Winter sex life also pays attention to keep warm and extend the foreplay


Winter sex life also pays attention to keep warm and extend the foreplay

Because of the sudden drop in temperature and even the increase in cold patients, the number of patients with prostate disease has also increased significantly.

Experts remind that men should take good care of their urinary system health in winter, especially in local areas.

銆€銆€Warm water bath is beneficial to people with a sudden change in temperature. Li Jingli reminds men, especially those with prostate disease, to pay attention to cold and warmth. Try to stay away from cold patients to prevent infection.

Nowadays, many people go out to the office to have air-conditioning and heating, so they often wear thinner, but they are very disadvantageous to prostate health.

Properly maintaining a warm environment in the prostate can reduce the pressure in the lumen of the prostate and the tract, allowing the prostate to flow smoothly.

In addition, doing warm work can also reduce muscle tissue contraction, so that the prostate congestion, edema state is restored.

銆€銆€Experts also remind men that they can take hot showers frequently during the winter, soothe the tension of the prostate, reduce the symptoms of discomfort, and drive away the cold.

Conditional male friends can take a bath in warm water every day, which has a good health care effect on the male reproductive system and prostate.

銆€銆€Sexual life pay attention to keep warm ancient famous doctor Sun Sizhen has had excessive frequency of sexual life in his medical works. “Twenty people in the year, four days in a vent; 30 people, eight days, one vent; forty, sixteenThe day is vented; the fifty are vented on the 20th; the sixty are closed, and if they are still strong, they will be vented in January.

“Traditional Chinese medicine also has the saying that “the winter is not Tibetan, the spring will be warm”, which is to remind men to first control the house in the autumn and winter, if necessary, do not vent, and reduce the excessive consumption of physical strength to achieve “winter””The health requirements.”

銆€銆€Most people today disapprove of such statements. Some people even think that the frequency of sex life does not have to be too real, as long as it is casual.

Director Li Jingli reminded men that winter sex life does not need to be deliberately controlled. Both men and women can follow the sex, but it is best to extend the time of sex life.

At the same time, we must pay more attention to the warmth during the winter sex life, and if necessary, open the warm air.

銆€銆€Don’t blindly massage yourself Some patients with chronic prostatitis like to massage themselves at home, which does have a good auxiliary effect on the treatment of the prostate.

Prostate massage therapy is to use a regular prostate massage to drain the prostatic fluid, discharge inflammatory substances, to achieve the removal of prostate secretions, improve local blood circulation, promote absorption and regression of an adjuvant therapy.

Self-massage is a simple and effective method for patients with full, soft, and secreted prostate.

銆€銆€Director Li Jingli also reminded that self-massage is not suitable for everyone. It is not suitable for massage in the following situations: patients suspected of being prostate tuberculosis, tumors; patients in acute exacerbation of chronic prostatitis; patients with prostate atrophy or cirrhosis.

In addition, the experts also reminded men that in self-massage, it should be noted that once the prostate is found to have obvious tenderness and cystic enhancement, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time.

In addition, prostate self-massage treatment is only an adjuvant treatment and cannot completely replace other therapies.

銆€銆€The winter genitalia is small. It is an illusion that Li Jingli has encountered such a patient a few days ago, calling his scrotum and his penis smaller.

Director Li told the patient after diagnosis that this is an illusion.

Male scrotum has the characteristics of easy contraction and contraction to adapt to temperature changes to maintain local temperature below body temperature of 2 to 3 degrees Celsius, which is also the optimal temperature for sperm production.

If the winter weather is too cold or the skin is stimulated by the outside, the wall of the scrotum will contract and lift up. In fact, this is a self-protection mechanism of the scrotum.

So if the male finds the penis in the winter, the scrotum looks smaller, which is normal, don’t be too nervous.

Need to be reminded that the temperature regulation and defense mechanism of the scrotum has a certain limit, when the temperature changes beyond the adjustment range, the physiological function of the insulin pill will be damaged.

Is it a health or a injury?


This kind of diet is worth learning.

Is it a health or a injury?
This kind of diet is worth learning.

I believe that everyone is no stranger to the term noon, and that the act of not eating in the afternoon is passed down from ancient times.

Ancient people pay attention to health and health, and often start dieting after midday, without introducing other nutrients.

It is believed that such eating habits are beneficial to good health and longevity.

However, for modern people, is it necessary to continue to maintain the habit of noon?

Isn’t it a good way to maintain your health at noon, or is it easy to shorten your life?

Is it a health or a loss of life?

In ancient times, people paid attention to not eating in the afternoon, and believed that eating in the afternoon could effectively promote good health and prolong people’s life.

However, this behavior of not eating in the afternoon does not apply in modern times.

Because nowadays people need to face high-intensity work, and often need to focus on their work all day long.

If you do not eat other foods in the afternoon, the mental state of one afternoon may be worse. Without the supply of nutrients, the energy is consumed a lot. At this time, people are prone to hypoglycemia, dizziness or other symptoms.

Moreover, ancient resources are relatively scarce, and most people’s lives are not very rich.

Therefore, not eating at noon is also a way to save food.

But today, when the material is relatively rich, the people do not have to worry about the lack of food.

Therefore, for modern people, it is not advisable to eat at noon.

People should keep eating three meals and supplement the nutrients needed by the human body so that good health can be guaranteed and effectively promote human health and longevity.

How to eat the three meals the most healthy?

It is not advisable to eat this kind of eating behavior at noon. For modern people, to maintain a healthy and longevity, it is necessary to develop regular eating habits.

Three meals must not only eat regularly, but also eat nutritious and eat healthy.

Breakfast is best eaten at around 7 o’clock, can supplement protein, trace elements and a small amount to meet the body’s energy needs.

It is best to eat at about 12 o’clock for lunch, to absorb all kinds of nutrients that the body needs, and to have enough lunch, so that the mental state will be better throughout the day.

And dinner should not be too late, try to finish before 6 o’clock, and only need seven minutes to fill.

Only by maintaining such regular and healthy eating habits will people be healthier and longer.

Therefore, people who want to live a long and healthy life should maintain the regularity of their diet, and they should eat regularly for three meals a day.

What can I do to help extend my life?

1, reasonable exercise wants to prolong life, not only need to pay attention to diet problems, but also need to actively participate in the sport.

In normal life, people can promote the circulation and metabolism of the body through healthy exercise, and help enhance immune function.

In this way, people will naturally live longer.

2, light diet wants the body to be healthier and longer life, in addition to the need for diet, people also need to choose other alternative nutritious and light food.

Nowadays, the diet of big fish and big meat is also a common situation, but often eating like this can lead to imbalance of nutrition, and it is easy to cause some diseases over time.

Therefore, you should maintain a light diet and balance nutrition.

10 most depleted weight loss exercises


10 most depleted weight loss exercises

In the summer, the beautiful women want to lose weight again. Here are the most effective fat-reducing campaigns recognized by ten netizens. Collect them for reference.


The 12-minute freestyle can consume 836KJ of 836KJ per day, 3 times a week, and can surpass the destruction of obesity.

Swimming with short hours and high consumption is the best way to save time.

The same is swimming, the amount of freestyle swimming is relatively large, it takes only 12 minutes to consume a lot of energy, so try it!


Every day, 10,000 steps of walking can keep the body shape from rebounding to feel a little sweating speed. If you walk 10,000 steps a day, you can consume 836KJ.

You can lose 1kg in 1 month.

銆€銆€Converting to time is equivalent to walking 2 hours a day, you can walk 4 kilometers faster than usual.

It is more effective to walk in a slope with a step such as a step.


Stretching exercise, the effect of stretching for 7 seconds at a time is best. When you are doing stretching exercises, you should choose the amount of exercise that suits you. Under normal circumstances, it is best to stick to a round for about 7 seconds.

Stretching to lose weight, if you give up halfway, it will have the opposite effect, so be sure to stick to it!


Jogging for more than 20 minutes can produce effects. Aerobic exercise can fully burn the body slightly, and continuously deliver oxygen to various parts of the body. It is an effective weight loss method.

Jogging is aerobic exercise. After 20 minutes, the body begins to burn slightly to achieve weight loss.

Swimming, walking, etc. are also aerobic exercises, which can be chosen according to different conditions.


A 20-minute half-body bath in 37 seconds of hot water soaking the half body in water for about 37 seconds activates the body’s cells and speeds up metabolism.

Bathing in the water leisurely can effectively promote the discharge of sweat, making you beautiful from the inside out.

The 20-minute soak in the tub is very effective for weight loss.

If you don’t like sports, use a simple half-length bath to complete the weight loss task!


5 seconds into the ear acupuncture points 5, can control the appetite ear to control the appetite of the acupuncture points, implanted in the pregnancy point.

About 5 times a day, it can effectively reduce appetite.

5 seconds in 5 seconds, preferably 30 minutes before meals, the effect is better.

However, the effect of weight loss is also different from person to person.


A 30-minute foot massage can effectively reduce the appetite acupressure. The masseur says that acupressure is very effective in controlling appetite.


When taking the bus, lift the tip of the toe for 1 hour, and exercise the leg muscles. The size of the one-way travel time is about 84kJ more than sitting, and the total cost is about 167kJ.

Lifting the tip of the toe can make the ankle slim and fit, it is recommended!


The one-hour dance in the club makes the body part of the body get the activity of the Barla Ball dance, just do this exercise to lose weight.

After dancing every day, I feel that my whole body is getting thinner.

If you want to be more slim, just dance carefully!

Jumping for an hour in the club can consume 836kJ, which is also the highest amount of consumption per day.

Stick to more than 20 minutes to be effective.
To achieve the effect of exercise in entertainment, once a day, is very beneficial to the body.

When you dine, you can chew more than 20 chews per meal, which is an effective facial aunt.

At least 20 times of chewing can effectively affect the face, so people who have a habit of eating and eating should improve.

How can office white-collar workers prevent colds?


How can office white-collar workers prevent colds?

Pay attention to the temperature change inside and outside, and add clothes at regular intervals.

There is a temperature difference between the temperature inside the office and the temperature of the ground, and there are more changes in the weather in the spring. Therefore, many office workers are not able to increase or decrease the clothes in time, and there is time to change the temperature difference from indoor to ground, which is particularly easy to catch a cold.

Therefore, it is best for office workers to pay attention to indoor and outdoor temperature changes. When going out and feel the temperature is uncomfortable, pay special attention to adding or subtracting clothes according to temperature.

Don’t stay indoors for a long time, go to the top.

Nowadays, the interior of the office relies on air-conditioning to keep the indoor temperature constant. In this case, the bacteria are easy to accumulate. Therefore, it is necessary to move to the board and look forward to the house.

Keep a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is the best way to nurse your body to rest.

Everyone has had such experience, not sleeping at night, or not sleeping well, the next day must be listless, even headaches and dizziness, so adjust the biological clock, not to be a night god, sleep well, can reduceIf you are sick, you don’t have to sleep for 8 hours, as long as you feel refreshed the next day.

Maintain good eating habits, ensure a regular and regular life pattern, and eat on time, so that the body functions in a good cycle.

If you are overeating, the function of the body will be disordered, which will easily cause the body’s immunity to decline, which makes it more likely to catch a cold.

Therefore, to ensure good eating habits, to supplement the protein, vitamins, minerals and other physiological functions required.

Avoid staying up late or some nighttime level of activity, sometimes Judy, KTV, etc.

The physical function of working for one day is in a relatively fatigue state. If you compare the relative movements, it is easy to make the function fatigue and the resistance is reduced. This state is more likely to catch a cold. Moreover, after the activity, it is easy to make the nervous system excited, resulting inThe decline in sleep quality.

Exercise in moderation every week.

Appropriate exercise can help improve immunity, resist the invasion of the cold virus, and maintain proper mood and proper mental state.

Keep the bedroom or office ventilated.

Whether it is cold or hot, the dry space is always the most easily spread of cold bacteria, so it is very beneficial to open the window to ventilate or sprinkle water indoors.

Fresh air helps the body’s metabolism, which enhances its immunity.

Prevention is the main priority, and it should be prevented before it happens.

Some essential medicines for colds are always available in the office area or at home.

Cold medicines are not eaten at the time of onset. In the season when the flu is prone to occur, according to the situation, such as Cuckong cold capsules, Yinqiao Jiedu tablets (pills), Banlangen granules, etc., have a good preventive effect on colds.

When the symptoms are serious, be sure to go to the hospital and do not repeat the antibiotics.

Do not drink coffee with fattening


Do not drink coffee with fattening

From a medical point of view, the difference in fat and lean constitution can be as simple as the double weight difference.

Also in the autumn season, thin people are more likely to get angry, internal heat and so on.

Therefore, experts recommend that thin people should stay away from strong tea, coffee, etc. in the fall, and eat more clear food.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine says “fat people are more sturdy”, “skinny people have more yin deficiency”, “skinny people have more fire”, etc., to the effect that fat people are more likely to sweat more in the summer season because of the difference in fat and lean constitution.And thin people are prone to yin and get angry.

Therefore, it is more comfortable for the fat person in the fall, but it is easier for the thin person to get hot inside, get angry, and feel more dry and even sore throat.

銆€銆€Therefore, Jia Liqun, deputy director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine Oncology at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, reminded that lean people should eat more foods such as boiling water, drinking chrysanthemum tea, mountain water and rock sugar, and adding boiled water is also a good choice.

Thin people must not drink strong tea and coffee this season, because tea, coffee in the theophylline, caffeine diuretic effect, accelerate the loss of body water, but will increase the heat of the thin person, the symptoms of fire.

銆€銆€In the choice of food, lean people should eat more “sweet and yin” foods in the fall, that is, sweet and sour foods, which can help digestion and benefit the body.

The four mistakes that are easy to make in summer are very terrible!

The four mistakes that are easy to make in summer are very terrible!

Weight is the most important thing for women. No matter what her true weight is, it is always “Oh, no more, I am too fat!”

“Women are losing weight and almost approaching crazy pursuits. There are various kinds of real or fake weight loss methods on the surface of the city, such as Copenhagen diet, 7-day weight loss, apple diet, fruit and vegetable juice diet.

銆€銆€Although some women have lost weight, they have destroyed the health balance of the body, and then began to have many physical illnesses. It is really not worth it!

Today, I will talk to you about several wrong ways to reduce the weight, not only to lose weight, but also to make several key organs sick.

銆€銆€1, summer light to eat fruit to lose weight, is wrong: some fruit changes are really high, eat more in summer may not necessarily lose weight, but will make you more and more fat!

For example, the durian known as the “king of fruit” can release 147 kcal per 200 g of durian, even more than rice.

The most commonly eaten fruit watermelon in summer is calculated according to the amount of watermelon eaten four times and five times, and the sugar content is equal to about 25 each time.

9 grams of white sugar.

銆€銆€In recent years, the net red fruit avocado has a trace content of about 15%, which is higher than the average lean meat and fish!

Although the fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, cellulose and other health benefits.

But this does not mean that you can achieve weight loss by eating fruit!

銆€銆€2, relying on not eating dinner to lose weight, is wrong: some people themselves have diabetes, in order to lose weight do not eat dinner, all night long have to endure pregnancy, over time, there will be metabolic disorders.

Studies have found that if a person has a hypoglycemia reaction for more than 6 hours, it may cause a coma.

銆€銆€What’s more serious is that if you don’t eat dinner again, the last time you eat is at noon, and the next day’s breakfast is a few hours.

Chronic sensation promotes gastric acid secretion in the stomach. If you don’t eat food for a long time, you may get stomach ulcers, gastritis, and even eventually develop into stomach cancer. At that time, you will regret it.

銆€銆€3, relying on not eating staple food to lose weight, is wrong: starch is probably the enemy of all weight loss people, often see many people say that I do not eat starch!

There is a kind of “Atkins diet”, so that everyone does not eat staple foods to eat a lot of vegetables and meat, in fact, when the body is slightly decomposed, it needs to consume the intermediate products after digestion of the staple food.

銆€銆€Without eating the staple food, the body can’t directly decompose it, only the chicken on the body.

The density of the muscles is high, the water is large, the volume is small, the weight is large, and the muscles are decomposed by a little bit, and the body weight drops a lot. In fact, it is not good for the body.

If you really don’t want to eat these staple foods, you can also eat some miscellaneous grains, and sweet potatoes to replace them.

銆€銆€4, doing a lot of aerobic exercise to lose weight, is wrong: aerobic exercise including long-distance running, cycling, swimming and other relative forms of exercise, which is tried by many women during weight loss.

Although a lot of aerobic exercise consumes energy, it needs to be replenished immediately after exercise.

If you control the amount of food that is not good enough to be replenished, you can eat it a few times in a row and it is easy to get fat again.

銆€銆€And excessive exercise causes physical damage, especially damage to the knee joint.

For example, continuous walking, running, alternating climbing, etc. are all tortures of the knee joint.

銆€銆€Tips: Not everyone is suitable for weight loss. Some girls in adolescence are in a period of vigorous growth and development. They need a lot of nutrients to support, and weight loss will cause malnutrition.

People with low blood sugar, weight loss to reduce the implantation of sugar, may also cause syncope.

Five superb aerobic slimming actions can reduce fat burning


Five superb aerobic slimming actions can reduce fat burning


Simple sitting torsion: This posture can help you stretch the spine and eliminate back pain, and then help you massage the abdomen to reduce excess excess meat to promote the peristalsis of the digestive organs.

Sitting cross-legged on a folded blanket with the pelvis level and straight back.

Inhale and pull up the spine, stretch to the right after stretching, place your left hand on the right thigh, place your right hand on the edge of the back of the blanket, hold for 30 seconds, then replace.

Repeat the same action in the opposite direction.


Half-fish king role: This twist can work well in the abdomen area, making a strong twist in the diaphragm and abdominal belt, and its torsion speed will be very strong, helping to tighten the waist and abdomen muscles.

This is a more advanced twisting style.

We need to fold one leg down and let the soles of the feet stand on the ground. The upper feet are placed over the top, the toes are aligned on a line, and the upper legs should be vertical.

You can put the blanket under the top to prevent the pelvis from falling backwards, so that the back can stand up, and when you exhale, you can also pull the spine in the same breath, push the middle and push it forward, and increase the twist.


Maric’s three-toed sits on a high, curved leg on the side of the buttocks, so that the pelvis on both sides is equal, the lower support legs, heels and thighs are pressed firmly against the ground, and the feet are kept stable.With the distortion when exhaling, pay attention when twisting, let the lower back end lift up, do not bow back.

The entire spine is vertical.

The side ribs on both sides should also be perpendicular to each other and be equal length.


Baladwaga effect: This form can increase the blood supply to the spine, strongly massage the abdominal organs, promote digestion, it can well exclude the stool, to help you reduce excess meat in the waist and abdomen.

Sitting on the blanket.

Raise the blanket so that the pelvis is contoured up and down instead of tilted.

The legs are close to the knees, then the legs are folded over, the toes are placed on the soles of the feet, and all the toes are laid on the ground.

Both hands should be pushed evenly, and by exhaling to reverse the body, to reverse the waist and abdomen, increase the vitality and blood supply of the spine.

This is a sitting exercise.


Lateral angle torsion: This form can increase the blood supply to the spine.

Open your legs more than one leg, then bend your front legs to 90 degrees, twist the upper body and let your hands resist the ground.

The arms and forelegs should be bent together to resist twisting with this resistance.

The top of the arm is broken over the head, and then the spine should be in a straight line. The so-called fingertip of the upper hand to the heel of the hind foot, the whole body should be kept in a straight line without distortion, so as to fully lengthen the body.

This style will exceed some of the triangle rotation, and if you can’t do the following hand, you can pad.

Drink more green tea in summer


Drink more green tea in summer

Summer is the season with the highest temperature in a year, and the body’s metabolism is very strong.

People are very susceptible to the hot summer temperatures, and some of the body’s physiological functions and appetites will change.


Reduce fat and lose weight, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.



The comprehensive effect of the combination of tea polyphenols and caffeine contained in green tea, in addition to refreshing and nourishing effect, can improve the body’s immunity and anti-cancer effect.


Anti-toxic sterilization.



The anti-aging effect of green tea on the human body is mainly reflected in the coordination of several effective chemical components and multivitamins, especially tea polyphenols, caffeine, vitamin C, aroma, lipopolysaccharide, etc., which can enhance human myocardial activity and blood vessels.The elasticity, inhibition of arteriosclerosis, reduce the incidence of hypertension and coronary heart disease, enhance immunity, and thus anti-aging, so that people get longevity.

銆€銆€Green tea is the quintessence of China. Its boundaries are endless topics, longevity, beauty and beauty, antibacterial and detoxification. However, only the right way to drink tea can achieve the desired results.


Like to drink new tea, because of the short set-up time of new tea, it contains a large number of substances such as polyphenols, aldehydes and alcohols, which are said to be oxidized, which have an alternative stimulating effect on human transplanted mucosa and easily induce stomach diseases.

Therefore, new tea should be eaten less, and fresh tea stored for less than half a month should be avoided.


Drinking tea all over the tea Because the tea is contaminated by harmful substances such as pesticides during cultivation and processing, there is always a certain residue on the surface of the tea. Therefore, the first time the tea has a washing effect, it should be discarded.


Drinking tea on an empty stomach with an empty stomach can replace gastric juice, reduce digestive function, and increase the rate of water absorption, causing excessive amounts of tea to enter the blood, causing dizziness, palpitation, weakness of hands and feet and other symptoms.


Drinking tea after a meal contains a large amount of residual acid, which can react with iron in food to produce new substances that are difficult to dissolve. Over time, the body is deficient in iron and even causes anemia.

The correct way is to drink tea one hour after the meal.


Fever, tea, and tea contain theophylline, which has the effect of increasing body temperature. Drinking tea from a patient with fever is tantamount to “fueling on fire.”


Caffeine in tea leaves of patients with ulcers can promote gastric acid secretion, increase gastric acid concentration, cause ulcers and even perforation.


Drinking tea during menstruation during the menstrual period, especially drinking strong tea, can induce or aggravate menstrual syndrome.

Medical experts have found that, compared with those who do not drink tea, there is a higher risk of menstrual stress in drinking tea habits.

4 times, drink more than 4 cups a day, increase by 3 times.


The seasonality is different for the four seasons, and the type of tea should be adjusted accordingly.

In the spring, it is advisable to drink flower tea. The flower tea can disperse a winter stagnation in the body to promote the body’s yang qi; promote green tea in summer, bitter cold in green tea, heat, cool off, detoxify, enhance gastrointestinal function, promote digestion, prevent diarrhea,Skin sores and other infections; autumn should drink green tea, green tea is not cold or hot, can completely eliminate the residual heat in the body, restore sweet and warm, make people refreshed; winter should drink black tea, black tea is sweet and warm, rich in protein, there is a certain nourishing function.


What harm does obesity have on men’s health?

In fact, some people think that the improvement of living standards, people in the diet, it is easy to restrain the intake of big fish and big meat, but in the diet, if you do not pay attention, then it is easy to let the extra to find the door, but for menWords, the harm that obesity brings to them is also very large.

銆€銆€The risk of obesity in men 1. The waist circumference of hypertension is 20-30 years old. The incidence of hypertension is 1 times higher than that of normal waist circumference. The waist circumference is thicker in 40-50 years old, and the incidence of hypertension is higher than that.50% higher than normal waist circumference.

銆€銆€2, more prone to hyperlipidemia Studies have shown that abdominal obesity is higher than the average person suffering from hypercholesterolemia, high triglyceride risk.

And often there is “the high is not high, the low is not low” – low density lipoprotein, very low density lipoprotein abnormally elevated, and the high high density lipoprotein is reduced.

銆€銆€3, more prone to cerebral atherosclerosis, their cerebral blood vessels are hard and brittle, easy to rupture under the influence of high blood pressure, causing dangerous cerebral hemorrhage, and even life-threatening.

Statistics show that the incidence of cerebral hemorrhage in men with thicker waist is normal.

6 times; foreign studies have shown that in the case of different degrees of obesity, the incidence of cerebral infarction in abdominal obesity (lower waist) is 3-5 times higher than that in obese obesity (with obesity).

Moreover, compared with the normal waist circumference, the recovery ability of the body after stroke is significantly reduced.

銆€銆€4, the incidence of angina and sudden death is 4 times higher than the normal waist circumference. Some scholars have suggested that the waist circumference exceeds the standard waist circumference by more than 30%, and the chance of coronary heart disease within 10 years is greatly increased.

銆€銆€5, may occur diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes waist thick men’s diabetes can be as high as four times as many as normal waist men.

From the crowd point of view, 80% of people with type 2 diabetes are those with excessive waist circumference.

Moreover, the longer the time exceeds the standard, the chance of suffering from diabetes is one year.

銆€銆€Exercise for men to lose weight 1. When you are deep in squats, many muscles must move to stimulate a lot of hormone secretion. These hormones can enhance people’s sexual desire.

At the same time, squats can enhance the strength and stamina of the hips and thighs, helping to improve performance in sexual life.

Doing squats can also help people develop qualified and attractive hips.

銆€銆€2, aerobic exercise similar to aerobic exercise, running, swimming, these cardiovascular methods, can increase blood circulation.

Smooth blood circulation contributes to the psychological 鈥渨ake-up鈥?process, which has a crucial impact on male sexual function.

In addition, aerobic exercise can also help the brain release endorphins, a famous hormone that can bring pleasure.

銆€銆€3. One of the important reasons for the invention of the Kegel Movement is to improve sexual life.

The pubic caudal muscle, also known as the PC muscle, is the one that forces the urinary muscles to stop during urination.

For men, doing Kegel exercise can help them control the muscles that control ejaculation, so as to increase the persistence of sexual intercourse; for women, doing Kegel exercise can help control the pelvic floor muscles, thus gaining greaterSexual satisfaction.

銆€銆€4, bicycle This is the most easy way to maintain exercise, it can exercise your leg joints and thigh muscles, and is also very effective for the joints of the ankle joints and joints.

At the same time, it also helps your blood circulation system.

銆€銆€5, bench press (sleeping) do bench press fitness, can strengthen the hips, shoulder muscle strength.

Women will find that the man’s chest muscles are more sexy, while men can have better physical strength to support their body during the sex process, not too easy to fatigue.

銆€銆€6, push-ups do the benefits of push-ups, it can help strengthen the strength of the arms, shoulders and abdominal muscles.

If you see a person with a big belly, most people will feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied, and having a sexy waist will be very attractive.

In sexual intercourse, the strength of the waist and abdomen is very important when using the position of the male.

銆€銆€7, volleyball is particularly effective in the exercise of the arm muscles and abdominal muscles. At the same time, it is also very helpful for your sensitivity improvement, so that your collaboration ability is stronger, and you can enjoy more changes in the bed.