A large number of people gathered to watch, the Greek Olympic Committee stopped the torch relay of the Tokyo Olympics

A large number of people gathered to watch, the Greek Olympic Committee stopped the torch relay of the Tokyo Olympics
The impact of the epidemic is everywhere.Tonight, the torch relay of the Tokyo Olympics, which is taking place in Greece, was forced to suspend.The torch collection ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was antique yesterday.Last night, the Tokyo Olympic Torch was successfully collected in Ancient Olympia, Greece.International Olympic Committee President Bach said, “This ceremony once again demonstrates our commitment to the successful hosting of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.”According to the plan, the torch of the Tokyo Olympic Games will be passed within Greece for a week, and 600 torchbearers will participate in the pass.But the torch was stopped by the Greek Olympic Committee in just one day.Today, when the torch was passed to Sparta, Gerard Butler, who played the king of Sparta in “300 Warriors”, participated in the pass.Although the Greek Olympic Committee has issued a notice to avoid onlookers, a large number of people have come forward to gather.Therefore, after the Greek Olympic Committee agreed with the health department and the International Olympic Committee, it decided to cancel the torch relay in order to protect the public from the new coronary pneumonia outbreak.On March 19, the Greek Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee will continue the torch handover ceremony at the Panathinaikos Stadium.Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang Editor Zhang Yunfeng Proofreading Liu Baoqing

2019 domestic film explosions are too explosive, imported films continue to fall

2019 domestic film explosions are too explosive, imported films continue to fall
The 2019 documentary film trailer on February 5 the New Year’s Day, the box office in the mainland movie market was 14.300 million US dollars, an annual increase of 12%, once again set a new record in the Chinese film market box office.  The Chinese film market expects a total of 111 trillion box office in February, an annual increase of 9.At 4%, the box office of domestic films reached 10.3 billion, which set a new record for the single month box office in the mainland China market and also created a record for the global single unit box office.  On December 15, the cumulative box office in 2019 exceeded the total box office in 2018 (60.9 billion) and set a new record.  The top 8 domestic films accounted for 80% of the small and medium-sized films. It was difficult last year that 8 high-quality domestic films entered the top 10 of the annual box office. The top 5 box-office Chinese-made films accounted for 4, the largest number in the past 8 years.In addition, “The Nerd’s Witch Is Coming”, “Wandering Earth”, “My Motherland and Me”, and “Captain of China” entered the top 20 global box office last year.According to data, the top 8 domestic films at the box office last year accounted for about 80% of the gross revenue of domestic films.Of the 88 films with a gross of over 100 million at the box office, 47 are domestic films, which are still fragments of the strength of the head film. Medium-sized films have little room to play and cannot get the box office volume and space.There is a lack of waist content, so there was “thrilling” in the market last year, and there were not many successful movies.  Imported films are cold and lack of stamina. They are suppressed by domestic films. The box office’s influence in the film market, which was introduced in 2019, began to weaken.In the past ten years, although less than one hundred films have been introduced each year, these films have accumulated a strong box office attraction. The box office can account for 40% or more of the annual box office, but it has changed last year. Among the top ten box office listOnly two feature films made the list (third place “Avengers 4: Endgame” 42.400 million, tenth place “Speed and Passion: Special Action” 14.3 billion).In the second half of the year, many imported films were released internally, but most of them did not perform as expected. For example, “The Giant Crocodile Storm”, “Terminator”, and “Twin Killers” were all suppressed by the same domestic films.: Global Hunting, etc. have insufficient stamina, only 3 at the box office.500 million and 300 million.The introduction of the film is often cold, in addition to the lack of novelty in its own creation, it is more subject to the vigorous vitality of domestic movies.  The top 10 box office rankings in 2019 1 “The Devil of Nezha is born” 50 billion 2 “Wandering Earth” 4.63 3 “Avengers: The Final Battle” 42.440 “Me and My Motherland” 3.125 billion “Captain of China” 2.96 “Crazy Alien” 2.27 “Flying Life” 17.280 “Heroes of Fire” 1.79 “You’s Young” 1.5 billion 10 “Speed and Passion: Special Operations” 14.3 billion sauna, night net Zhou Huixiaowan

[Frozen sea fish practice Daquan]_How to do_Food

[Frozen sea fish practice Daquan]_How to do_Food

In many inland cities, the sea fish that I want to eat are mainly frozen, because the transportation distance is too long to keep the fish out of the sea for too long, and it is more convenient to keep frozen. Of course, the thawed fish is also delicious.

For specific methods, you can learn more about the practice of frozen sea fish. You can choose different methods according to different types of fish, such as braised, steamed or fried.

First, the frozen sea fish is cooked with braised fish, because the frozen sea fish is not fresh. Using the braised fish can make the sea fish taste delicious and the fishy taste will be greatly reduced.

Second, the protein in the frozen sea fish has been lost. If you take it out and make it directly, you will lose more protein and the taste will not be as delicious. You can thaw the fish in the milk for an hour.It’s delicious and also increases the protein content of the fish.

Third, the practice of braised frozen sea fish: 1. Thaw frozen sea fish, use kitchen paper to absorb moisture, cut into small pieces and add wine, salt, and black pepper and scratch well.

2. Marinate for about half an hour. The frozen fish will have more water after thawing. Be sure to fully dry it with paper to ensure the taste of the fish. It will not splash when fried.

3. Cut the green and red pepper into cubes, heat the oil in a non-stick pan, and add the ginger and fragrant incense.

4. Fry the fish pieces over low heat and fry the fish pieces on both sides until golden.

5, without additional fuel, directly stir fry the green and red pepper, and add some salt to season.

6, re-pour the fish and stir-fry until the flavor is mixed, add a small amount of sugar to freshen out of the pot, order braised soy sauce, and you can eat.

[Can beef and mung beans be eaten together]_ 青 小豆 _Can be eaten together

In the world, there is nothing to do with each other, but there is no difference between each other, and each other is not going to be disappointed.夋嫨鍚冧竴浜涜敩鑿滐紝浣嗘槸閮界煡閬撳悆鐗涜倝鐨勬椂鍊欐湁寰堝鐨勭蹇屾槸涓嶈兘闅忎究鏀惧湪涓€璧峰悆鐨勶紝姣斿璇寸墰鑲夊拰缁胯眴锛屽緢澶氫汉鎷呭績鍚冧簡浠ュ悗浼氫骇鐢熷壇浣滅敤锛屽叾瀹炶繖涓笉鐢ㄦ媴蹇冿紝鐗涜倝鍜岀豢璞嗗彲浠ユ斁鍦ㄤ竴璧峰悆锛岃€屼笖娌℃湁寰堝鐨勫壇浣滅敤浼氬嚭鐜般€傜墰鑲夊拰缁胯眴浜掍笉鐩稿厠锛屽彲浠ヤ竴璧峰悆涓嶈兘涓€璧峰悆鐨勯鐗╀笉鑳戒竴璧峰悆鐨勯鐗╃孩钖拰鏌垮瓙–浼氬緱缁撶煶 绾㈣柉鍜屾熆瀛?-浼 argon 缑 缁 緁 Tan 铔 嫔 欰 淫淫 囓-瀹 槗 欗  瘨 娲 嬭 卜 岃 渹 铚?-浼 ゅ  鐪 湧 幧 呜 卜布 渹 渚?-Which key is your favorite key?-It’s a good idea?-Can silicon frugal arguing?-浼 ゅ Set up donate, don’t you want to go to bed?-Lao Pang ramming forgings and squatting?-What are the rules and regulations?-Can the gauges be used for drilling?-Why do you want to go back and forth?. 鐚  倝 * Cut braid–Inlaid with argon?. 鐗 涜 倝 * 镙 楀 擙-寮 曡 裞 揞 悙 3. Ti 婅 倝 * 摗 straddle-浼 ゅ cliff 姘?. Stirrups * Crotch–Hybrid?. 銏 旇 倝 * 鑺 silicone-鑴 卂 彂 6. 楦 ¤ 倝 * 鑺 Si Shu– 浼 ゅ cliff 姘?. 楣 尰 倝 * 楦 ¤ 泲-浼 ゅ cliff 姘?. Zhachaben * Yuanmao–Xuan Hydrogen?. 椴 ら 奔 * 鐢 樿 崏-浼 Hydrogen?0. 铻 冭 煿 * 铆 collapsed 瓙-tank regulation Chen 11. Dissatisfied with arrogance * 擆 擙 瓙-浼 氲 兏 闂?2. 绾 ㈣ 柉 * 镆 击 瓙-浼 击 缑 缁 煶 煶 13. Feijianjia (Hu?*楦¤泲–浼氫腑姣掋€侀噸鍒欐浜?4. 绾 ㈠ * 镄  泲-浼 Hydrogen?5, 嬲 嬭 懕 * 铚 傝 湝-浼 ょ 溂 镌?6. Pu 呜 厫 * 铚 傝 湝 -Key Chong Qi17. 钀濆崪*鏈ㄨ€?-Wan Lian?8. 椹  撩 钖?颣 黧 晧-闱 ㈤ 儴 熸 桠 19. Tank * Di Luan-tank regulation 20. Debates * Hao Meng-the hydrogen excited Tao?銆?1cre  鐗 ╀ 瑉 鑳 鑴 Bifeng 悆 1.Do you have a braid?  鑻 ュ 睿 椋?The shoulders of the argon embroidered arrogance?2.鐗涜倝鏍楀瓙涓€璧峰悆,椋熷悗灏变細鍙戝憰鍚?3.Ti 婝 婝 婭 嬭 ˉ 澶 ф 湁?鑻 ラ 亗 摐 瀹 氱 渉 渚?4.鐙楄倝婊嬭ˉ闇€娉ㄦ剰,鑻ラ亣缁胯眴瀹氫激韬?5. What is the silicon-to-silicon chain?  笉 钖?咖 岄  擔 嫔 怗 澶 村 呂 鑴?6.Last 倝 瑺 鑺 silicon 嶔 綺 湉 鹇?Is it thinner and thinner?7 楣 呰 倝 楦 ¤ Long lingering?涓€鍚屽叆鑳冧激韬綋.8.椴 ら run out of pickaxe х 浉 鍙?Rape  key 屼 砣 抣 繹 珹 Hydrogen Tao?9.Harmony  啄 啄 嗕 壕 裕裕裕 裕?Do you have a good time?10.楦 峲 鑻 ラ 堑 堑 堤 吗?銖 屽  鎆 嶆 垐 咐 浜 浜?11.Last tree?Do you think it’s so exciting?12 鈆 擙 绾 爾 柉 鑻 ュ 钓 钖?How can you squeeze the ship?13 What’s going on?What are you talking about?14.What are you going to do?Sorrowful and boastful?15 Pu 呜 厫 哝 幝 湝 浼 弼 咖 钖?Forging and dying to borrow the key pet  镵?16.嬲 嬭 懕 铚 哝 幝 鬔 笉 璖?Is it thinner and thinner?17.What is the chain?What is a silly can of silicon?18-year-old Dian Luan’s manuscript 椹 椹  撩 钖?Do you have trouble with it?19 Hao Meng 搐 璢 畺 啛 單單 樠?涩 涢  欔 嬮 台 湇 岃 姳?20钀濆崪鏈ㄨ€充笉鍚岄,椋熶簡瀹规槗鐢熺毊鐐?21 What are you going to do?What is the best way to do it?4銆嬭繖浜涢鐗╀笉鑳戒竴璧峰悆鍚冿紝鐪熸槸涓€闂ㄥ緢澶х殑瀛﹂棶銆傚悇绉嶇編椋熶箣闂达紝甯稿父鐩稿啿鐩告挒銆傚鏋滃皢杩欎簺鐩稿啿鎾炵殑椋熺墿鍚岄锛屼笉浣嗕笉浼氬緱鍒扮編鐨勪韩鍙楋紝鍙嶈€屼細鎹熷韬 綋 Advertisement  笉 鬙  鬉 鬒 揭!You can’t help it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it.甫鍔ㄩ厭绮炬笚閫忋€傛湁浜涙湅鍙嬪父甯告槸鍏堝枬浜嗗暏閰掑啀鍠濈櫧閰掞紝鎴栨槸鍏堝枬鐧介厭鍐嶅枬鍟ら厭锛岃繖鏍峰仛瀹炲睘涓嶅綋銆傛兂鍑忓皯閰掔簿鍦ㄤ綋鍐呯殑椹荤暀锛屾渶濂芥槸澶氶ギ涓€浜涙按锛屼互鍔╂帓灏裤€傞厭绮惧繉鍜栧暋閰掍腑鍚湁鐨勯厭绮撅紝鍏锋湁鍏村浣滅敤锛岃€屽挅鍟℃墍鍚挅鍟″洜锛屽悓鏍峰叿鏈夎緝寮虹殑鍏村浣滅敤銆備袱鑰呭悓楗紝瀵逛汉浜х敓鐨勫埡婵€鐢氬ぇ銆傚鏋滄槸鍦ㄥ績鎯呯揣寮犳垨鏄績鎯呯儲韬佹椂杩欐牱楗敤锛屼細鍔犻噸绱у紶鍜岀儲韬佹儏缁?What is the town of Fukuchi, the pickaxe, the coax, the coax, the cobbler, the courier, the courier, the courier, the chopsticks, the chopsticks, the chopsticks and the chopsticks.The town of 槸 槸 f 湁 缁 忓 Father pick у け 鐪 犵 銄 勪 勪 汉 Admitting that the fine squirrel crosses the 鎾 哮 哮 卖 卖?How to do it? How to do it? How to do it? How to do it? How do you do it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it?洿涓轰笉濡欙紝寰堝彲鑳借鍙戝績鑴忕梾銆備竴鏃﹀皢浜岃€呭悓鏃堕ギ鐢紝搴旈ギ鐢ㄥぇ閲忔竻姘存垨鏄湪姘翠腑鍔犲叆灏戣钁¤悇绯栧拰椋熺洂鍠濅笅锛屽彲浠ョ紦瑙d竴涓嬩笉閫傜棁鐘躲€?

[How to make diced hawthorn]_ Home made diced hawthorn _ How to make diced hawthorn _ How to make diced hawthorn

[How to make diced hawthorn]_ Home made diced hawthorn _ How to make diced hawthorn _ How to make diced hawthorn

Delicious food can even increase appetite and make a person feel better.

And a good mood will make our physiology more and more healthy.

So, you have every reason to convince yourself to learn to cook.

Now, I will introduce the practice of Hawthorn meat.


Wash the hind leg of pork, cut into small dices, mix with rice wine, salt, water starch, and pat dry starch for later use; Hawthorn cake dices 2.

Peanut oil is burned to 60% heat, and the diced meat is fried and lifted up. The oil is heated again. The diced meat is deep-fried until crispy.

Put the oil in the pot and heat it. Put the ginger in the pot and stir-fry. Add the hawthorn cakes and stir fry. Add the soy sauce and sugar.

Pour in the diced meat and stir-fry. Your understanding is extraordinary, so with the specific method of the hawthorn diced meat, you can definitely make it alone.

And with your extraordinary mobility, the dishes you make are definitely the most beautiful.

Bank of Nanjing (601009): Strengthening capital management

Bank of Nanjing (601009): Strengthening capital management

1H19 results are in line with our expectations. Bank of Nanjing disclosed 1H19 results with revenue of US $ 16.6 billion and a long-term growth of 23.

3%, net profit attributable to mother is 690,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.

1%, of which, single-quarter revenue in 2Q exceeded the growth rate of 17.

0%, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 15 in a single quarter.

1%, in line with our expectations.

Development Trend 2Q The interest rate differential fell month-on-month, due to changes in the yield of interest-earning assets, in line with expectations.

Exploration 2Q19 average daily net interest margin of 1.

91%, up 8bp before, down 5bp from the previous month, and the change was in line with expectations. The decline from the previous quarter was mainly due to the loosening of monetary policy and the return on interest-generating assets.

Taking into account the adjustment of accounting standards in 2019, the combination of net interest income + other non-interest income increased by 16% year-on-year, and was replaced by 33% in the previous quarter.

The balance sheet expanded steadily, and consumer loans grew rapidly.

Total assets / loans / deposits increased by 2 quarter-on-quarter.

3% / 4.

3% / 1.

3%, an earlier increase of 8.

5% / 12.

2% / 12.

2%, an annual increase of 13.

0% / 23.

6% / 13.


Among them, personal loans increased by 17.

9%, corporate loans increased by 10 compared with the beginning of the year.

1%, the proportion of increase in personal loans to total new loans was 39.

4%, currently accounting for 28.


The growth rate of consumer loans in personal loans increased earlier.

0%, the amount added is 28.

4%, the current profit ratio is 13.


The highest level of provision coverage was flat month-on-month, and the absolute level was still high.

Defective rate was flat at 0.

89%, after adding back write-offs, the 2Q single-quarter non-performing net generation rate decreased / down by 9 / 32bp to 1.


Concerned loans accounted for a quarter-to-quarter decline of 1 quarter to quarter.

31%, the proportion of overdue loans increased by 9bp to 1 in the first half of the year.

41%, and the ratio of non-performing / overdue loans over 90 days was 104.

5%, basically unchanged from the previous month.
Provision coverage remained flat at 415.
5%, 47 per year.

2ppt, 2Q asset impairment continued to decline 2.


Banks strengthened capital management, and core tier 1 capital adequacy ratios exceeded / link-up 43 / 35ppt to 8.


Core Tier 1 capital increased by 7 compared to the end of last year.

1%, it is estimated that the risk assets increased by only 6 compared with the end of last year.

1%, the proportion of total assets decreased by 1 from the previous quarter.

1ppt to 62.


In terms of capital replenishment, the bank announced the revised draft of the plan for increase on August 2, and plans to raise no more than 116.

20,000 yuan, it is estimated that static can increase the core tier one capital appreciation rate.

4%, which has been approved and reported to the shareholders’ general meeting for supervision.

Earnings forecasts and estimates Maintain earnings forecasts, corresponding to 2019 / 20e net profit growth of 12.



It currently corresponds to 0 in 2019/2020.

9 times / 0.

8 times 成都桑拿网 P / B.

Maintain Neutral rating and 9.

Target price of 06 yuan, corresponding to 1.

0x 2019 P / B ratio and 0.

9 times 2020 P / B ratio, 17.7% more recently included

4% upside.

The quality of risk assets was lower than expected.

Monetary policy efforts to unblock the mechanism mechanism structural tool is the main course

Monetary policy efforts to unblock the mechanism mechanism structural tool is the “main course”
Moderator Zuo Yonggang: Since this year, monetary policy has continued to relax the structure to promote the flow of funds to the real economy, fiscal policies have increased tax and fee reduction efforts, including the implementation of inclusive budget reduction policies for small and micro enterprises, and various departments have introduced specificThe measures further reduce the financing costs of small and micro enterprises, and increase financial support for the real economy. At present, policies such as monetary policy, fiscal policy, and reduction of financing costs have formed a joint force to support the development of small and micro enterprises.  ■ Trainee reporter Liu Weijie of this newspaper has been increasing its monetary policy aimed at supporting small, medium, and micro enterprises since the beginning of this year. According to the reporter of the Securities Daily, the reporter has reviewed all aspects such as targeted reductions, bank credit supervision and assessment, etc.There are related policies.  In January of this year, the People ‘s Bank of China reduced the deposit reserve ratio of financial institutions by one division on January 4 and released about 800 billion long-term funds as a whole, effectively increasing the source of loans for small, medium and micro enterprises.Million-dollar targeted medium-term lending facility (TMLF) with a view to reducing the cost of SME financing and 夜来香体验网 credit.  On February 25, the CBRC issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Related Work of Financial Services Private Enterprises.”On March 13, the CBRC issued the “Notice on Further Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Financial Services for Small and Micro Enterprises in 2019”, which put forward higher quantitative requirements for large banks and strived to achieve the “inclusive small and micro enterprise loan balance in general”.Earlier “.Increase by more than 30% “, which is stronger than the previous requirement of” two increases and two controls. “  ”Overall, the long-term monetary policy insists on not engaging in flooding, while maintaining the bottom line of preventing and controlling financial risks.Cao Shengxi, an analyst at the Institute of International Monetary Studies at Renmin University of China, said in an interview with a reporter from the Securities Daily yesterday that the current monetary policy toolbox has been abundant, citing the past that it relied on foreign exchange for deposits and deposit reserve ratios to issue currencies.In addition to the overall policy, we will implement structural policies to establish a monetary and financial environment conducive to financing of small and medium-sized enterprises.  Cao Shengxi believes that the current overall macroeconomic and financial environment does not support a generally loose monetary policy such as a comprehensive RRR cut, so monetary policy operations are mainly structured policies.  The main line of this year’s monetary policy is to carry out countercyclical adjustments, mainly using structural monetary policy adjustment tools.Guo Xiaobei, an expert from the Minsheng Bank Research Institute, told the Securities Daily reporter that the main contradiction of current monetary policy is not tension, and the efficiency of the monetary and monetary policy mechanism is insufficient, and it is difficult for funds to flow to the real economy.  According to the preliminary expectation, “Take the time to establish a policy framework for the implementation of supplementary deposit reserve ratios for small and medium banks”, Tao Jin, an analyst at Suning Financial Research Institute, told the Securities Daily reporter yesterday that the establishment of such a framework is in line with financial supply-side structural reforms.The basic goal is to solve the problem of financing difficulties and expensive financing for small and micro enterprises, further reduce the financing costs of small and micro enterprises, stabilize market expectations, and enhance the confidence of micro-economy and other micro-economy. This is the focus of the current monetary policy adjustment.  Pan Yuzhang, a macro analyst at the Xiangcai Securities Research Institute, said in an interview with the Securities Daily reporter yesterday that the establishment of a policy framework for deposit reserve ratios for small and medium-sized banks will help small and medium-sized banks to invest in small and medium-sized enterprises at a cost.Provide credit support.  Tao Jin said that such a framework means establishing a long-term mechanism for relevant financial institutions to grant credit to small and micro enterprises. It is a targeted policy under a unified standard and cooperates with corresponding assessment and feedback mechanisms, instead of assessing some from time to time.The ratio of banks to real economy loans is somewhat different from targeted reductions.Moreover, from the current point of view, the space for reduction is also limited.  Looking forward to the second quarter, Guo Xiaobei said that given that financing difficulties in key areas such as small, medium and micro enterprises have not been fundamentally resolved, it is expected that the easing of funds to the real economy will be gradually promoted through structural easing. Monetary policy tools such as MLF and TMLF will be used to support credit in the future.Investment, supplemented by adjustments to the assessment and incentive mechanism to reduce credit supply-side constraints, stimulate financial institutions’ expectations and ability to serve the real economy, and open up structural mobility problems.

Depth-Company-Hager Communications (002465): First-quarter results meet expectations Expansion of military-civilian dual-use expansion

Deepin * Company * Hager Communications (002465): First-quarter results meet expectations Expansion of military-civilian dual-use expansion

The company released its first quarter performance report, which reported operating income7.

55 ppm, a reduction of 1 per year.

00%; net profit attributable to mother is 31.09 million yuan, an increase of 16.


  Highlights of the support level The first quarter results were in line with expectations and management efficiency continued to improve.

The company achieved zero net profit attributable to its mother in the first quarter.

31 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.

45%, the overall performance is in line with expectations.

First of all, the company’s government subsidies and investment income on non-recurring profit and loss projects have continued to increase significantly over the same period last year.

In addition, the company’s sales expenses, management expenses, and financial expenses in the first quarter of the company decreased in different degrees, of which financial expenses were significantly reduced by 150.

97%, reflecting the company’s increasingly sophisticated management and continuous improvement in operating efficiency.

As the volume of military orders continues to recover, the company’s performance continues to grow.

  The core business has made breakthroughs continuously, and the dual-use military and civilian use have expanded the incremental market.

The company actively expands wireless communication products in the military and civilian fields and communication services in the software and information services fields as its core pillars.

  The company actively consolidates the short-wave, ultra-short-wave, second-generation satellite communications and other existing services, and actively expands the growth of integrated terminals, digital values, Tiantong Big S satellite terminals, satellite broadband mobile communications and other products, as well as the Air Force, Armed Police, and War SupportIn the incremental market, products have been continuously recognized by institutional customers, driving the company’s military orders to continue to grow.

In the field of civil communications services, the subsidiary Haige Yichuang continued to deepen its network construction cooperation with China Mobile and actively expanded its business areas.

  Continue to maintain a high level of research and development, and build long-term growth potential for the company.

The company’s R & D expenses reached 1 in the first quarter.

5.4 billion, accounting for 20% of operating income.


The company continuously increases the development of 5G products and technologies, participates in 5G demonstration zone projects cooperating with operators, and 成都桑拿网 seizes opportunities in the 5G network operation and maintenance optimization market.

In addition, in the field of Beidou navigation, considering the development trend of localization of military chips and the national strategy of Beidou System covering the world in 2020, the company has continuously increased the development of Beidou’s third-generation chips, and has made progress in stages.

The company’s strategic layout in the field of 5G and Beidou will also bring growth points for the company’s future earnings.

  Based on our estimates for 2018, we predict that the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be zero.

25, 0.

33, 0.

40 yuan, the corresponding price-earnings ratio is 40.

5 times, 30.

1x, 24.

8x, maintain BUY rating.

  The main risks faced by the rating are that the growth of military orders has fallen short of expectations, and Beidou’s application promotion has fallen short of expectations.

8 strokes acupoint massage method according to the body’s small problems_1

8 tricks for acupoint massage

The 8-stroke acupoint massage method is based on walking away from the body. Typical acute appendicitis abdominal pain starts from upper abdominal pain. After about 6-8 hours or more than 10 hours, the abdominal pain gradually moves down and finally fixes on the right lower abdomen.

“Appendix” can be cured to relieve pain when appendicitis attacks.

“Appendix” is located on the anterior side of the calf, five thumbs wide from the lower edge of the knee joint, and one middle finger from the outside of the calf.

Pillows and pillows are mostly caused by improper sleeping posture at night or caused by cold.

Patients often wake up and find that the neck is sore and cannot turn.

At this time, as long as you massage a specific “fall pillow point”, you can relieve the pain.

The “fall pillow point” is located between the back of the middle finger of the hand and the opposite metacarpal bone, with the metacarpophalangeal joint up half a thumb wide.

Use your forefinger or middle finger to press back and forth.

Flash waist Flash waist is medically known as acute lumbar sprain, which is mostly caused by soft tissue damage caused by excessive force, excessive movement and external force collision.

You can massage the “back pain” when flashing your waist, which is very effective.

The “low back pain point” is located between the index finger and middle finger of the back of the hand and between the ring finger and the little finger.

After a sprained waist, you can press these four points alternately.

Acute cholecystitis A typical manifestation of acute cholecystitis is the consumption of greasy food, right upper abdominal cramps, paroxysmal aggravation, often accompanied by right shoulder back pain, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, etc., and severe systemic jaundice in severe cases.

At this time, the “gallbladder” point can be etched to relieve pain.

You can touch a part below the knee joint on the outside of the lower leg, and in the lower depression, two thumbs down are the “gallbladder” points.

Acute appendicitis. The typical site of abdominal pain in acute appendicitis is mostly upper abdominal pain, under the xiphoid process or around the umbilicus. After about 6-8 hours or more than 10 hours, the abdominal pain gradually moves down and finally fixes to the right lower abdomen.

After the abdominal pain is fixed, the pain in the original site can be significantly reduced or even disappeared.

“Appendix” can be cured to relieve pain when appendicitis attacks.

“Appendix” is located on the anterior side of the calf, five thumbs wide from the lower edge of the knee joint, and one middle finger from the outside of the calf.
Essentials of moving according to Yongquan point: Put your left foot on your right knee, step in your right thumb into the left Yongquan point, and massage each foot for more than 5 minutes, preferably with rubbing heat.

Acupoint selection method: Five toes dorsal flexion, the depression in the middle of the front of the sole of the foot (increase before the midline of the foot).

Role: Massage this health acupuncture point complications of various diseases, especially the senile torsion, waist and leg weakness, constipation and other diseases are more effective.

“The kidneys are from Yongquan, and those who have Yongquan have their hearts.

“Yongquan is one of the main points of the body.

Essentials of pressing Hegu acupoint: open the thumb with one hand, pull the tiger’s mouth apart, and press the acupoint with the other thumb to knead and press.
2 minutes.

Acupoint selection method: open the thumb and forefinger to tighten the tiger’s mouth, press the horizontal stripes of the thumb joint of the other hand on the tiger’s mouth, bend the front of the thumb joint, and the depression pointed by the thumb is the acupoint.

Function: Massage this health acupuncture point has the effect of passing through the analgesics, relieving the heat, refreshing the consciousness, and quenching the wind.

Indications for head and facial features, special effects on toothache.

Lao Gong acupoints essentials: one hand fists to beat Lao Gong in the other hand 16 times, then change hands 16 times.

Acupoint selection method: Grip fist, forefinger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger four fingers gently press the palm of your hand, acupuncture points between the middle finger and ring finger.

Function: Massage this health acupuncture point to clear away heat and purify fire, refreshing consciousness, clearing up consciousness, removing irritability, curing oral ulcers caused by overheating, and mental illness.


Exclusive Cheats!

Whiten pores too


Exclusive Cheats!
Whiten pores too

Most people have large pores. The obvious pores are also factors that make the skin look uneven and bright. Starting from improving the pores, after the pores turn white, the skin looks like tofu muscle. It is enviable!

  I love beautiful eyebrows urgently want to take care of whitening, but before buying whitening products, please make sure that the reason why the skin is not white is caused by pores.

  Exclusive Cheats!

Pore whitening key finishing: the first two key points of the four steps of cold and hot skin, is to successfully master the temperature change, choose to increase or decrease the skin temperature according to the situation, as long as you can use this principle,You can easily improve your acne and pore problems at home.

  Tip 1.

The hot air steamed the face, closed the eyes, and let the steam in the basin blow on the skin warmly.

  This method of steaming the face is very simple. As long as hot water is poured into the heat-resistant washbasin, it will be implemented immediately. Put your face close to help with steam, about 3-5 minutes.

You can also buy a steamer that is sold in the shop, and you can maintain it by plugging in water.

  Tip 2.

Hot towel covering this maintenance secret is very helpful for skin relaxation and circulation. As long as a hot towel is prepared, the maintenance effect can be achieved, and acne can be removed and removed.

After hot compress, wash your face with water and tap, the effect will be amazing!

  Prepare a clean towel to warm it up, and then fold the towel in half into a strip that is about 5 cm wide.

After warming the warm towel from the forehead to the two toes, the skin on the face appears, and then gently insert the towel with the palm of your hand to let the hot air work effectively.

  Tip 3.

The coolant is used to maintain the coldness of the beverage. It is a great benefit for those who want to condense pores!

In addition to being able to be used for ordinary maintenance, it can also be taken out of the small refrigerator that can change the refrigerant into an ice drink when outdoors in the army. When the temperature outside rises, the skin sebum secretion increases, and the skin becomes sticky.Just take out a small towel and wrap it with ice-cold refrigerant, and then apply it lightly on the shell. Not only can it help the skin cool down, but it can also prevent the pores from being enlarged due to high temperatures.

  Such a small refrigerant can be bought in the life grocery store. With this convenient prop, it can help achieve the effect of reducing pores.

Blend the cooling agent into a small towel to avoid the ice too much from irritating the skin. After inserting it, it will become a small grid.

Gently apply the towel covered with the cooling agent to the skin of the entire face, especially the obvious pores and T-shaped parts that are easy to get oil, so that the pores instantly tighten.

  Tip 4.

The moisturizing essence wet compress feels the cheek skin becomes dry and tight, or when two floating powder makeup problems often occur, it is necessary to strengthen the hydration and replenishment. In emergency situations such as appointments, you can use this tip to helpSkin becomes supple and elastic.

  Take out moisturizing lotion or moisturizing essence, and take an appropriate amount on a cotton pad.

Make sure that the cotton pads are filled with the full beauty liquid, and then tear into two pieces and gently apply to the skin.

Wait about 5 minutes after applying it on the cheeks to allow the ingredients to fully penetrate and achieve an urgent moisturizing effect.

  Tip 5.

Finishing the sun protection 20 minutes before going out, I took the time to take care of the pore tightening, and I bought an inexpensive whitening serum to apply, not just to give birth to a fair skin with no pores. Therefore, in the end, the key isIt cannot be ignored, that is, the execution of sun protection work. The sun’s ultraviolet rays repeatedly and directly on the skin will cause spots and aging on the skin. Sunscreen must be applied 15-30 minutes before going out to reach the sun.Complete protection effect, and the appropriate rubbing, so that the sun is no longer available.

  Take an appropriate amount of sunscreen and evenly apply it to each ounce of skin. Carefully apply to ensure that all small areas have been sunscreened.