[How to make papaya]_ The right way _ How to make

[How to make papaya]_ The right way _ How to make

Many people who think of papaya think of fruits in the first place, but there are a lot of fruits in life that can be used directly for cooking and make many delicious dishes.

Although papaya is a fruit, it can also be used for cooking, and the nutritional value of the vegetables made by papaya is also very rich.

With different foods can also show different therapeutic effects, then how to make papaya is more delicious?

1. Papaya Pork Ribs Soup Ingredients: 500 grams of ribs, half of papaya, onion stems, ginger scales, cooking wine, vinegar, salt.

Method: Peel the papaya, remove the seeds, and cut into large pieces.

Put ginger shreds and cooking wine in the pot, add pork ribs, skim off the foam after boiling, remove the pork ribs for 3 minutes, and rinse with hot water.

Put water in the casserole, add pork ribs, green onions, ginger, cooking wine, vinegar, boil over high heat and continue to cook for an hour and a half.

Put in papaya cubes and cook for 30 to 40 minutes, season with some salt.

Second, Thai-style green papaya salad materials: half a green papaya, 2 cloves of garlic, 2-3 small peppers, one lime, one tablespoon of sea rice, one small handful of cowpea, about 60g, four cherry tomatoes, one coconut sugarA large spoon, a large spoon of fish sauce, a small handful of peanut kernels.

Method: Put the peanut kernels in a small pan without oil, and bake for 3 or 4 minutes on low heat, rub off the red skin and set aside; soak the sea rice in warm water for soft use.

Peel the green papaya, take the papaya in one hand and the knife in the other, and carefully cut out the preliminary lines on the papaya. After the surface of the papaya has been cut all over, use the knife to touch the surface of the papaya and cut the papaya thinly.

Cut it again horizontally, soak the shredded papaya in ice water for later use.

Peel the garlic, chop the peppers and mash them together in a stone mortar.

Add the soft seaweed and continue mashing, add the peeled peanut kernels (for decoration) and mash it a little.

Squeeze the lime juice, pour into the stone sand, add coconut sugar and fish sauce, mix well to make a sauce.

Drain the papaya shreds; cut the cowpea into inch segments; cut the cherry tomatoes in half; place all in a large bowl.

Pour in the sauce and mix well, then place on a plate. Finely chop the remaining peanut kernels and sprinkle them on the surface for decoration.

Three, cold papaya strips material: 1 kg of dried papaya strips, 1 kg of millet pepper, 1 kg of ginger, 2 kg of garlic, 1 kg of rock sugar, 3 bottles of thin salt raw soy sauce, 2 bottles of ordinary raw soy sauce.

Method: Wash the papaya strips, ginger, garlic, millet pepper, and cool water for later use.

Shred ginger; chopped garlic, millet pepper; mashed rock sugar, pour raw and mix well.

Finally pour the shredded papaya into the seasoning bowl, stir well and marinate overnight.

After marinating overnight, bottling begins and can be eaten after three to five days.

[How to make fried bacon fried rice cake]_How to_Method steps

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[How to make baby food supplement yolk yolk]_Baby food supplement_How to make

[How to make baby food supplement yolk yolk]_Baby food supplement_How to make

Mothers can understand the use of egg yolks as a supplementary food for babies. You can eat egg yolks for your baby after 8 months, but you should not eat too much, because eating too much egg yolks can not digest, it will cause gastrointestinal upset and gastrointestinal upset.

For the baby’s method of adding complementary foods and the types of complementary foods, it is recommended that mothers should understand clearly.

Now let’s tell everyone how to feed your baby with egg yolk.

The baby’s complementary food egg simmering practice golden egg paste is suitable for age: 8 months or more Ingredients: 3 spoons of baby rice noodles, 1 egg, warm water amount.

Method: After the eggs are cooked, leave the yolks; use warm boiling water to mix the baby rice noodles (slightly dilute), add egg yolks, grind with a spoon and mix thoroughly.

Japanese-style steamed eggs are suitable for age: more than 12 months Ingredients: 1 shiitake mushroom, 2 shrimps, 40 grams of diced chicken, 100 ml soup, 1 egg, and 0 salt.

5 grams method: scoop eggs into a bowl, add soup, stir well with salt.

After the mushrooms are soaked, cut into small cubes. After washing the shrimp, remove the shell, head and gut, and cut into small cubes.

Mix the diced chicken, diced mushrooms and diced shrimps into the bottom of the bowl, and pour the egg mixture into the bowl.

Cover the bowl with aluminum foil, puncture a hole in the center, and steam it for 10?
15 minutes.

Egg skin spinach bag suitable for age: more than 12 months Ingredients: 200 grams of spinach, 8 parsley, 4 eggs, each amount of salt and sesame oil Method: After washing the spinach, put it in boiling water with salt, and thenSuper cold water, keep it dry.

Use the hot water in the pot to scoop the cilantro.

Season the spinach with salt and sesame oil.

Beat the eggs with a bit of salt, and fry them into 4 eggs on a pan.

Put the mixed spinach in the egg skin, wrap it, and tie the coriander horizontally and vertically.

Yogurt custard suitable for age: 7?
9 months Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of yogurt, milk, sugar Moderation: After the eggs are broken, add sugar and milk.

Steamed into a cake-like form.

Finally, yoghurt is served on the custard.

Put a cherry or cherry tomatoes in the middle.

Ten-month baby complementary food staple food 1, colorful sweet potato porridge ingredients: 30g white rice, half a sweet potato.

Method: After washing the rice, add enough water to cook white rice porridge.

After washing the sweet potatoes, peel the skin and cut into thin slices.

Add to a steamer and steam until cooked through.

Take out the steamed sweet potatoes and crush them with a spoon into a mud.

Cook the white rice porridge.

Add sweet potato puree to white rice porridge and stir well.

2. Ingredients for chestnut and jujube puree millet porridge: millet 25g, peeled chestnuts 3, dried date meat 7g, water 250ml.

Method: Cut the red dates into small pieces, add water that can cover the dates, stir well with a blender, and then cook in a pot.

Put cooked jujube meat into a tea strainer and twist with a spatula or a small spoon to filter out the jujube skin.

Add millet into the rice cooker, add 250ml of water to boil the porridge, and cook it softly.

Cook the chestnuts and use a spoon or fork to make the cooked chestnuts into small pieces.

Boil the jujube puree and millet porridge.

Break up the walnut kernels.

Spread boiled date puree on millet porridge and sprinkle with walnut kernels.

[Celery tofu soup]_Celery tofu soup_How to make_Practice Daquan

銆 愯 姯 咆 眆 眆 札札札 掭 集 銆 集 囜 囜 姹 姹 If you have prepared a pot, a pot, a pot, a pot.
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SAIC Group (600104): Consolidated head profile is expected to stabilize and recover market share in the second half of the year

SAIC Group (600104): Consolidated head profile is expected to stabilize and recover market share in the second half of the year

The core point of view is consolidated, and its market share has continued to increase in the past decade.

During the period of continuous growth in sales of the automotive industry from 2005 to 2017, SAIC Group’s average annual sales growth rate was 18.

3%, which is higher than the industry average, and the market share has started since 16/2005.

0% increase to 23 in 2017.

9%, an increase of 7.

9 units, maintaining the first market share in the country.

Against the backdrop of industry prospects in 2018, the company’s market share increased by 25%, increasing by 1 each year.

A single, upward trend, showing the market’s competitive strength.

Market share distribution in the short term in the first half of the year.

SAIC’s market share in the first half of the year23.

8% (based on the overall sales of the automotive industry) to replace 1.

2 units.

Mainly affected by SAIC-GM and GM-Wuling, it is expected that during the adjustment period of the industry, the weak companies will be cleared, and the company’s market share is expected to rise in the future.

Emission Standard Switching: The company is fully prepared and has oversupply of vehicles, which will help boost sales in the second half of the year.

Compared with the major automobile groups, from January to May 2019, the average proportion of major automobile groups is 71.

7%, the company accounted for 76.


From the perspective of the single-month cart type, the company switched to the National Six model in May.

From the comparison of the main models on sale, SAIC Volkswagen has a total of 18 main models with the national six models on sale, SAIC GM has a total of 21 main models on sale, SAIC passenger cars, SAIC passenger cars among the 9 main models of 7 main modelsSix models are on sale.

From the time point of view, the company began to prepare the National Six model from the second quarter of 2018, while other joint venture car companies and weak autonomous car companies were not fully prepared for National 6 models. Due to insufficient supply, the company will be in a backward position in future market competition.

SAIC-GM is expected to bottom out in the second half of the year, helping the company’s market share rise.

SAIC-GM’s sales volume declined in the first half of the year, but narrowed quarter by quarter. The increase in wholesale sales in June turned positive.

SAIC-GM has a total of Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac continue to launch new models.

In the second half of the year, Buick’s 2019 Paragraph, Angola GX, the new Angola, Angola and others will be launched.

The 2020 杭州桑拿 Cadillac XT5 and the new Cadillac XT6 will be launched in the second half of the year; the listing of new cars is expected to drive SAIC-GM sales up.

Financial forecast and investment proposal adjust income and gross profit forecast. The EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 2 respectively.

79 yuan, 3.

19 yuan, 3.

47 yuan (original 3.

20 yuan, 3.

52 yuan, 3.

83 yuan), with reference to the average estimated level of comparable companies, given a PE estimate of 11 times in 2019, with a target price of 30.

69 yuan, maintain BUY rating.

Risk warning: Sales of autonomous passenger cars are lower than expected. SAIC Volkswagen and SAIC-GM sales are lower than expected and affect profit.

Liquidity is now tightening, how the bond market will go in the future-

Liquidity is now tightening. How will the bond market go?

At the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held on April 19 by reporter Hu Yang and editor Yao Xiangyun, the “six stable” goals of multiple quarters were gradually maintainedInvestment, stable expectations) disappeared, and re-emphasized the requirement of “adhering to structural deleveraging”.

  This change in expression, as well as the stabilization of macroeconomic data in the first quarter, has sparked market speculation as to whether there will be fine-tuning of monetary policy.

  However, according to the reporter of “Daily Economic News”, since April this year, the money market interest rate center has risen as a whole.

Public data show that on April 17, the overnight SHIBOR reported 2.

998%, up 11.

5 basis points, a new high since April 2015.

As for DR007, it was reported on April 19.

6859%, which is an increase of 18 from April 1.

79 basis points.

  Wen Bin, chief analyst at China Minsheng Bank, told a reporter from the Daily Economic News that the short-term market interest rate has risen significantly in the past four months, which has increased the short-term reverse repurchase rate and stabilized the short-term market interest rate.

In the next stage, the probability of the RRR cut will further decrease in the short term. He believes that “in the future, it may be more open market operations to maintain the overall stability of liquidity.

Regarding the direction of monetary policy, some analysts, who asked not to be named, believe that the level of prudence of decision-makers is gradually underestimated.

“The macro data for March is quite specific. Affected by factors such as corporate tax payments, monetary policy should be more of a wait-and-see.

“He said.

  The overall improvement and rise of the interest rate center in April Generally speaking, this Politburo meeting is more optimistic about the current economic situation, and aims to “proactive fiscal policy should be strengthened and effective, and a stable monetary policy should be moderately tight.”

  At least yes, most of the quarterly Politburo meetings have retained the “six stable” goals (stabilizing employment, financial stability, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment, and expectations).

But this time, this expression disappeared, and the requirement of “adhering to structural deleveraging” was re-mentioned.

  Therefore, the Guohai Securities Research Report believes that this sends a very clear signal that monetary policy is ending easing, returning to stability, and focusing on preventing long-term financial risks.

At present, the signal is more severe than the judgment that terrorism will not be “relaxed” and may impact market sentiment in the short term.

In fact, the previous interest rate on the money market has risen, which has reflected a slight adjustment in monetary policy.

  ”Daily Economic News” reporters combed and found that since April this year, the interest rate indicators, including overnight SHIBOR and DR007, have been included as a whole.

  Specifically, on April 22, the overnight SHIBOR report was 2.

557%, which has risen by about 24 on April 1.

2 basis points.

In addition, since April, the overnight SHIBOR has also risen by an average of 1.

729 basis points.

  More importantly, on April 17, the day when the 160 billion reverse repo operation and the 200 billion MLF operation were carried out at the same time, the overnight SHIBOR increased by 11.

5 basis points, reported 2.

998%, a new high since April 2015.

  As for DR007, the latest data shows that DR007 reported 2 on April 19.

6859%, which is an increase of 18 from April 1.

79 basis points.
Since April, 厦门夜网 the number of days of DR007 going up has reached 8 days, and the number of days going down has been 5 days.

  Wen Bin told the “Daily Economic News” reporter that in the past four months, because the short-term market interest rate has increased significantly, it has increased the short-term reverse repurchase issue, thereby stabilizing the short-term market interest rate.

  The keynote of monetary policy in the future is the soundness of April’s liquidity. Wen Bin believes that it is generally stable.

However, under the background of favorable macro data, the market may have different views on the macro-splitting in the next stage, especially the direction of monetary policy.

“From the tone, I think it’s still ‘robust’.

Although the internal data performance of the first quarter, including the economy and finance, exceeded expectations, it should be noted that the Chinese economy is still facing a lot of internal and external pressures.”In a stable situation, the use of some monetary policy tools may change from the previous market forecast criteria.

In the future, it may still be more through open market operations to maintain the overall stability of liquidity.
In the short term, the probability of reduction will further decrease, and the need to use MLF as a substitute at the long end will also decrease.

  Some analysts, who asked not to be named, believe that the restructuring underestimates the level of prudence of decision-makers.

According to his explanation: “The macro data in March has certain particularities. Affected by factors such as corporate tax payments, monetary policy should focus more on watching its transformation.

“It is undeniable that, from the current point of view, the overall market interest rate center rose in April.

In this context, what will happen to the price of the bond market?

  Shen Wanhongyuan pointed out that at present, there is no trend change in monetary policy, but appropriate fine-tuning is based on the supply and demand of market funds to maintain a reasonable and adequate liquidity direction.

At the same time, the average target set for this year is to reduce the financing cost of the entity. After the funds have reached the current position, the next step is to reduce the cost of general loans and non-standard financing. In this context, it is difficult to tighten monetary policy.

It is expected that the center of budget funds in the future will remain low and volatile, which will have a neutral impact on the bond market.

  According to the stock market, Wen Bin believes that whether the stock market can continue its previous growth in the second quarter mainly depends on whether the corporate profitability can be further improved.

“If the positive economic momentum in the first quarter is consolidated in the second quarter and corporate profitability continues to improve, then the current 3200-point shock may change to normal, and the stock index will still have upward momentum.

Analysts who induced anonymity also believe that the trend of the stock market is certainly related to the abundance of capital, but more is supported by practical content.

He concluded: “The growth of the stock market this year is divided into two phases, from 2440 to 3000 points is to repair last year’s oversold market.

From 3000 to 3200, the most realistic motive is the increase in the performance of listed companies. The tax reduction indirectly brought an increase in the market value of US $ 4 trillion. If 3000 points is used as the fair price, then it is equivalent to 7%?
8% upside can correspond to the current 3200 points.

3 foods that can effectively prevent myopia

3 foods that can effectively prevent myopia

Calcium-containing food medical experts point out that the lack of calcium is one of the important reasons for poor vision development and even myopia.

Studies have shown that the eyeball is just a small plastic capsule filled with water. If calcium is lacking, its hydraulic pressure will fluctuate and cannot maintain a normal state. This situation is like a light bulb that is easily lit.Suddenly low voltage burns out.

If the eye is carbonized with calcium, it can aggravate developmental abnormalities and form myopia.

  Calcium-containing diet recommendations: milk, soy products, fish and shrimp, animal bones, etc., but also pay attention to animal liver, egg yolk, green vegetables and other vitamin D foods to increase calcium absorption and utilization.

  The role of chromium in chromium-containing foods during eyeball development is to change the osmotic pressure to maintain balance, otherwise it can cause the lens to bulge and become convex, causing the eye’s refractive power to increase and become myopia.

According to expert estimates, children need about 50-200 micrograms of chromium per day.

  Chromium-containing diet recommendations: cereals, meat, cheese and egg yolk, etc. should be arranged for children.

  Hard foods often give children some foods with a certain hardness. Increasing the frequency and intensity of strangulation can promote the development of children’s vision. Professor Funakoshi of Japan has conducted a special survey. The results show that children who eat soft foods such as vermicelliMasseter muscles in the chin are rarely used, which is an important cause of abnormal vision.

A study conducted by Associate Professor Shimada, Department of Hygiene, School of Medicine, Akita University School of Medicine, Japan shows that among students who often eat soft foods that do not require labor, there are many people with poor vision; and those who eat hard food and have poor visionRarely.

This is because the mouth force can increase the strength of the skin muscles, including the eye muscles, so that it has the powerful ability to adjust the lens and avoid the occurrence of myopia.

  Recommended hard foods for children: carrots, fruits, kale, animal bones, beans, etc.

These foods are both hardy and nutritious, and are especially recommended.

How to successfully complete a job change

How to successfully complete a job change

Job-hopping is a science and a strategy.

“People go high,” which is certainly not wrong.

However, in a light sentence, it contains a series of questions such as why “go”, what is “high”, how to “go”, when to “go”, and what to do after “go”.How can I successfully complete a job change so that I can achieve career success?

  First of all, determine what your motivation is and whether you need to.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of motivations for a person to change jobs. One is passive job change, that is, an individual is not satisfied with his current job and has to change jobs. Here, it specifically includes interpersonal relationships (including superior and subordinate relationships).Job content, job title, workload, working environment or working conditions, dissatisfaction with development opportunities, etc.

For example, if your relationship with your boss is not harmonious, you feel that you cannot develop, and you feel that you cannot adapt to the current environment, then you may want to consider changing the environment and try it.Good working conditions, such as the number of people, working environment, development opportunities, and you ca n’t stand the “temptation” to promote yourself; or seek higher challenges and compensation, so that you find that your ability to handle the current job is more than enoughWhen you have a really attractive job, you might consider changing your job.

  In any case, when you are able to motivate yourself, it is the beginning of your job.

However, in order to jump more “higher”, you do not prevent yourself from asking the following questions before jumping: 1. What makes you dissatisfied with your current job?

  2. Do you want to change your career after careful consideration?

Or a momentary mood?

Have you tried to adjust yourself?

  3. What did you lose and what did you get when you changed jobs?

  4. Adapting to a new job or environment and establishing new relationships require more effort from you. Are you confident?

  5. Can your background and ability adapt to the new job?

  6. Do you work for life, or do you live for work?

  7. Do you have career goals?

Does your new job offer you a clear career path?

  8. Have you ever consulted an expert?

Have you ever consulted a career consultant?

  If the answer to the above question is “yes”, then you can then consider the following questions: 1. What is the position of the company you want to jump past?

If it is lower than your current position, can you accept it?

  2. The new job requires you to start from scratch. Do you have this mental preparation?

  3. How long have you been working in your current company?

―In general, working in a company should be at least one year, otherwise it will not provide you with a very good career development basis; 4. When should you switch?

-The best condition is to change jobs when the overall work is going well, then your career gold content will be greatly improved.

  5. Have you realistically estimated your ability?

What are your strengths or specialties?

How much do you have?

-Here you are asked not to be too high or too weak.

  Once you decide to change your job, you need to be bold.

At this time, you need to choose the right time for job change. The following are career advisers reminding you to pay attention to the job changes and recommend your more appropriate practices: 1. Know yourself and others: Check the reduced labor contract with the existing company and determine whether you haveImpact of clauses such as liquidated damages or competition barriers, difficulty in handling the termination process, and so on; 2. Collect information about new companies and projects that may be required to provide themselves, and be prepared; 3. Design resumes: Prepare oneA professional resume, you can seek the help of a professional consultant; 4, sometimes based on your work experience and ability, it may be an effective strategy to apply for a recruiting company; 5, delivery resignation: deliver a resignation letter to the original company, doGood arrangements for the transition period.

Remember to submit your resignation letter after you get the “Offer Letter”; 6. Be kind to others: Although you have successfully applied, although you may “hate” the original company, do n’t talk bad words behind it, youNo one is sure about “using” the original company.

  Are you also preparing to change jobs?

Do you know what to do before you change jobs?

When you start thinking about these issues, it means that you are focusing on your own career development.

However, you must understand that job-hopping does not mean that you can achieve professional success. At this time, it is rational to seek the help of a professional consultant, because a professional consultant will tell you what is the right job-hopping and what you should choose.Career direction.

Bottom line: career counselors will help you succeed in your career!

Do you pass the EQ?

Do you pass the EQ?

[Editor’s note]In June and July, the office will routinely bring in a group of new graduates.

After getting along for a while, the old employees began to refuse: the young people are absent without leave, thank you for their help . The new employee feels wronged: it has been months, and it seems that they can’t integrate into their group.

The employer pointed out that although students who have just left the school have a high degree, they have a low emotional quotient and will not get along with others, causing a sense of teamwork.

As a newcomer, do you usually pay attention to your emotional intelligence training?

When you were a rookie in the office, have you ever been distressed by your low EQ?

  EQ “Internship Period” When Qin Liang, a 26-year-old graduating student, graduated from undergraduate school, all the sisters in the dormitory except for me to send graduate students worked.

We often go out to play together, and they all say that I am very studentish and almost a bit silly. I know that I have been in school for a long time and lack something in life.

  This year, I am also facing graduate employment.

At the beginning of the year, I found a unit for an internship.

When I first arrived, I did n’t even know a few people. I often sat and read books alone. I felt inconvenient to disturb them. I only got up when the boss asked me to work.

One day, the boss called me to the office and he said, “Xiao Qin, are you quiet?

“I said I was reading.

The boss then asked me, “You have been here for a week. Is there any gain?

“I shook my head.” Only you asked me to organize a few files.

The boss also shook his head: “We have a fast pace here. Everyone has their own business at hand. Since you are an intern, you should find work and see where you need people.”

“Oh, that’s the case, I hurriedly apologized and ran out.

The boss gave me a lesson.

  Every time I attend a seminar, I just listen with my two ears. I think, I ‘m not here yet. It ‘s best not to take a risk on many things, so I ‘m bored when I meet for months.
  In the end I failed to stay in this unit.

Now, I have found a good unit. After the previous internship period, not only did I improve my business ability, the key is that I also spent an internship period in emotional intelligence.

    I obtained an EQ “diploma”. Gu Zhixiang, a 28-year-old department head, graduated from graduate school last year and became an employee of a well-known company with outstanding results.

As soon as I went to work, the leader came to me with my personality, and the meaning was very clear, that is, let me work hard, the future is unlimited, and my colleagues are very friendly to me.

Then I became so arrogant that I saw the possibility beckoning to me on the ceiling.

  But after working for only a month, things changed.

When leaders see me, they habitually frown and sigh. Colleagues are also kind to me but alienated.

No case will be assigned to me, and no one wants to cooperate with me.

  So I talked to a friend who was in college. He worked three years earlier than me, and now he is a department manager.

After hearing my complaints and puzzling, he smiled and asked me if I had embarrassed the leader in public.

Is it true that CASE should cooperate with others?

Do you think your opinion is the best and you ca n’t listen to others?

My friends knew that I would not admit it, and turned these abstract “is it right” statements into concrete examples, and also expressed my thoughts at the time.

That ‘s a god. I did exactly that, I thought so.

Looking at my surprised expression, my friend said that my problem is that the emotional intelligence is relatively low.

  I was really anxious to see me. A friend found a number from its Business Passport and said that it was an institute that provided an EQ training class. I should go there and register.

I called immediately and asked for my name.

After taking an EQ training course, I learned that society and campus are two completely different circles.

The teacher in the training class not only talked about theory, but also cases, games, and learning, I learned how inconsistent I was with some of the things I did before.

  At the end of the training class, I really became more and more popular in the office. The leaders felt that I was not mistaken. My colleagues also said that I had a good idea. Of course, my talents were well reflected. Everyone said that I was aGood seedlings.Recently, just as the original department head went to the overseas branch, I smoothly became the new head of the department.

I know that I have already obtained that “diploma” in emotional intelligence.

    Pretending to be cool, I am becoming more and more lonely. □ When Zhou Jiong’s 26-year-old staff was studying, I was not a sociable person, but at that time the problem was not very big, the grades were better, the teacher would like it, and the classmates would worship you.
  After working, I found myself unable to eat.

I have also tried to communicate with others, but it is okay not to speak, as soon as I speak, I will offend people.

So he took out the magic weapon in the school and continued to pretend to be cool.

Gradually my colleagues know that I am a cow, and I do n’t need to call me for lunch. My colleagues meet and no one informs me. It ‘s okay for me to go on a tour . because everyone knows that it ‘s called for nothing, and I wo n’t participate.
But my colleagues don’t know. In fact, in my heart, how eager I am to be with you, but I can’t do it.

  Gradually, in various entertainment activities, I was forgotten by everyone.

Of course, when I remember it, everyone ‘s computer had a weird problem. It was right to come to me. It was more spiritual than the company’s technical support. When I encountered difficult customers, I stood up with my nose on the planPick your eyes, and it’s not wrong to come to me. The plan book is definitely satisfying . Helping colleagues solve problems and become the only channel for me to communicate with you.

  Everyone knows that I am proud, but I can understand it, because I am more capable!

But no one knows, proud, but it’s my mask, and underneath it is a sloppy face, and my heart is getting more and more lonely.

I don’t know when I can change the situation of high IQ and low EQ.

Changes before and after marriage for men and women

Changes before and after marriage for men and women

Women’s psychological characteristics after marriage. After marriage, women behave as men in the family. For example, they take the initiative in housework, care about their spouse, pay attention to their husband’s emotional needs, live a more frugal life, be single-minded in love, consult with their husbands on matters, and often encourage them to comfort and cultivateIsometric male.

The disadvantage is that at home, love to make a small temper, lose your temper.

Women are more disappointed in marriage than men.

For example, if the spouse changes from a prince in the heart to a mediocre person, it is three times that of a man, and a person who agrees to marriage is twice as likely to be cited by men as a grave.Women have higher expectations and idealizations of marriage than men.

  Men ‘s psychological characteristics after marriage 90% of men are assessed by their wives as being monotheistic about love, 80% of men are concerned about the difficulties encountered by their wives, 70% have discussions with their wives, 69% are concerned about their wives in their lives, 56% are aware of their emotional needs, 52% Take the initiative to do housework, 41% are more economical, and 38% often encourage and comfort their wives.

However, in the negative project highlighting women, if there is emotional transfer or third party involvement is female5.

5 times, there is a feeling of likes and dislikes of the old is 3.

6 times, 3 times as much as women who do not take the initiative to do housework, selfishness, accusations of difficulties, repeated wives, not paying attention to the spouse’s emotional needs, can not discuss with the wife in case of any problem, and spend money for women 1

2 times.

It shows that some men have better performances in pursuit of women before marriage, and there are masculinities in their poor performance after marriage, or to relax their requirements and disappoint their wives.

And from 1?
A four-year follow-up survey found that among the factors that lead to discordant marriages and couple conflicts, men bear the responsibility.