Baby needs to do this

Baby needs to do this

The health of the baby is the most important thing for every parent. The development of the baby is also the most important thing for every parent. Many parents will worry about their baby’s growth. So how can it be effective?

How can a baby increase in daily life? In fact, daily habits and diet can help the baby grow up. Let’s see how the child can quickly increase.

  Cheats for your baby’s height ① Cheats 1: Persist in outdoor activities for more than an hour every day. Outdoor activities can not only enhance your physique, but also help Changgao!

  In infancy, children can be allowed to do physical or passive gymnastics.

In school age, children can let him do some jumping exercises, such as allowing children to jump rubber bands, kicks and various ball games.

In adolescence, children can try bouncing and other body-jumping sports such as basketball and volleyball.

  In addition, before the child is 18, it is best not to let him weight training, barbell, shot put, discus and other weight training.

  ② Cheats 2: Protein and minerals cannot be deficient in the age of 10-13 years old, the protein mass they need is about 70 grams per day; when the children are 13-18 years old, the protein mass is about 80 grams.

However, the best way to add protein to your child is to know that a glass of milk a day is one of the secrets to increase.

  If you want children to grow taller, then you must not take in calcium, phosphorus, and zinc in the minerals you absorb daily. At the same time, pay attention to lose weight for fat people, because excessive fat will affect the elevation to some extent.

  ③ Cheats 3: Sleep before 10 o’clock In fact, auxin generally peaks during deep sleep at night.

If parents want their children to be tall, they should ensure that they have 10-12 hours of sleep each day when they are 3-6 years old.

For elementary school students, it is best to ensure 9-10 hours of sleep, while high school students maintain 8-9 hours of sleep per day.

  In order to get your child into deep sleep as soon as possible, it is best to let your child fall asleep before 10pm.

  ④ Cheats 4: Try to keep the child squatting less. When the child is squatting for a long time, because the legs are bent for a long time, it is likely to cause poor blood circulation in the legs, and the bones may prolong the bending.

Therefore, try not to let your child squat for a long time.

When the child has been squatting for a long time, they need to be reminded to switch to other games to reduce the time spent squatting.

  Also, it is best to keep the back against the back of the chair when sitting on the chair. This posture can keep the spine straight.

Paying attention to two points can help your child grow taller.

  ⑤ Cheats 5: The height is measured every two months. The child is still growing and developing. Parents should measure the height of the child once a month.

Under normal circumstances, when the child’s growth rate is less than 4 cm per year, and there is a breakthrough disagreement with children of the same age, as a parent, it is necessary to remind the twelve.

The child should be taken to some professional institutions for testing as early as possible, such as bone age examination, body growth hormone detection and other methods to find out the real reason why the child is not tall.

Then consult an expert’s opinion to find the cause as soon as possible and give appropriate treatment.

  ⑥Mystery 6: Loose clothes If the clothes are too tight for the child, it may affect blood circulation, especially those socks that can be tightly hung on the feet and difficult to put on and take off. These socks will affectBlood circulation in the legs is also not conducive to the growth of children.

So try to let the child wear a loose change of clothes.

  Cheats 7: Don’t superstitious increase supplements When children are not growing tall, parents are very worried.

Then when I saw the so-called “enhancing and boosting” supplements on the market today, I would let the children try it regardless of the situation.

  In fact, if the child’s bone age is mature, using it will not be effective.

If you are still in puberty, abuse of these health drugs may lead to precocious puberty, which is not conducive to growth.

In the face of these “helping tonics”, parents must remember that the drug is three points poison, and they must not be superstitious.

Future mother-in-law begging me to leave boyfriend

Future mother-in-law begging me to leave boyfriend

For 11 years, I always thought that the Light Army had disappeared into my memory forever, but I didn’t want him to suddenly hit my dream a few days ago.

After I woke up, I smiled when I saw my sleeping husband, because my husband’s love was real, and Guangjun was just a distant dream more than ten years ago, a beautiful memory of my first love .Soon after I started working, I rented a bungalow in the urban area because my home was not in Ningbo. For the convenience of work.

I clearly remember that one evening that summer, I went home from work to work overtime, and saw three boys moved into the originally rented house next door.

Passing by their door, one of the tall boys kept looking at me until I closed the door and could still feel his gaze behind him.

A few days later, I knew they were seniors, and the tall boy was called Guangjun.

  Because the university was about to graduate and study was not tight, most of the boys stayed in the rented room most of the time, and I was in poor health during that time and asked the unit to take a long vacation to rest at home.

The same is renting a house, but also a neighbor, a peer of the same age, but also because the Guangjun initially paid attention to me, chatted more, and had more opportunities to play, our love also unknowingly occurred.

Guang Jun said that he was in love with me at first sight, and I was in love with him for a long time.

  In mid-July that year, Guangjun University graduated, and he said he wanted to return to his home county to find a job.

This gave me a big problem, and if I followed him, it meant giving up my current job.

Of course, this is not the most important thing. I am more worried about age because I am two years older than Guangjun. I am afraid that his parents who live in the countryside will not agree.

I asked Guangjun, what if your parents disagree?

He decisively decided without thinking, and decided his own affairs.

  His determination gave me great courage and made me determined to be with him.

  His father actually “visited privately” and returned to his hometown with Guangjun. We rented a house and started living together.

A few days later, I knew that our place was close to his sister’s house, but he never mentioned that he would take me to his sister’s house, and his family never knew that I existed.

After knowing this, I was very unhappy and felt that we were all here. He should have let his family know me earlier, and I should have a place in their family.

  But unhappy and unhappy, I did not make trouble with him, because we were all looking for a job at that time, I think he will definitely raise it with his parents after we are stable.

  In the blink of an eye, at the end of September, I had already found a job as a sales clerk. The products sold in our store are suitable for the elderly.

In mid-November that year, it was getting colder. I bought some products from the unit and let Guangjun bring them home to my parents.

Only then did he mention me with his parents.

When Guangjun came back and told me that my parents did not raise any objections, my heart was finally let go.

  A few days later, I was at work and a country boss came into our shop carrying a big bag.

He simply asked me a few questions about the goods, but he didn’t buy or leave.

Based on experience, I know he definitely won’t buy anything, but when I saw him so old, I found a stool and let him sit down and rest.

Uncle sat for about ten minutes and suddenly asked, “Can I go to your house for lunch at noon?

“I was asked somehow, but I was still polite as if I had a short lunch break and no time to cook.

Unexpectedly, he said, “Then I will go to your house for dinner tonight.

“At this moment, I suddenly remembered that the father of the Guangjun was about the same age as the old man. I guess this man might be the father of the Guangjun.

  After the old man left, I immediately called Guangjun to confirm, but I guessed right.

In the evening, Guangjun’s father came to dinner and said to us, “You live like this for the time being, and I will help you in the future.

“My mother and I knelt on for a long time. I thought there would be no suspense between me and Guangjun, so when the father of Guangjun left, I became more and more aware of my role as a girlfriend of Guangjun, but I did not expect a pain.Silently came at me.

  One day, because of the guests, it was too late to eat, so I and the tired army went to bed without cleaning the living room table.

Who knew that the next morning, the mother and sister of the Guangguang army suddenly knocked on the door of my house.

When Guangjun was talking to his mother, I was wearing clothes in the bedroom, and then I heard his mother say, “Is this still like a home?

“Then the sound of packing chopsticks.

I heard Guangjun said, “I will clean up without you.

“His mother was angry and thought,” Are you doing all the housework?I didn’t agree with you if you were looking for a girl older than yourself. Your dad said yes, but she did not expect that she would not even do housework.

“As soon as I got dressed, I went out immediately, but his mother didn’t care much about me and I left.

A few minutes later, Guangjun’s phone rang and he was called to his sister’s house by his mother.

Guang Jun came back to me in the afternoon and said, “My mother doesn’t agree with our relationship. Seeing that I am sad, he comforts me not to go in my heart.”

I didn’t know at that time, in fact, Guangjun had promised his mother to break up with me.

  Once I was on a business trip, I called Guangjun and asked him to pick me up when he came back. He said that he couldn’t come if there was something. I didn’t think about it and took a taxi home.

  But as soon as he got home, his mother came, and Guangjun said nervously, “Hide on the balcony.

“I asked why,” he said, “Don’t ask, just hide.

“Then I heard the voice of his mother and sister on the balcony.

The Light Army mother asked him to open the door and threatened that if he didn’t open it, she would break the door and jump off the balcony.

Guangjun reluctantly opened the door. At the moment when my mother and Guangjun were facing each other, she suddenly knelt in front of me and said loudly, “I don’t like you to be my daughter-in-law. With you, my house will not be peaceful.

“At that time, I knew that Guangjun lied to his mother. When I was on a business trip, he put away all my things to prove to his mother that he broke up. When I returned, he didn’t pick me up to put my things back.

  Now he is happy, so he no longer hates that he always thought that our benefits came from my age, which is older than Guangjun. I only knew this day that Guangjun’s mother thought I grew up in a single-parent family. Realizing that my life was bad, it would affectLuck of their family.

I hope his mother gave me some time, but his mother let me leave immediately that day.

It was difficult for us to kneel to each other, but Guang Jun was silent on the side, and finally his sister also ordered me to be a guest.

  On January 8, 1999, I returned to the original rented house in Ningbo. Guangjun occasionally contacted me, but only for greetings.

I contacted intermittently for two years like this, and I told myself that as long as Guangjun didn’t find a girlfriend, we would definitely have a chance to be together.

It is indeed such a fantasy that my mobile phone number has not been changed. I hope Guangjun can always find it when he wants to contact me.

  In February 2002, I received another call from Guangjun. He was not familiar with Ningbo and asked me for an address.

I asked him how he was doing, and he said he was married at the end of 2001.

I’m so sad to drop the phone, I know our love will always be gone.

  In 2004, I got married too. This year, I was thirty-two years old.

  Ten years passed in a blink of an eye. Looking back at my marriage and family, all these years have been stable and warm. I feel very satisfied and happy.

And I also suddenly discovered that the love for the Light Army to die and the hatred to die was gradually indifferent after marriage, and occasionally I just thought that it was a color of youth, whether it was brightIt’s still dark, it’s all my life experience, it has enriched the content of my life in those years.

  Valentine’s Day in 2009 is here, and I would like to tell those who are still in the pain of being in love: Broken love does not mean completely bad things, as long as you adjust yourself at an accelerated rate, you will start a new life., There must be a happy love waiting for you.

It’s best not to exceed 2 minutes for texting once

It’s best not to exceed 2 minutes for texting once

The best time to send a text message is not to exceed 2 minutes for friends gathering. On the road, in the bus and subway, you often see someone looking down and playing text messages on their mobile phones.

The popularity of mobile QQ and WeChat has also made more and more people join the ranks of the “low-headed tribe”.

In fact, always low hair text messages are bad for your health.

When writing text messages, people usually use the thumb to press the button and repeat this action. The thumb will feel sore, and it will cause the tendon to swell, which will cause repetitive strain.

Steven Conway, a medical therapist of the American Physical Therapy Association, believes that if someone looks at the small screen of the mobile phone or texts for a long time, the attention and finger movements are concentrated in a small area, and the mobile phone may be placed too low, which may cause minesAnd muscle tension.

Normal people’s eyes will continuously secrete tears, and then the tears will be evenly distributed on the cornea and conjunctiva surface by blinking to form a tear film to keep the eyes moist.

However, because of sending and receiving, when reading text messages, you need to keep an eye on a small screen continuously, and the number of blinks will be reduced, which will cause dry eye pain, visual fatigue and other problems.

In addition, the impact of texting on attention and sleep should not be underestimated.

Based on the above reasons, it is recommended that people should not send text messages for too long. Think about the content of the text in advance, write while thinking, and stop writing and writing will prolong the writing time. Each text message is controlled within 2 minutes, and text messages are sent every day.It should not exceed 10 minutes in total.

Do n’t stare at the screen while texting. Remind yourself to blink every 3 seconds. Do n’t use one or only thumb. It is best to hold the phone with both hands at the same time to reduce the pressure on a single finger.

And the top should be kept as upright as possible, and the mobile phone should be vertically raised to the same height as the eyes to avoid chronic strain caused by re-inserting the head in a single position; maintain a distance of about 30–40 cm between the eyes and the mobile phone.

In addition, it is recommended not to choose a small keyboard and a dense mobile phone size as much as possible, especially the elderly and people with poor eyesight. It is advisable to use a large keyboard and clear text and images.

Try to send text messages in a quiet and safe state, and avoid sending them when driving or crossing the road to avoid dispersing energy.

Do not send text messages on buses or subways, otherwise the car body will be unstable and fall easily; it is also inappropriate to send text messages in places exposed to outdoor sunlight or indoor lights. It should be under soft natural light and the light should come from the front to avoid shadowsSight.

Each time you play a mobile phone or write a text message, you can do simple exercises: first gently insert the eyeballs with the index finger, middle finger, ring finger for 20 seconds; close your eyes or look into the distance for several minutes to relieve visual fatigue; turn it aroundDo the “meter” exercise to relieve the muscle tension in rehabilitation.


Aventis ISIS Travel Package

Aventis ISIS Travel Package

The ISIS Outbound Travel Kit includes all the breast pumps and breast milk storage bottles you need for your outing and you cannot breastfeed yourself.

So whether you ‘re away from your baby for a few hours or a whole day, you can take your breast milk home with confidence with a predictive and thoughtful outing travel package.

  Gift price: RMB 600. Components include: breast pump and petal massage pads, sealing sleeve, insulation material, shoulder strap backpack, 2 125ml / 4oz bottles, 2 260ml / 9oz bottles, and 2 pads for newborns.Cover 2 thermal insulation cold plastic bags, 8 ultra-comfortable disposable breast pads, thermal insulation refrigerated bags for laundry bags, which can keep the milk refrigerated for up to 6 hours. Gift material: bottle material: silicone, high temperature resistance: 120 ° C.

  Practical index: ★★★★ Unique creative index: ★★★★ Continuously remembered index: ★★★★ Face index: ★★★★

Eight signs suggest you have an emotional crisis


Eight signs suggest you have an emotional crisis

No longer speak sweet words It is well known that sweet words to his wife, plus some teasing and joking condiments, without losing the opportunity to praise her, the relationship between husband and wife is easier to get along.

  The way to speak to your spouse is one of the elements that make up a harmonious relationship between husband and wife.

There are many ways to express a meaning, it depends on what you call it.

If you are no longer interested in sweet talk to your partner, this is a bad sign.

  Especially passionate about social activities. Both people are busy participating in various dances or parties between friends, and they are intimate contact.

When the two were alone at home, they kept the TV on and didn’t want to talk much.

  The clothes worn on the first date no longer fit, a study in the United States re-founded: Of the 2,500 candidates interviewed, the relationship between the couple was unharmonious and unhappy, and the average person gained weight during the 10 years after marriage54 pounds.
Richard, a psychologist who conducted the study, said: “For some women, gaining weight increases their dominance and sense of accomplishment in the family, while for others it protects them.Freedom from restricted sexual harassment, and of course the husband’s interest will diminish.

“There are no understandable legitimate reasons for the gentle reduction in sexual life between husbands and wives, so there are new children, work pressure, mental stress, illness, etc.

But if the other party is indifferent for several months, then the trouble will be big, which means that your mind has been separated by an invisible wall.

Over time, home will be gone.

  Ashamed to put the group photo of two people on the table without photos of you in the room. Even if there is, it is randomly placed in the debris pile under the bed, covered with dust.

At this point, you need to reflect on it.

  Are you quietly waiting for the day to leave “Sometimes I want to leave him.

But I never dared to think too much, because I didn’t know what others would think of me, which made me feel very embarrassed, so I had to blame myself for wanting something, and not paying attention to him.

“If you think about it often, your marriage is very dangerous.

  Not willing to spend long vacations with your partner on vacation in the tourism industry is an enviable beauty.

But if you only choose a short vacation for your holiday, it means that you have no intention of staying with your partner for too long, and sometimes it is also a sign of a crack in your relationship.

  The two no longer quarrel. “This is the worst sign,” said Miss Li. “Those young couples who quarrel all day are more likely to live together than couples who are bored in their stomachs.

Quarrels at least show that you have enthusiasm and courage to communicate sincerely.

And the kind of laziness and silence is the biggest sign of divorce.

There are two kinds of quarrels between husband and wife: one is anger, the anger is gone, and everything is peaceful; the other is faint.

It is better to make up 6 home-cooked dishes and make up calcium.

It is better to make up 6 home-cooked dishes and make up calcium.

Laver yuba soup Calcium and magnesium are like twins, always appearing in pairs. When the ratio of calcium to magnesium is 2:1, it is most beneficial to the absorption and utilization of calcium.

Yuba is one of the calcium carbide soy products, and the laver is called the “treasure of magnesium”. Among them, the soup is a perfect match for calcium and bone.

Sesame sauce with spinach and sesame paste is a “treasure” of calcium, containing 870 mg of calcium per 100 grams, higher than beans and vegetables.

The vitamin K of vitamins in spinach is the forming factor of bone calcium. If vitamin K is added at the same time as calcium supplementation, the effect of calcium supplementation can be greatly improved, and calcium deposition in bones is promoted.

Mix sesame sauce with spinach, fragrant but not greasy, is the perfect calcium supplement cold dish.

Soybean stewed pig’s trotters are rich in calcium. The trotters are rich in collagen, which can be used as a skeleton for calcium deposition, which is more conducive to the absorption of calcium in soybeans.

Need to be reminded that the content of saturated adults in pig’s trotters is high and should not be eaten often.

Green pepper scrambled eggs contain high-quality protein, and the calcium content is also high, while the green pepper has a high vitamin D content, and one of them is fried, not only beautiful in color, but also can increase the absorption rate of calcium.

The vinegar stalked rapeseed excessive green leafy vegetables are not inferior in calcium supplementation, in which the calcium content of small rapeseed exceeds the same weight of milk.

The vinegar is beneficial to the change of calcium from an insoluble state to a soluble state, and promotes the absorption and utilization of calcium.

In addition, small rapeseed also contains a large amount of calcium-absorbing minerals and vitamin K.

Tofu stewed fish tofu is recognized as a high-calcium food. As long as you eat 200 grams of northern tofu, you can meet one-third of the daily calcium requirement, more than half a catty.

The rich vitamin D in fish can strengthen the body’s absorption of calcium.

Therefore, the tofu stewed fish is almost delicious, and it is a perfect match for calcium and bone.

Need to be reminded that when you choose tofu, you should choose South Tofu or North Tofu with high calcium content.

Benefits of eating radish in winter

Benefits of eating radish in winter

“Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, don’t prescribe a prescription by a doctor.”

Right now it is the season to eat radishes. Many people mistakenly believe that radishes are too bad to eat, and the chief physician of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine Chi Xiaoling pointed out that radishes contain glucose, sucrose, fructose, polypentose, crude fiber, and vitamin C.In addition to minerals and a small amount of crude protein, it also contains multiple amino acids. It is known as “little ginseng”. If you eat radish cleverly, you can both digest and accumulate food, and relax the phlegm and heat. If you eat radish, you can prolong your life.


hzh {display: none; }  萝卜五用 可治咳嗽  萝卜生姜茶:生姜10克,萝卜250克,切片煎水当茶饮,宜少量热饮频服。Can relieve wind and dispel cold, expectorant and cough, especially suitable for treating cold and cough.

  Radish stewed pears: Slice 1 white radish, 1 sliced Sydney, 7 white peppers, and 50 grams of honey. Put them in a bowl together and steam them through the water. It is also suitable for people with cold type cough.

  Radish and almond tea: white radish 100g, sliced, almond 6?
9 grams, 3 slices of ginger, put in the same pot, add the right amount of water, boil over high heat, fry on low heat for 30 minutes, when drinking tea, it has the effect of evacuating rheumatism, suitable for people with cold and cough.

  Radish sips: 500g each of fresh radish and coriander. Wash them and squeeze them together. It is convenient for those with wind-heat or lung-heat cough.

  Carrot and sugar drink: 100 g of white radish juice and 30 g of caramel sugar, stir and steam together, take 2 times, and eat 3?
For 5 days, it has a good lung-moistening and cough-reducing effect, suitable for people who have dry cough without sputum or sputum.

  Radish soup clears heat and cools blood radish and radish root soup prevents colds: 120 grams of fresh radish, 30 grams of radish, 7 light onions, 7 green olives, and soup for tea.

  Radish fresh loquat juice for coughing up blood: 30 ml of white turnip juice and fresh loquat juice, mix and serve twice a day.

It has the functions of clearing heat and phlegm, cooling blood and stopping bleeding, and is suitable for those who have hemoptysis and vomiting blood.

  Fresh radish juice for fever: 250 grams of fresh radish, chopped, twisted juice, cold.

You can add an appropriate amount of sugar to taste.

Take when you have a high fever, infectious fever, or scarlet fever.

  ”Qinglong White Tiger Soup” for Sore Throat: Fresh Olive 3?
Five, split, fresh white radish half to one cut, boiled water for tea, suitable for people with wind and fire, sore throat, and redness and swelling in the throat.

  White radish juice prevents stomachache: drink half a tea cup after meals, drip into ginger juice when serving, warm.

It can dispel phlegm and heat, eliminate stagnant stagnation, and widen the lower qi, and is suitable for those with hot stomach pain and food stomachache.

  Raw radish cures the stomach and navel: indigestion, when the stomach is sore, you can eat raw radish.

In addition to fresh radishes, radish seeds, radish leaves, and old radish root decoction, it is also suitable for people with stagnation.

How many masks are enough-

How many masks are enough?

Here are 6 groups of questions, each of which represents a mask.

If there are two or more facts that are consistent with you in a question, then add this mask to the result. How many masks will be enough to count your current skin condition?

  Group A-Whitening mask As long as you stay outdoors for a while in summer, your skin will be tanned immediately.

  The race is black, but a bit dull.

  I often wear slender makeup, but I am not very diligent in removing makeup.

  Pigmentation has appeared on the skin surface.

  Group B-The moisturizing mask is a little tight after washing your face, even using a cleanser.

  Seasonal changes can cause skin discomfort, which can occur from time to time when dryness or scaling occurs.

  When the skin is dry in winter, the face will feel itchy.

  Skin feels tingling when using moisturizing lotion.

  Group C-Cleansing masks often have acne or blackheads.

  The pores on the nose and toes are very obvious and can be clearly seen with the naked eye.

  The race is dark, always like washing your face without washing it up.

  The skin is rough and the stratum corneum is thickened.

  Group D-When calming and soothing the foundation on the mask, I often feel that there is floating powder on the face, and the skin and foundation cannot be compatible.

  The skin is dull and looks lacking in vitality.

  There are dark circles and bags under eyes caused by excessive fatigue, and even puffiness on the face.

  The skin becomes very sensitive.

  Group E-Anti-aging wrinkle mask corners, fine lines on forehead.

  Dry and dry skin and reduced elasticity.

  Decreased skin tolerance.

  The ingredients in skin care products cannot be absorbed quickly.

  Group F-Deep repair mask skin has begun to age.

  Wrinkles and sagging are more serious.

  Dark spots and melasma are widely distributed and dark in color.

  After using ordinary skin care products, the symptoms are not significantly improved.

6 feelings of falling in love to help you test

6 feelings of falling in love to help you test

Guide: The fantasy plot in the TV series, the perfect match may be the love bridge of your dreams.

In real life, true love can be without a romantic dating scene and without a gold boyfriend, but the following 6 feelings are irreplaceable.

  The fantasy plot in the TV series, and the perfect couple may be the love bridge of your dreams.
In real life, true love can be without a romantic dating scene and without a gold boyfriend, but the following 6 feelings are irreplaceable.

  First, physiological sexual impulses: When we are interested in a different sex or fall in love with a certain opposite sex, we have physical contact with each other.

In true love life, this desire is always there.

Sexual impulses are not just behaviors, they also include many other intimate physical contacts, such as holding hands, hugging, etc. This emotion will always be in the heart of lovers.

  Second, the beautiful feeling: When there is love, we will feel that the other party looks the best, even if there is another opposite sex better than the object you love, but for you, he (she) is the most beautiful,And it is impossible for others to rate.

  Third, the feeling of intimacy: When you really fall in love with a person, you will have a very intimate feeling, he makes you feel comfortable, you can trust him and rely on him.

He is like a close family member. It can even be said that he is closer than a family member. This is intimacy plus a warm feeling, which is dear feeling.

In this country of love, he will not be picky about your flaws, because he is willing to tolerate all your shortcomings.

  Fourth, the feeling of respect: A healthy love relationship, of course, feel proud of each other, we will appreciate each other’s internal and external conditions and advantages.

And the other party is proud of us everywhere.

If we can feel this way, indeed, whether he succeeds or fails, it will make us appreciate his talent.

  Fifth, possessiveness: Love is absolutely exclusive and cannot share intimate male and female relationships with others.

Therefore, we need to continue a love with marriage, and meet each other when we are married.

So in true love, it is necessary to promise each other loyalty.

  6. Compassion: We often have compassion for the person we love, and often consider for each other. If the other person is frustrated, we will be very willing to share the pain and frustration with him, and to annoy the other person’s sufferings, orBetter than our own suffering, because we are willing to sacrifice our own interests for each other.

Drinking milk like this, accelerating aging and fattening

Drinking milk like this, accelerating aging and fattening

Milk is an essential nutrient for many people in daily life, but ordinary people still have many misunderstandings about nutrition, so that the nutrients that should be absorbed are lost, causing harm to the body!

If you are one of them, it is very important to know the following!

  First, the thicker the milk, the better. Some people think that the thicker the milk, the more nutrients the body gets. This is unscientific.

  The so-called over-concentrated milk refers to the ratio of adding milk to the milk and adding more water to make the concentration of milk exceed the normal ratio.

Some people are afraid that fresh fresh milk will be too light, and milk powder will be added to it.

If infants and young children often eat thick milk, it will cause diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, and even refuse to eat, it will cause acute hemorrhagic enteritis.

This is because infants and young children are delicate and can not afford the burden and pressure.

  Second, the more sugar, the better the unsweetened milk is not easy to digest, which is the “consensus” of many people.

Sugar is added to increase the amount of carbohydrate added, but it must be quantified, usually 5-8 grams of sugar per 100 milliliters of milk.

  What kind of sugar is good in milk?

It is best to be sucrose.

After the sucrose enters the digestive tract and is decomposed by the digestive juice, the glucose is absorbed by the body.

Glucose has a low sweetness and is easy to use beyond the prescribed range.

  There is also a question of when to add sugar.

The sugar and milk are added together to heat, so that the lysine in the milk reacts with the sugar at a high temperature (80 ° C – 100 ° C) to form a harmful substance glycosyl lysine.

This substance will not be absorbed by the body and will endanger health.

Therefore, the boiled milk should be dried to warm (40 ° C – 50 ° C), and then the sugar is dissolved in milk.

  Third, milk plus chocolate Some people think that since milk is a high-protein food, chocolate is an energy food, while eating at the same time must have a large weight.

But in fact, it’s not.

Liquid milk plus chocolate The slight calcium in the milk chemically reacts with the oxalic acid in the chocolate to produce “calcium oxalate”.

Therefore, calcium, which is originally of nutritional value, becomes a substance harmful to the human body, resulting in calcium deficiency, diarrhea, deterioration of children and adolescents, dry hair, easy fracture, and increased incidence of urinary calculi.

  Fourth, milk taking medicine in one fell swoop. Some people think that it is definitely beneficial to use drugs with nutritious things. In fact, this is extremely wrong.

Milk can significantly affect the body’s absorption rate of drugs, so that the concentration of drugs in the blood is significantly lower than the same continuous non-milk drug users.

Taking medicine with milk also makes it easy for the drug to form a cover film, which causes the mineral ions such as calcium and magnesium in the milk to chemically react with the drug to form a non-metabolite substance, which reduces the efficacy and may cause harm to the body.

Therefore, it is best not to drink milk within 1-2 hours before and after taking the medicine.

  5. Adding orange juice or lemon juice to the milk to add flavor. Adding some orange juice or lemon juice to the milk seems to be a good idea, but in fact, both orange juice and lemon are high fruit acids, while fruit acid meets.Protein in milk will denature proteins, thereby reducing the nutritional value of the protein.

  Sixth, adding rice soup to milk, some people think that this can make the nutrition complementary.

Actually this method is not very scientific.

Milk contains vitamin A, while rice soup and porridge are mainly starch, which contains trace amounts of oxidase, which destroys vitamin A.

Children, especially infants and young children, if the intake of vitamin A is insufficient, it will increase the growth retardation of infants and young children, and be weak and sick.

Therefore, even to supplement nutrition, it can be eaten separately.

  Seven, milk must be boiled Usually, the temperature requirements for milk disinfection are not high, 3 minutes at 70 ° C, 6 minutes at 60 ° C.

If boiled, the temperature reaches 100 ° C, the lactose in the milk will appear coking, and caramel can induce cancer.

First, the calcium in the milk after boiling will precipitate phosphate, which will reduce the nutritional value of milk.

  Eight, bottled milk in the sun, can increase vitamin D. Some people know from the advertisement: calcium supplement also vitamin D, and more sun is a good way to add vitamin D, so take the bottle to put the milkGo to the sun and go to the sun.

In fact, it is not worth the candle.

Milk may get some vitamin D, but loses vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C.

Because these three nutrients will decompose in the sun, so that they are partially or completely lost; and, in the sun, lactose will be enzymatically deteriorated.  Nine, condensed milk instead of milk condensed milk is a kind of milk product, which is made by evaporating fresh milk to 2/5 of the original capacity, and then adding 40% sucrose cans.

Some people are affected by the scent of condensed milk instead of milk.

The earliest discovery was wrong.

The condensed milk is too sweet and must be replaced by 5-8 times more water.

But when the sweetness meets the requirements, the concentration of protein and adults is often reduced by half compared to fresh milk.

If water is added to the condensed milk to bring the protein and trace concentrations close to the fresh milk, the sugar content will be higher.