Design resumes: Prepare oneA professional resume, you can seek the help of a professional consultant; 4, sometimes based on your work experience and ability, it may be an effective strategy to apply for a recruiting company; 5, delivery resignation: deliver a resignation letter to the original company, doGood arrangements for the transition period.

Remember to submit your resignation letter after you get the “Offer Letter”; 6. Be kind to others: Although you have successfully applied, although you may “hate” the original company, do n’t talk bad words behind it, youNo one is sure about “using” the original company.

  Are you also preparing to change jobs?

Do you know what to do before you change jobs?

When you start thinking about these issues, it means that you are focusing on your own career development.

However, you must understand that job-hopping does not mean that you can achieve professional success. At this time, it is rational to seek the help of a professional consultant, because a professional consultant will tell you what is the right job-hopping and what you should choose.Career direction.

Bottom line: career counselors will help you succeed in your career!

6 secrets to change your career

6 secrets to change your career

Secret 1 leads to lifestyle Mark remembers an experience 50 years ago.

At that time, he and his grandmother reached a piece of sand.

He couldn’t wait to plunge into the sea, grandma stepped into the water little by little.

She scooped up water, first towards her limbs and arms, then towards other parts of her body.

Grandma is adapting to changes in water temperature.

What Mark did instantly, Grandma seemed to have spent her whole life.

  The story contains a lot of content.

You can think of it as adding an insurance factor to your future.

Before entering the water, you must first understand what you will encounter. The armor is well-prepared when things come, and there are ways to escape.

Before you make a positive decision to change your life, you need to figure out the priorities and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of your choices.

  Secret 2 Guaranteed Family First 1984, Senator Paul.

Sanchez was diagnosed with lymphoma.

In order to spend more time with his family, he gave up the prestigious job.

As a wise friend said, “No one wants to spend more time in the office before dying.”

You can struggle to live up to your financial needs – even wealthy and prosperous – but you don’t have to be a workaholic: you don’t have time to play games, repair fences, or stop and smell the roses.

  In short, the meaning of the family cannot be separated from the traditional family or the modern family: the family comes together and lives together, letting life multiply.

  Secret 3 Develop an entrepreneurial habit To be successful, you must develop an entrepreneurial habit: versatile, flexible, good at selling yourself, good at personal finance, prioritizing things, and always ready to quit.

Today’s employees need to be mentally prepared to switch.

On average, job-hopping is often done once every 4 to 8 years.

  Before putting your entrepreneurial ideas into practice, it is a good experience for you to run a small-scale industry first.

It will be of great help to your start-up, operation and accumulation of experience.

We put it in your hands as “Ace”.

You may quit your job because you like the “trump card” in your hand, or you may prepare for various job changes.

  Secret 4 Save every penny. Maybe you don’t believe that saving small money is worth it.

Although the small money is small, the increase rate is fast.

If you throw coins into the storage tank twice daily (the next day, two; the third day, four, four; keep going), by the end of the month, your storage tank will be very expensive because,There are already 5 million US dollars-500 million cent coins.

Saving a few cents of coins at hand can bring you huge wealth.

  If we make the most of every penny we have accumulated-we can still meet the basic needs of life and the broad desires in our hearts.

  Secret 5 Investing in Your DebtSome stories spread around: When notorious Willy was asked why he robbed a bank, he replied, “Because there is money here.

“Willie may be a villain, but not a fool.

He chose the right target.

But if you can invest in the bank instead of robbing here, of course, things will be better.

  Debt is equivalent to financial Russian roulette-the barrel is full of bullets!

You never know when unemployment, medical crisis, divorce, or even a leaking roof will trigger your financial crisis.

So keeping debt to a minimum is the smartest way to do it-and for another reason: you can save yourself a fortune.

  Secret 6 Planning Your Financial Prospects There is no huge increase in your property and no first-class investment in your working life, but you will still earn a fortune.

For example, if you and your lover are both 25 years old, your family’s income is the same as that of an ordinary American family-the latest estimated number of years is $ 54,910.

If both of you work to age 65, even if your income never increases, there will be no excessive cost of living. In the end, your income will exceed $ 2 million.If your salary grows year by year at a rate of 3%, your final income will exceed $ 4 million.

What else to say?

You become a millionaire.

  So how do you use this money?

Let it go, or make good use of it?

The best financial designer is yourself.